Omni Genius Nine-Fingered Saint,九指仙尊

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Author’s Synopsis:
Being able to learn any skill immediately, and just by raising its proficiency, stand at the summit.
He is the World Chef Association Honorary Chairman, having the title of the World Chef God.
He is the greatest composer, pianist, and conductor after Beethoven and Mozart.
He also has the title of Underground Racing King, Fist King, Gambling King, Giant of the Stock Exchange Market, Arm of the Industries and King of the Skies.
He who has a miraculous learning ability and can stand at the apex of all things if he so wishes for it, the Omni Genius.
Translator’s Synopsis: Story of Qin Fang learning everything and standing at the top.
Synopsis is subject to change as story progress.
Story is relatively slow at the start, like most other Chinese Novels. Picks up quickly afterwards.

Table of Contents