I Got Stranded in an Uncivilized Planet and Since It Seems I Can't Go Back Home I'll Aim Towards an Inhuman Harem Chapter 6

I Got Stranded in an Uncivilized Planet and Since It Seems I Can't Go Back Home I'll Aim Towards an Inhuman Harem Chapter 6

Investigation (Even though it’s boring you still need it)

About one hour after I walked into Hisoka in the woods, the environment of this heavenly body has been understood even more.

「Living beings like Hisoka are also close to the Earth’s rainforest. Though the temperature is low. This heavenly body’s energy irradiation is 98.87% close to the Earth’s, I have investigated. The composition of the atmosphere is a 93 percent match to the Earth. The concentration of carbon dioxide is low and the oxygen concentration is slightly high This is presumed to be due to the wide range of plants.

As a conclusion, immediate immigration is possible. It’s a high grade article isn’t it. As something comparable to this would be Planet Riviatane which was discovered seventy years ago and is now strictly blocked, over.」

Eleksia YM10 reads out loud the result of the analysis in a robot-like uninterested tone. Mate Gear, whose purpose is to create a better environment for humans, has a function to analyze information necessary for human survival. This is a function that’s normally attached as long as it’s not a much cheaper version. Though it’s not in this type but with the first grade manufacturer, there is also types who have the function of detecting poison.

「A high grade article, huh. Well, well. Hidden behind the dream colored star cluster, such a treasure has been sleeping.」

Contrary to its fancy name, a dream colored star cluster is a dangerous cluster, gravitational anomaly, space abnormalities, abnormal electromagnetic radiation, which should also be called <Space Hell>. Because of that, the risk is really high and as such investigation was not advanced. Even if you send a robot, most of it is not returned and you don’t really discover anything. Therefore, even though I tried taking a big gamble, with great pains finding such a grade of treasure, there’s no possibility of returning or making a report. Because of the space anormality,hyperspace communication doesn’t reach. The last hope of regular communication was shutdown by the effect of the abnormal electromagnetic waves.

Well probably because of that, it was also known as a landmark of suicide over 1000 years ago. It’s also known as a refuge for cornered people. The fate of those, nobody knows.

「Ah… But, wait a minute? So that means, that probably…?」

Thinking that far, a certain idea came to my head. I moved my line of sight to Hisoka, who is watching while hanging on a brance in front of me.

「You, are probably the “fate” of the people who ran to the dream colored star cluster…”」

It was like that. The people who ran to the dream colored star cluster and had to do an emergency landing just like me, adaptated to this environment and gave birth to living beings like Hisoka, or so is my conjecture. However, even though only a thousand year a most has passed to say that they evolved like this is kind of erratic. From the life expectancy of the present human beings it should be as far as the sixth or seventh generation at best. Average life spans other than the founders who has received the aging control treatment, even if you estimate at 50 years, taking this environment into consideration, it’s likely to reach the thirtieth generation at most.

As expected it’s not to that extent.

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