Cataclysmic Transformation

By Heavenly Feathered Dragon Flies,天羽龙翔

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 6

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 6

Chapter 6 A Soul in the Ring

Translator : Zer0

Translator : Zer0Translator : Zer0

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Editor : Grandmaster GEditor : Grandmaster G

Many stars were hung on the sunny and cloudless night sky, shining in the tranquil Maple Leaf Village. At besides stone bridge, a petite figure was kneeling in front of a grave.

Roan's tears were already flowing. Suddenly, he stood up as though to himself: a weak person doesn't need tears.

Remembering the overbearing aristocrat young lords, Roan’s anger almost broke through the sky. He could not bear to smash the other party. A voice in his heart kept yelling.

"Revenge, I want to take revenge..."

"Revenge for Grandpa..."

However, soon Roan released his breath: revenge, it's easy to say, but it's not so easy to do.

Strength, he lacked the strength, not only he couldn't beat Keithley but also Naka Manor's servants, he couldn't beat them

Roan dejectedly lowered his head, he didn't have strength, 'How can I take revenge?'

"Oh, if only I am a Wizard..." Roan muttered to himself with a self-mocking smile. "I can take revenge for Grandpa..."

Could be imagined,15 years old kid, a helpless street kid, saying to revenge, it was impossible. At this time, he could only vent his anger and comfort himself.

"Tomorrow... I'll try my luck on the Ancient Road of Maple Forest, even if it's a trace of hope..." Roan sighed, it was the only choice that he had.

"If you run across a Wizard, ... fine..."

At this time, Suddenly a voice rang out in Roan's ear.

"Are you going to take revenge, you must be a Wizard?"

In this quiet night, the suddenly appeared person's voice made Roan's hair stand on end, surprised Roan.

"Who? Who's here?"

Roan looked around but did not find a figure, the more his heart panicked.

"Kid, don't be scared, I'm here..."

 After hearing those words, In front of Roan appeared a black air, the black air gradually becomes bigger, and a figure gradually emerges.

Roan was frightened by this suddenly appearing figure. He continued to recede, and a cockroach fell to the ground.

The old man who appeared in front of Roan, his skin was a little pale, wearing a black magic robe, and his body was tinged with black air. His eyes were dark green, like a wild wolf, in silence. The night seemed a little gloomy and terrifying.

"Kid, don't be scared, I have no malice..." The dark grin grinned, revealing a kind smile that could be seen in Roan's eyes, also terrifying than the evil spirits.

"You ... who are you?" Roanfrightened asked.

"My name is Hommerin, Saint Necromancer Hommerin." The old man laughed and said, "Kid, what's your name?"

"I... I'm Roan..." Seeing Hommerin so kind, Roan said.

"You...why are you here?"

"I'm a soul when people die, they turn into souls, and stay there..." Hommerin smiled and stretched out his hand and gave the ring on Roan's hand. "I was awakened by your blood, so I come out."

“Ring?” Roan looked at his own inconspicuous ring. Grandpa Zary purchased it from a homeless businessman on his tenth birthday.

On the outside ring, it was without any decoration. It was a small black iron ring. When you looked a shape of the ring, the cheapest ring was much better than this ring's appearance.

As Roan's blood flowed onto the ring, it was activated. Hommerin had actually been out for a while. He had been observing Roan.

When he knew that Roan wanted to be a Wizard, he couldn't help jumping out.

"Reassuringly, Roan, I'm the soul, there is no strength and ability to hurt you ..." Looking Roan's fear, Hommerin broached.

He smiled and continued asking, "Roan, can you tell me where is this?"

“Oh... Maple Leaf Village...” Roan replied.

"Maple Leaf Village?" Hommerin frowned. he never heard this place's name. "Where is this place?"

"The situated Maple Leaf Village in the Holy Roman Empire..." Looking Hommerin couldn't understand, Roan added another sentence.

“Holy Roman Empire?” Hommerin's heart jumped, until now Hommerin didn't know this place.

Hommerin frowned and he thought for a moment. "Roan, do you know the Church of Calamity?"

"Church of Calamity?" Right the moment, Roan stunned, "What is the Church of Calamity?"

"What's going on? Not even knowing the Church of Calamity, how could be?" Hommerin shocked, he lowered his voice. "Isn't we on Omros Continent?"

"Omros Continent? ..never heard of ...." Roan shook his head, "I only know that we are on Noah Continent..."

"Noah Continent? What's going on?" Hommerin's breath swelled. "Did I go to another plane? What happened after my death?"

The soul slept in the ring. No matter how long it took, Hommerin felt only momentary. He didn't know what was going on. In fact, counting from Hommerin's death, the time had passed 100,000 years.

At this time, Roan did not know that in the myth of Maple Leaf Village's elders, there was a continent that was punished and abandoned by the gods, it was called Omros.


At this time, Roan wasn't completely wary  to Hommerin, he climbed and stood up "Grandpa Hommerin, how could you hide in this ring?"

Remembering the past, Hommerin's lips jerked hard and he would never forget that his apprentice had taken the drug made from the "blue flower" and tricked him to drink it. The potion was made from this flower and temporarily made people lose strength. Then he was killed with a knife. Fortunately, his soul power was strong enough. He abandoned his body and hid in the ring. Otherwise, even the soul would be gone.

At the moment, Hommerin did not want to mention the sad past. Instead, he opened the subject and said, “Roan, I just heard that you really wanted to be a Wizard. What's about...?”

Looking at Hommerin, Roan only felt a little gracious. Nothing else. Hommerin looks like Grandpa Zary, and they both are so friendly and kind. At first, Roan thought that Grandpa Zary had lived again.

Roan was full of grievances and was only looking for someone to understand. He spoke with Hommerin about everything today. He couldn't help but shed tears when he talked about it.

"This turned out to be..." Hommerin nodded and listened to Roan's statement. He sympathized with Roan's experience. His eyes showed a trace of murder. "This kind of person should be killed..."

 He hesitated for a moment and said, "But Roan, if you want to revenge your Grandpa, you need strength. Without strength, there will only be countless resentment and blame. This will not help ..."

Hommerin was an experienced person, he quickly glanced at Roan's and at once see that Roan's revenge was difficult as if ascend to heaven.

"So I really wanted to be a Wizard..." Roan said firmly. "As long as I become a Wizard, I can take revenge Grandpa..."

Hommerin gently smiled, "Roan, if you want to take revenge, you don't have to be a Wizard..."

Heard Hommerin's words, he looked at Hommerin carefully and said with a hint of joy, "Grandpa Hommerin, are you say ... ... you are a Wizard? Are you wearing a magic robe?"

He thought Hommerin's Necromancer robe as a magic robe.

Hommerin nodded and smiled. "Yes, but I'm not a Wizard. I'm a Saint Necromancer Hommerin. I belong to the Church of Calamity. The Temple of Undead..."

Roan stunned when he heard this, "What? You're not Wizard?"

"Although I'm not Wizard, I'm a Necromancer..."

"Ah...?" Roan's eyes gradually turned dim, a hint of hope that had just been lighted in his heart, yet ruthlessly shattered.

Looking at Roan's expression, Hommerin was a little dissatisfied. He wondered. "What? Look down on me Necromancer? I tell you, when I was still a Necromancer, I didn't know how many Wizards died in my hands. Then you still ..."

Roan asked with a crooked neck, "Grandpa Hommerin, Are you say that Necromancer will be more powerful than Wizard?"

"Of course..." Hommerin stroke his beard. He couldn't see anyone could beat his Undead Magic. If he hadn't been a soul, he already passed a big a slap on Roan's face.

"More powerful than Fire Wizard?" Roan continued.

"Of course..." Hommerin replied proudly.

"More terrifying than the Earth Wizard?"

"Of course……"

"More powerful than Water Wizard?"

"Of course……"


"Boasting..." Roan listened, finally coming to a conclusion.

"You..." Hommerin was almost mad at him. He pointed at Roan and trembled and couldn't speak. The beard was blown with rage.

Seeing a stubborn Roan, Hommerin could not help but defeat. What is it called? The ignorant kid was fearless.

He thought for a moment, his eyes blinked and said softly. "Roan, then, if you would like to learn Undead Magic with me, I would consider teaching you..."

"I will not learn others, except magic..." Roan still shook his head and said. "I can't take revenge if I learned it. It's useless..."

If it was heard by previous Omros Continent people, it was estimated that the jaw would be startled. Saint Necromancer Hommerin personally accepted an apprentice. I am afraid that half of the mainland are exaggerated. They were afraid that they will line up to ten streets just to queue up. Now he wanted to accept an apprentice, however, the other person didn't accept.

"Ah?" Hommerin groaned and shook his head helplessly. "Then Roan, what do you want to learn?"

"I want to learn magic...well, it is best to use fire magic..." Roan thought excitedly, "Whatever the water system or the earth system is..."

Roan spoke as he began to imitate the female Wizard who released the spell that he saw in the past.

"Hold the fire of hell, accept my call, burn my enemies ... ... go, fireball!!"

It must be said that Roan's actions were extremely efficient. He seems to have undergone many exercises, but apart from the actions, he was not a sparkling star.

"Grandpa Hommerin, could you do this?"

"I do not know……"

Hommerin felt completely defeated. He never looked down at this junk fireball technique. He casually called Bone Spur to destroy the opponent, but then again, Hommerin wouldn't really fireball.

Hommerin had no idea. Because Roan's blood dripping on the ring, he felt that his soul had already been associated with Roan. He wanted to regain his body and he had to rely on Roan.

"Grandpa Hommerin, do you have any friend a Wizard?  Could you asked him to teach me whether or not..." Roan raised his face and tried to reach out and shook Hommerin's hand.

"Wizard?" Hommerin didn't look happy, he quickly glanced at him, thinking that at the moment he on this damn continent as he was still a soul, how could it be? a fart Wizard?

Hommerin took a deep breath, flattened his excitement, softened his tone, wanting to deceive Roan to learn Undead Magic, suddenly his face changed and his body trembled.

"Roan, do you have any enemies? Someone is coming here as if ... is coming to you!"

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