My Consort is Alpha

By Forever Unmarried,終身不婚

My Consort is Alpha Volume 1 Chapter 1

My Consort is Alpha Volume 1 Chapter 1

Li Jun was a young woman.

To be precise, she was a woman before her first crossing. Even then, she had the heart of Lin Daiyu.

Her first crossing came without any warning.

It went like this: Li Jun secretly fell in love with a man. He was a handsome guy from another department at her University.

She braved all her courage, held a rose in her hand and decided to finally confess to the man of her dreams. The man who was handsome, arrogant, and cool, reached out his hand and accepted the rose from her. Looking at her with a smile he said, "What is this rose for?"

As she saw the event going her way, her eyes lit up and she said, "It's… I love you. This rose means that you are my one and only!"

The man loosened his hand, letting the rose fall to the ground. After that, the man looked all over her and then slowly said, "What is this, a headband from the 80s? What is that, a bracelet from the streets? How can anyone be interested in wearing this?"

After saying that, the God of her heart stepped on the rose and slammed it hard. She looked at him with a stunned look while the man said scornfully, "Do you even match with me?"

The friends with the man also sneered at Li Jun.

Li Jun looked down on the smashed rose, feeling as if her glass heart had been shattered into pieces.

She raised her head and looked at the disdainful look on the man's face. She looked at that face that she had adored in the past, she looked at it carefully. The man then continued stimulating her, "Go home and take a look in the mirror!" Finishing his words, the man was about to turn around and leave.

The last string in Li Jun's mind snapped. Her eyes had already turned red while her tender face had a strong expression as she said, "Wait! Actually, I haven't said my last words to you!"

The man turned around and looked at her.

When Li Jun was young, she had learned Sanda (Sanshou). Her biggest record was 1 versus 4 when she left 4 boys crying and begging for mercy at the school gate.

Later, when she grew up, her friend told her that if she wanted to be more , she had to change her way. She told her that men loved women who were talented, beautiful, and tender. Even the mother-in-laws liked soft and tender girls.

But now, all the words from her friend had flown away like a meteor.

Li Jun clenched her fists, pointed at the face of her once male god, and punched with all her might. The fist had all the grievance from her being single for over 20 years. There was just a bang followed by a blossom of blood from the man's face as she screamed, "**** YOUR MOTHER!"

The next moment, Li Jun felt her mind go blank as she passed out.


If she hadn't crossed, the headline of the next day might have been, "Refusing to accept a girl's confession in University, a handsome man had been hospitalized!"

Before passing out, Li Jun thought about how hard her life had been. First, she didn't have a home nor did she have a car nor any savings. Second, she was an orphan, and even after going to college she wasn't able to graduate. Third, she died!

After crossing over, she thought she was even more unfortunate. She ended up as a poverty-stricken child who appeared to be just 10 years old. She had worked hard for years before she had reached where she was in her previous life. But now, everything was back to zero. She would have to start everything from scratch.

At first, she felt that she was fortunate. After all, for good or for evil, she was still a girl and not a boy.

But that idea didn't last too long.

As a child, she soon realized that she had to go to the toilet, so she hurried in. Three seconds inside and Li Jun let out a scream.

What was that hanging!

Li Jun looked towards her crotch and deeply felt the mysterious force from the depths of the great universe.

What the heck happened? Why was there an extra there!! She touched and felt her tender little face that felt like soft buns. She was 100% sure that she was a girl.

Why did she have a man's genitals as well? It was already hard enough for her to be a girl, did she now have to be a man as well?!! Was she going to go to the enchanting man's route in the future!?!!

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