Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 10 part2

Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 10 part2

The two people talked, and then she turned around to walk away. There was no hesitation, no lingering back. She was wearing high heels; her long legs looked elegant as she crossed the steps.
Linag Wen He suddenly jumped into the car and drove to catch up with her. He slowly trailed next to her, and lowered his window to speak to her. Li Yongxuan did not respond to him at all, continuing to walk straight ahead. He followed her all the way to her home. It was approaching the time when Mai Wei Zhe normally came back home, Liang Wen He was worried he would encounter him and hence drove away. Li Yongxuan went straight in.

Mai Wei Zhe rushed ahead and caught up with her at the door.
" Hello", she was surprised to see him, "why are you at home so early?"
Mai Wei Zhe looked at her closely. Her huge eyes looked honest and clear. Should he ask her? Or not? Right now, he hated himself. He decided not to ask. He kept quiet. But that night, their love making was even more fierce and intense. It was as if they sought to erase all their doubts and convey the deepest emotions to each other with their bodies. He tired her out so much that she felt weak all over and could no longer keep her eyes open. He let her sleep.
In the dead of the night,she lay on his wide chest, her little soft hand placed on his heart. Half asleep, she murmured, "I want to discuss something with you.."
Mai Wei Zhe's body stiffened.
"I have been thinking recently.."
He blocked her lips. He suddenly launched an offensive and swallowed her next words.
Li Yongxuan sighed in her heart. How did she end up marrying such a rogue husband? Every time she wanted to speak to him, he immediately dodged her. He was even more sensitive than wild animals.
As a result, she repeatedly kept looking for opportunities, tried to broach the topic…
But his vigour was not restricted to the game alone…

However her troubles were not going to magically disappear. It was imperative for her to find a job as a sports agent. She collected all the information, selected a number of sports agencies and sent her resume. She landed a few interviews as well , everything looked promising… but the outcome was the same. She had no offers in hand

After much perseverance, she figured that the reason was because the Yang group had been giving her bad references. Ming Yang was her former employer. They never gave her a letter of recommendation. But when the other companies did a reference check, they mentioned that she was not a professional, had engaged in an office romance, that her private life was messy. Who would hire such an analyst?

Extremely frustrated, Li Yongxuan tried to contact her former supervisor but was unable to even get in through the door. The Yang Group was determined to destroy her reputation.
Then Liang Wenhe approached her.
Strictly speaking, he had tried to meet her several times. Once, he had almost driven right upto the Mai family house.Li Yongxuan had just come back after an interview and was worried he would disturb Grandpa.
He insisted on speaking to her and refused to go; she insisted that there was nothing between them.
Till Liang Wen He raised the issue of sponsorship. Coupled with his willingness to solve the issue of Yang Group maligning her, she finally agreed to meet him in the office.

But when she entered the third floor office -
" I have finally divorced my wife", Liang Wen He came straight to the point. He looked extremely sincere." I know you worked very hard, and wrote the reports for me. I realise that I missed that opportunity."

Li Yongxuan looked at him. His facial features were very familiar, his sincere demeanour was also very touching, he looked graceful in a well tailored expensive suit. But as he stood before her, she only felt a sense of extreme discomfort.
She shook her head, "Director Liang, I am not talking about all this. I just want to talk about the sponsorship for the training centre and about the negative references …"
Liang Wenhe interrupted her, "After the divorce, I may be asked to leave the Yang Group, I may not be a director here anymore, but for you, I don't regret anything. I am serious."
Li Yongxuan widened her eyes, what was happening? They were talking of two different things.
She raised her hand and showed him the ring she was wearing, " But I am already married."
"You can get divorced. And I checked, you have not registered your marriage yet."Liang Wenhe smiled tiredly, " What can Mai Wei Zhe give you ? You need someone mature to take care of you. He is young, too young to even take care of himself. He married you on an impulse, but you wont be happy with him."
His words pierced her heart like an arrow, secretly exposing her greatest fear. Did he marry her on an impulse?

Although they were sweet together, but when they were separate, she worried she would lose him. She couldn't even sit down and have an open discussion like two mature adults…
Her heart trembled slightly but nothing appeared on the surface.
She said quietly, "It seems that Mr Liang does not want to talk to me about work. In that case, sorry, we don't have anything to talk about."
Just because she couldn't talk to Mai Wei Zhe did not mean that she would talk to other men.
She did not dawdle any longer and walked away.
Liang Wenhe went with her down the stairs, and right upto the parking lot outside the building.
With his hands in his pockets, in a leisurely manner, he told her, "In the past, I was stupid, I know. But now I know what I want the most. I can give you the best comfort. You are a good analyst. I believe that you can rule out the emotional factors and analyse what is the best choice for you."
"Because I am an analyst, I know that some things cannot be analyzed". She smiled at him, " Mr Liang, let me remind you again, both of us are married to other people. This is not a suitable topic to discuss. Goodbye."

Seeing that she was really intent on leaving, Liang Wen He couldn't believe that he was getting rejected once again.In desperation, he grabbed her wrist.
" Last time when you refused me, you lost your job. This time if you refuse, what will happen, who will get impacted, aren't you worried about that?" He lowered his voice, very mildly, he continued, "Do you want to do this again?"

Li Yongxuan forced off his hand and retorted back with incredulity, " Last time, your wife personally kicked me out.."
Before she could finish , suddenly, they both heard people shouting!
" What are you trying to do?"
"Let her go."
A few men holding sticks appeared in front of them.
Li Yongxuan was pulled to a side and behind the crowd. When she looked at them, she realised that they were all from the speed skating team. Leading them was a ferocious looking Xiaoyu. He roared at Liang Wenhe, "If you dare touch her again, I will break your arm. If you don't believe me, just try!"
These athletes were physically strong. They had weapons, there were many people and they looked angry.Unexpectedly, Liang Wenhe was scared.
"Xuan Xuan sister, don't be afraid. Even if Brother Mai is not here, we will protect you!" Anrun assured her. The young, handsome face was utterly determined.

Mai Wei Zhe was out of town to attend a charity event for two days. Anrun knew this. So when he saw Li Yongxuan not far from the training center, he paid close attention. If Brother Mai was not around, he was the one unequivocally responsible for taking care of her
( Miumiu : Aww, Anrun is so cute ! I cant help wanting to hug him :))

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Really, what she thought of the training center was right. This was like a second home, and the team was like a family to her
Liang Wenhe angrily left without a word.
This was probably the first time in history that his courtship had been rejected.

Li Yongxuan was still shocked. She stared at the sticks in their hand, "What are these?"
" Oh, we borrowed this from the ice hockey team". Ferocious Xiaoyu at that moment had reverted back to his simple and honest form. He giggled and bashfully scratched his head 'Otherwise we had no weapons. Ice skates are too expensive, they are sharp as knives but difficult to use…"

Li Yongxuan laughed, although there was nothing funny actually.
She sincerely thanked the group of lovely brothers, "Thank you for helping me out with the bad guys."
" Dont be formal. We should!" Anrun grabbed the phone and anxiously announced, "I will inform Brother Mai immediately, he must.."
She caught his hand and stopped him from dialling.
" Do not bother him now, ok?" she said softly," Let me tell him."
" You are all aware of his temper…" Li Yongxuan deliberately paused for a moment," if you tell him now , he will probably leave the event immediately, sit in a plane and fly back."
When she made this remark, everyone agreed.
Really, Xuan Xuan sister understood Brother Mai so well.

She was determined. Tonight, no matter what, she would have an open and honest discussion with him.

But she waited for a long long time, she even checked the arrival time and the flight was not delayed. So where was he?
Li Yongxuan felt a bit bitter, but also felt sweet anticipation as she thought of seeing him again. This made the waiting even more difficult.
She thought of the previous time, when she waited for him and had fallen asleep on the kitchen table. After he came back, in the kitchen, he had…and then… in the stairs… and after…

The memories were so clear. Even while she thought about it, she felt her heart sing and heat creep up through her body.
His tenderness, his arrogance, his rudeness, his thoughtfulness… she liked everything about him. She was so deeply attached to him. Why would people think that just saying a few, gentle words would be enough to make her waver from her love?

She did not know that the people she was thinking of right now, were face to face at that moment on the other side of the city.

Liang Wen He naturally lived in one of the Yang Group's luxury buildings.
That night, when the guard downstairs informed him of a visitor , he thought Li Yongxuan had changed her mind and had come back to find him like last time.

When the door opened, he had a slightly proud smile on his face..
Bang! The smile was met with a solid left hook to his face.
For several seconds, Liang Wen He held on to the door, as blood rushed to his head and his eyes watered.
"How dare you harass my wife?" Mai Wei Zhe growled, like a beast about to kill its enemy.
(Miumiu : Mai Wei Zhe - my hero! All right, I'm old fashioned, but a man who beats up other 'bad' people for the sake of his loved ones is always top of my chart)

"Not only do you call her incessantly, but you write emails, and even pull her hand? Do you think I am dead?"

Mai Wei Zhe looked like he was ready to murder him.
As soon as he had landed, he had immediately gone to settle things with Liang Wen He. When he appeared with such a mood, there was no way his opponent could survive. The many years that he had decimated his opponents and dominated every major game were not a waste, he had not beaten so many top level players by luck alone.

Half of Liang Wen He's face had swollen to twice its size. He felt bursts of pain all the way till the back of his head.
He was being beaten up by an athlete who did weight training daily, it was expected that he would be a bit unsteady
" You… calm down a little.. hear me out."

" XX, you just shut up! What do you have to say ?" Mai Wei Zhe punched his jaw and Liang Wen He fell to the floor.
" Before you forget, she is no longer with you, she is married to me! If you continue to provoke her, X, you will speak to my fist!"
Liang Wen He finally recovered, and raised his hand to block Mai Wei Zhe's fist.

" Dont you know that I can sue you, freeze all sponsorship to your team, I can go all the way…"
"So what?" Mai Wei Zhe sneered at him condescendingly, " I do not believe that apart from speed skating, there is nothing else in the world that I can do. Sue me quickly! I want to see who is afraid of whom. If you sue me, all the gossip about your romantic scandals will become public and then you will lose your job! Go on and sue me then!"

He wasn't just a muscled hunk, he was quite intelligent as well.
But the years of experience that Liang Wen He had in dealing with people was not in vain either, he quickly thought of his weakest point
He had only one weakness - Li Yongxuan.
Now Liang Wen He smiled with contempt, " For a woman I pity..why are you getting so worked up?"
Mai Wei Zhe did not speak, he continued to look at him coldly.
Liang Wen He knew he had got hold of his weak point. He arrogantly said, " She is nothing but a homeless stray dog. Whoever is good to her, gives her food, she thinks she likes him. You become her owner, till someone better comes along…"
Mai Wei Zhe sneered.
"No", he said confidently, " I will not let this ever happen. In this world , I am the best man for her, only me."

(Miumiu : Ah ! I wish he had just boxed him a couple of times more! How dare he call her a stray dog. And for those of you who thought the director was really in love with LY, there you go!)
"Big words!" Liang Wen He taunted him "Only an ignorant and foolish young man like you will be so arrogant."
"Only a middle aged shameless and powerless man like you will harass a married woman", Mai Wei Zhe retorted, then brazenly warned him off, " If I ever see you close to my wife again, I will not let you off so easily!"

He had already hit him twice, was this really letting a person off easily ?
But Liang Wen He was also clear that this aggressive kid would keep his promise. He only watched as Mai Wei Zhe walked away.

After attending to this 'important event', Mai Wei Zhe could only go home. He took a taxi. On the way, he was still very upset and could not calm down.

After he had disembarked from the plane, he had called back the centre to ask about the schedule for tomorrow. At that time, the assistant coach had let slip  the details of what had happened yesterday. From that moment on, his mood was murderous.
Why? Why would she meet Liang Wen He behind his back?
What was she doing?
He did not dare ask Li Yongxuan, but all his anxiety, jealousy, love and anger just accumulated over time and manifested itself in a strong left hook..

She was already his, so he wanted to beat the hell out of a world that dared to touch her. It was that simple.
When he reached home, it was quiet.
Grandpa was sleeping. The lights in the kitchen were on, Li Yongxuan was obviously inside.
With his mind in so much chaos, he could not face her. So instead of looking for her, he went straight into his room, had a shower and then went to bed.
Whatever things needed to be said could wait till tomorrow.
But he was no longer used to sleeping alone.
In his own home, actually their home now, if he was not holding her, if he couldn't hear her soft breathing mingling with the sound of his, no matter how many times he turned from one side to another, he could not fall asleep.

He turned over again and hammered the pillows in annoyance. Why was it so difficult if he wasn't sleeping in the same bed as her? How was he living before?
Depressed for a long time, he angrily turned over and stared at the wall. He tried to calm himself with mediation. Sleep! Sleep now… Half an hour later, this was horrible, he was still wide awake. All his meditation training was useless!

The light footsteps of someone approaching were absorbed by the carpet. By the time he noticed, she was already behind him.
Mai Wei Zhe immediately stiffened, pretending to be already asleep.
She sat down gently on the bed and carefully lifted the quilt. Then she moved inside the quilt and lay down.

Gently, her arms hugged his waist, her soft face clung to his back and then she sighed very, very softly.
" You're back", she said, almost in a whisper so as not to wake him.

Mai Wei Zhe did not even dare to breathe out. He waited till she adjusted her position to get more comfortable as she clung to him. Then she kissed his shoulder and fell asleep
He kept stiffly to his earlier position, not even turning around when she hugged him.
In less than a few minutes, his eyelids felt more and more heavier..
Then he finally fell asleep !
(Miumiu : Ah ! My heart cries for this couple. Poor Mai Wei Zhe cannot believe his good luck in marrying the girl he had worshipped from a distance for such a long time. In his heart, he somehow feels he doesn't deserve her and that she will soon realise this. His biggest fear is that she will leave him. So when she tries to talk to him, he blocks her, not wanting to hear what he thinks is her plans to leave him. Likewise, he is afraid to ask her exactly what she was doing with Liang Wen He. Its not an issue of trust, it is just that he thinks he is not good enough.
Unfortunately, rather tragically, she feels the same way… that he married her on an impulse and will soon come to regret it. It is both sad and rewarding to see these two orphans finding their own path to love. What do you think? Let me know…

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