Cataclysmic Transformation

By Heavenly Feathered Dragon Flies,天羽龙翔

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 3

Cataclysmic Transformation Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Frightening Event

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Translator : MNT team

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Editor : MNT team


At the moment, Roan's stomach was growling while he looked up at the sky. It turned out that the sun did not know when to start quietly down.

"It's time to go back," Roan said to himself, he climbed up, patted the dust on his body, and ran toward Maple Leaf Village.

He knew that Grandpa was waiting and serving that good meal for him. In his thought, although Grandpa was also a beggar like him, he will give an excellent thing for him to eat. Sometimes he would rather be hungry to make his grandchild had a good meal. 

Stepping into the familiar Maple Leaf Village and walking along the gravelly paved road, Roan felt a warm feeling in his heart. Since childhood until now, he never steps out of the village, so many things in the outside world, he only heard from the villagers. 

A fat figure distress expression ran toward Roan quickly.

Roan looked closely at Aunt Susan. She was very good with Roan and Grandpa Zary. She often gave endless meals to Roan and also gave the rotten clothes that Roan wear now too. Roan also often went to her house to help her daily work.

Aunt Susan looked at Roan and hurriedly shouted, "Roan, it's bad, your Grandpa gets an accident..."

“Huh?” Roan's eyes dilated with perfect around. He felt that a tragedy had happened to his Grandpa. He knew that grandpa's condition wasn't well. Sometimes, Grandpa could'not sleep all night and had a bad coughed for several times.

After that, Roan greeted Aunt Susan and hurried toward home.

Stone Bridge, Maple Leaf Village.

A few well-dressed youths surrounded a gray-haired old man. On another side, many villagers were watching this scene with the angry expression, no one of the villagers dared to go forward and stopped these youths. 

Many villagers knew that these youths were aristocrats, could be seen from the clothes, demeanor, and temperament of their bodies. One of the villagers who knew one of the youths, he was young lord Keithley from Naka Manor. It was not far from Maple Leaf Village.

Beside the young lord of Naka Manor, there were two youths. One of them was wearing blue clothes and had a golden hair, the other one was wearing black clothes, dark brown hair, and had the hawk nose. These two youths were gloomy smiles. They were friends of Young Lord Keithley. They were like also noblemen.

Addition, there were still a few servants standing around them.

"Dear Young Lord, I was wrong, please forgive me..." Grandpa Zary was begging for mercy. His head was continually touching the ground. A few moments ago, he accidentally soiled one of their clothes.

In fact, they were also quietly bored. They had walked around Maple Leaf Village to find a something would make them have fun.

Who knows someone would send himself to them.

"Old man, do you know how much my dress is worth? At least seven gold coins, you old bastard, even can't afford my button, my dress is dirty now, what do you want to say?"

The blue clothed youngster said wickedly.

The blue clothed youngster was called Jordin, the successor of the Sorte Family of the Holy Roman Empire and the cousin of Keithley. He was visiting his sister for fulfilling the orders of his mother this time. Today he wandered around with Keithley at Maple Leaf Village.

Looking at the dirty black fingerprints on his expensive dress, Jordin only felt a burst of nausea. As an aristocrat, he had been lonely since he was a child. Because of this nausea, he felt that the aristocrat's dignity had been provoked, so he vented his anger to the pitiful old man.

"Oh, Elder cousin brother Jordin, why are you saying so much nonsense? Look at this person's appearance, he is penniless, I estimate, he can't afford it..." Keithley yelled on another side.

Beside him, the youngster laughed and said: "Poor little Jordin, it seems that you must have eaten..."

Jordin was an aristocrat and arrogant. He sneered and said “swish” and pulled his sword from his body. “Keithley, you're right...”

"Since you have no money to pay it, then don't blame me for bluntly... Do you know? Everyone has to pay for his actions, and you are no exception..." Jordin laughed.

Jordin's sword glowed with a fascinating blue light, exuded piercing cold air. At first glance, the sword wasn't an ordinary rank. The sword was constantly approaching at Zary's body. Zary was frightening and trembling. Looking at the scene, the youngster laughed.

Keithley looked at Jordin's long sword, and his eyes couldn't move any longer. He smiled enviously and said, "Elder cousin brother Jordin, you just kill this lowly person with the sword, and anybody also will not take revenge for him, after all, he cannot afford it."

"Oh, right..." McGinn laughed.

"Okay..." Jordin laughed and raised his sword in his hand.

"No, Young Lord. Let me live! Don't kill me..."

Zary frightened, and he collapsed to the ground all at once. The stumbling legs kicked the four-wheeled handcart beside him, and it was also turned.


Several aristocrat youngsters laughed wildly, the laughter filled with pride, Looking at the scene, the villagers who stood in a circle become were angry, but nobody dared to step forward.

"I'm sure he will kill him. Anyway, it's untouchable. It's not enough to die..." Keithley motivated. He licked his lips, his eyes flashing with cruel light, and he was a little expecting that the old man would splash out the blood.

"Kill, Huh ..." Looking at old man's eyes was helpless frightened, Jordin's eyes flashed a hesitation, as an aristocrat, killing a villager wasn't a big concern, just gave a little money to his family so the circumstance would be settled, like kill a beggar was also nothing.

Although Jordin wasn't afraid the trouble, after all, he was still sixteen or seventeen years old, could be said that to kill a person for no reason, always a bit unbearable.

Jordin raised his sword but hesitated whether he should chop down or not.

"What? Is he want to kill that old man?"

"No.....right?? This trivial matter is also..." A villager was scared and furious.

"Oh, what are those aristocrats can't do?" Another villager was angry.

"If I were an aristocrat, then I would like to see how awesome this is..." Some villagers look with envy in their eyes.

The villagers talked about it. There were a few strong men who couldn't endure after looking this scene. When they wanted to advance, but they were pulled by some older villagers.

"Don't go. They're all impulsive aristocrat kids. Everything is done..."

Seeing that the young man still thinks he can do it, the old man added another sentence. “The strength of the Young Lord is at least Low-Level Sword Practitioner. You aren't his opponent...”

Hearing this sentence, many young people hesitated and began to withdraw. These aristocrats were born with the right to education. They learned vindictiveness, swordsmanship, and even magic. Based on the strength of these youngsters, the villagers of Maple Leaf Village didn't have the strength to stop them from doing anything.

At the age of sixteen or seventeen years old, it was the age of impulsiveness. Together with the aristocrat, the amulet, there was a strength to protect.

A word, if they kill you, there was no way to get justice. "Who is so silly, rushing to die?"

"What about you? Jordin, don't you dare to start?" Looking Jordin still hesitated, McGinn said. Then laughed and said, "When did my little Jordin become so timid? If you don't dare, let me do it, I don't fear the future trouble..."

"Who said that I don't dare?" Jordin was blushing because of McGinn's words. He bit his lip, said. "So, I'll kill you and prove that I'm Jordin, not a coward..."

"The old beggar is finished..."

Some villagers turned their heads invariably, closed their eyes because they couldn't bear to see this scene.

When Roan ran to the bridge in Maple Leaf Village, he found that things were not the same as he thought. It turned out that Grandpa was not sick.

Roan saw the Grandpa falling to the ground, the murderous youngster, and his eyes suddenly reddish.

"Don't hurt my Grandpa..." The skinny Roan slammed out of the slant, and he didn't know where he came from, pushing the blue-clothed youngster Jordin.

Jordin was unguarded at once and was pushed back a few steps and fell to the floor.

"Grandpa, what's happened to you?" Roan couldn't care for the aristocrat Young Lords and lifted his Grandpa first.

"Roan, I... I'm fine." Zary was a little scared, fortunately, wasn't a big deal.

Looking at the old beggar fleeing, the villagers were relieved and nervous, and Roan offended aristocrat Young Lord. What could he do?

"Jordin, are you okay?." McGinn even lifted him up and asked carefully. "How are you so careless?"

"Go away..."

Jordin was pushed by Roan, then collapsed at the ground. In front of the crowd, his face became ugly and stood up with angrily, gnashing his teeth. "Take me and beat this kid."

The henchman immediately surged forward and kicked Roan.

"bang bang bang......"

Jordin lost his dignity and he refused to look up to the image. He also rushed to fight. As his cousin and friend were beating the kid, he naturally gave a hand.

Countless's fists fell heavily on Roan's body and groaned. Roan gritted his teeth and hugged the Grandpa, allowing them to be delighted. It was not the first time he had been beaten.

"Young Lord, Young Lord, please forgive Roan. He's still a child. He's still small..." Zary trembled and climbed up with his hands and feet to protect his grandson, Roan.


Keithley then punched and kicked Roan's bones.

"Oh, although this kid is thin, however, he has hard bones..."

Keithley felt painful and his face became awkward. He was furious and kicked Roan with his best kick. "Go to hell!"

This kick didn't touch Roan, but it was unbiased. He just kicked Zary's chest and gave a groan, and the cracks broke was sounded.

Roan cried, all people stared blankly, not to mention Zary, even if the ordinary strong guy licked this foot wasn't able to endure it.

"Boom" Zary fell to the ground powerlessly and suddenly fainted. His face was like a gold paper, and his mouth was overflowing with black blood.


Roan couldn't take care of his body and whisper. He rushed to Zary crazily. “Grandpa, Grandpa, are you alright?” Zary’s mouth was full of blood, black blood was getting red, his breath was getting more weaker.

"Grandpa, you don't scare me..." Roan on seeing this, anxious to cry, rush up.

The villagers’ eyes became furious by the frightened eyes. They stared blankly and witnessed a living life dying on several unwitting aristocrat youngsters. The residents of Maple Leaf Village and the honest were also able to hold back.

Keithley saw his own misfortune. He glanced around at the crowd and was helplessly spreading his hand. "It's none of my business. It's him hitting it."

"Let's go." Seeing this scene, Jordin didn't make any trouble and pulled Keithley.

McGinn didn't say anything and nodded.

Several aristocrat Young Lords left under the escort of the servants. Although the villagers were angry, nobody dared to stop them.

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