Cataclysmic Transformation

By Heavenly Feathered Dragon Flies,天羽龙翔

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 5

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Naka Manor

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Translator : Zer0Translator : Zer0

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Naka Manor wasn't far from Maple Leaf Village. Although this time was night, Naka Manor was brightly lit like as festival.

Naka Manor wasn't like generally manor, but it can be called a fortress. It has a solid wall and could be seen that the building was continually strengthening by every generation of Naka Manor lord. Even the bandits cannot easily to enter Naka Manor.

Naka Manor also had many guards and became famous because of it as well, so no one dared to oppose Naka Manor. 

“Young Lord, are you coming back?” Seeing Young Lord Keithley, the butler of Naka Manor greet him soon.

Keithley nodded. "Where's my father?"

"Young Lord, Lord is waiting for you in the study...", the butler said.

Keithley's face was gloomy then he walked through the corridor. Keithley arrived at front of the study room's door, knocked  the door and called, "Father..."

"Come in..." His father didn't much say, he said with an irresistible voice for Keithley.

A burly man sat on the study desk. He held a sword in one hand and a rag in another hand. He was wiping the sword gently back and forth. His expression was extremely serious. He looked at the sword with his eyes full of tenderness, just like watching his wife.

He was the Naka Manor lord, Girard, seeing his son come into the room and he said without looking at his son, "Sit down..."

Keithley sat down sideways, from childhood until now, he was most afraid of his father.

"Your cousin and the Young Lord McGinn have fallen asleep?" Girard asked.

"Yes, father..." Keithley replied.

Girard turned and glanced at his son, putting his sword back into his scabbard and putting the rag on the table. “ Your cousin and Young Lord McGinn are here, you must entertain them, don't neglect them..."

Girard said with humble appearance. For Girard, the arrival of Jordin and McGinn made Naka Manor shone. Usually, they couldn't invite these figures, however, this time they came here because of they give a face to Naka Manor. 

"Yes, father," Keithley replied honestly.

"Isn't fun today, are you all have fun here today?" Girard smiled and asked. "You're not in Manor all day. Where are you?"

"We... went to Maple Leaf Village..." Keithley frightened. He didn't know how he should say about the matter at afternoon.

"Well, Maple Leaf Village, yes..., autumn is coming. The Maple Leaf Village is very beautiful. Well... as long as they have a good time..." Girard said indifferently. He smiled and asked, "How are you getting along with them?"

"Fortunately, Elder cousin brother Jordin is good to me..." Keithley said.

"It's all right..." Girard nodded with satisfaction. Keithley could pull the relationship closer with Jordin, which showed that Keithley was doing a good job.

"You are peers with them and you should have a good time with them..."

Looking at his father's indifferently appearance, Keithley's heart was relieved, he knew that his father was satisfied with his performance. He couldn't help thinking about the merits and laughed. "Father,  this month, I will turn 15 years old, my birthday.., you see..."

Keithley hadn't finished what he said yet, but Girard had already understood what Keithley meant and laughed. “What do you want?”

"Are father playing with me?" Keithley's eyebrows furrowed and he smirked because usually, his father wouldn't speak so well to him.

He took one step closer toward his father and boldly said, "Father, I want a sword." He hesitated. " Elder cousin brother Jordin's sword."

Girard didn't feel any pressure when he heard Keithley's first sentence, but when he heard Keithley's second sentence, he frightened and almost slipped.

"What? You want a sword like your cousin?"

"Yes." Keithley didn't realize that his condition was problematical. In his opinion, a sword wasn't a big thing.

Girard smiled. "Dear Keithley, this sword is not something I don't want to buy for you, but I can't afford it. You know, how much is your cousin's sword?"

"How much?" Keithley was still confused, but he knew it must be expensive.

Girard smiled while he pointed three fingers.

"300 gold coins?" Keithley asked.

Girard shook his head.

"3,000 gold coins?"

Girard still shook his head and said, "You cousin's sword is called "Long Ice-cold Song," the Dark-gold Rank equipment, it's price is over 30,000 gold coins..."

"30,000?" Keithley was startled by the numbers. "Is that light sword's worth 30,000 gold coins?"

Girard nodded seriously, “30,000 gold coins is the basic amount. It means the Low-Grade Attribute. If the Top-Grade Attribute, the value of the Essence Stone is 150,000 gold coins, and to make a Dark Gold Rank equipment, it's price must be two times, with a value of at least 300,000 gold coins, if be auctioned, it could be even higher."

"What is Dark Gold Rank? Top Grade Attribute?" Keithley still didn't understand.

"Don't you know?" Girard frowned and disappointed," Keithley, I usually let you read more books and you even don't listen to it. Now you don't understand anything..."

After lecturing Keithley, Girard answered him. "We use the weapons that can be upgraded. Like our usual swords, they haven't been upgraded. It was Ordinary Weapon, the process of improvement, was called attaching magic..."

"After attaching magic on the sword, with the magic attribute, it is more easily and powerfully used, and the attack power is also increased..."

“A Magical Weapon needs Essence Stones. After the equipment is upgraded, the level 1 is Skyblue Rank, level 2, Seablue Rank, level 3, Gold Rank, and level 4 is Darkgold Rank. Your cousin's sword is level 4, Darkgold Rank..."

"What is the order and the attributes?" Keithley still didn't understand.

"As for the order and attribute, now your cousin is a Middle-Level Sword Practitioner. He can only use Low Order Weapon. The High Level of Low Order Darkgold Weapon. As for the attribute... I don't know, it is the Top Grade Attribute on Low Order Weapon is already the best ... so if it's price is 300,000 gold coins, it isn't high."

Keithley pondered and asked, "Why is the price difference between the Top Grade Attribute and the Low-Grade Attribute so much..."

Girard smiled. "It's about Essence Stone's price. Think about it. A fourth-level Essence Stone's price is 1000 gold coins, a fifth-level Essence Stone's price is 2000 gold coins, and a sixth-level is 5000 gold coins. Our family cannot afford to get a sixth-level Essence Stone ..."

He hesitated and continued, "And ...Magical Weapon isn't made easily. The chance of failure is high. Once it fails, Essence Stones are gone. This is equal to gambling. The higher the level of weapons, the chance of failure is higher as well. Many people have tried to attach the magic to their own weapons, but many of them also fail and bankrupt ..."

"And a Low Level White Rank weapon was upgraded to Darkgold Rank. Generally, it would take 30 Essence Stones. Only to get an Essence Stone was 150,000 gold coins, and to make Dark Gold Rank, the price is double, it is 300,000..."

Keithley stretched out his tongue and said, "300,000 gold coins, this price is too exaggerated..." He knew that his Manor earned only a few thousand gold coins a year. These 300,000 gold coins were simply an unrealistic fantasy.

"You know it's good... It's not my father doesn't want to buy it for you, but it can't be bought at all..." Girard smiled. "We aren't like Sorte Family. They're a part of Holy Roman Empire family." No matter how big our family, after all, because your aunt is married to Sorte Family lord, so our Naka Manor will have the glory of today..."

Keithley nodded. He knew that his family was only a rural rich man. His cousin and cousin's friend, McGinn, were the real aristocrat. His own family didn't deserve carrying their shoes.

Jordin was aunt's son. If it weren't for this relationship, in the Young Lord Jordin's position, how could he come to such a place as Naka Manor?

"Jordin may become the successor of Sorte Family. You have to get along well with him and you will get your benefits in the future..." Girard laughed.

"Yes, father..." Keithley nodded. "I will."

"This sword will be given to you..." Girard pondered and handed over the long sword which had just wiped to Keithley. "This sword belongs to the Low Level of Skyblue Rank Sword with Low-Grade Attribute. The price is at least five or six thousand gold coins, This sword for you..."

Keithley rejoiced, eagerly took it and thanked him. He took the sword and left his father's study room. With this sword, tomorrow he will able to show off in front of his cousin and cousin's friend. Although this behavior was ridiculous, Young Lord Keithley was also want to keep his dignity.

Girard's study room was silent again, and after a while, the knock-on-hit sound of the door was ringing again.

"Come in……"

The person was the butler of Naka Manor.

"Lord, do you have something ..?"

Girard's eyes narrowed and asked, "What happened to Keithley at Maple Leaf Village today?"

Girard still sensed the panic expression at Keithley's face. From childhood until now, Girard knew his own son best.

Then the butler bowed deeply and said, "Yes, Lord, today Young Lord did something in Maple Leaf Village."

Then, the Butler spoke about the matter which Keithley did at afternoon, Butler was also surprised that this was a trivial matter for Naka Manor. He also believed that he could handle it, he was a small beggar? The butler can't think the Lord actually asking himself.

"Oh, it was accidentally killing an old beggar..." Girard listened disapproving. "A scumbag, and killing, it's not a big thing..."

If the villagers, it was estimated that there would be some trouble, in order to benefit the villagers, may inevitably lose some money, but just a penniless beggar, then he didn't even to lose some money.

"But Keithley was too unpromising. He did it when the evil was done, but he forgot to brush his ass." Girard grunted and said displeasedly, "Call Keithley..."

Keithley came to his father's study room again and saw the Butler here, he knew that his father had already known what he did today.

Girard asked seriously. "Keithley, Do you know what's wrong with you?"

Keithley panicked. "I... I... It's none of my business; it's him ..."

"I don't mean you..." Girard's eyes glanced at Keithley. "Why didn't you kill the little bastard?"

"Oh...well there's a lot of villagers standing in a circle and watched us that day..." Keithley hadn't thought about this thing, but there were so many people that day, so he couldn't start.

"What do the villagers have? It's just killing a little beggar..." Girard was extremely dissatisfied with him.

"Father, since he is just a small beggar, is it necessary to be so serious? I feel like we are afraid of him..." Keithley said cautiously.

Girard frowned and took a breath and asked, "Keithley, do you know Mountain Ant?"

"Mountain Ant?" Keithley confused. He didn't know what the father was mentioning.

"Yeah, it's the kind of Mountain Ant. It's a big thing..." Girard revealed a meaningful smile. "Mountain Ant is small but if someone is bitten by it. Isn't painful?"


Late at night, in Naka Manor, when almost everyone was almost asleep, the gate opened slowly and several horses rushed out of Manor and ran towards Maple Leaf Village.

In Naka Manor Girard's study room, the light still shone, Girard stood in front of the window and watched the fast horses gone, he smiled wickedly. 

"You kid made a mess, you have to let me as your father to clean up ah ..."


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