Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 8 part2

Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 8 part2

Li Yongxuan had taken the phone to stand by the long window. She was whispering,"…Don't help him move things; you'll hurt your waist. Okay, you wait for me to come back before finishing… take more rest. Has our cough become better? Is the medicine helping? Oh… he is still sleeping…No, no, he is in the next room…"

Hearing this, Mai Wei Zhe could not help but roll his eyes.
He was the one who brought her here and they were all alone. Really, how did it matter to Grandfather if they were in the same room or different rooms? At least grandfather knew she was honest and would not lie. If it were him, would grandfather ask him if they were sleeping in the same bed?
And of course, there were a lot of things that could be done without sharing the same bed.

"Cough! Cough!" he coughed twice to alert her to his presence
"Ah, he has woken up. I will tell him to call you… oh good! Bye Grandpa!"
Li Yongxuan hung up the phone and very innocently told him, "Grandpa warned you not to go crazy and eat indiscriminately!"
He will never call him! Grandpa was really too much…
But sure enough, he knows his grandson..
The period after any intense competition was always crazy.
"It's too late to call now and yesterday was too busy."
"What do you want to do today?" She put the phone down, embraced his waist, looked up to him and asked.
Mai Wei Zhe grasped her hair, and brushed his face against hers. His overnight stubble made her face feel itchy, so she laughed and dodged him.
"Yesterday I chose. Today you choose. We will eat what you want."

They strolled around and finally chose a bar with a languid appearance.
It had a long bar with red leather upholstered chairs around it.
After she finished eating, Li Yongxuan went to the washroom leaving Mai Wei Zhe alone at the bar chatting with the barman.
The result was that in only a few minutes, when she came out, two tall girls were standing next to him!
Both were well endowed, and their bodies were the standard S- shaped.
They were both smiling at him. They were chatting seriously, their upper bodies leaning forward, proudly showing off their cleavages through the ultra low cut neck lines.
It was really quite a sight!
The whole resort had many such beauties; this should not have been a surprise!
However, Li Yongxuan felt a burst of anger at this shameless display.
This was really the first time in life that she had felt such strong jealousy.
As soon as she realised she was jealous, she was shocked and stood rooted to the spot.
He was lazily looking at the bar decor when his eyes turned towards her and his lips curled up in a smile. Not looking the least bit troubled or guilty, he hooked his fingers, beckoning her to come forward. Li Yongxuan was almost breathless, but she slowly walked to his side.
"Look ladies, I told you I have a companion", Mai Wei Zhe said regretfully, "Sorry! Maybe we can chat next time?"

The ladies looked her up and down. She was wearing a loose vest dress and wasn't hot at all. Then they turned away in disdain.
"Your friend?" she pretended not to care and sat back on the high bar stool.
But Mai Wei Zhe pulled her by her hand and dragged her down to his lap.
"You better sit here", he said while playing with her hair. "Wait a second. If another girl comes to strike a conversation with me, I don't want to see you like you bit into a lemon."

"What are you talking about!" she retorted. Her ears had turned red. Mildly embarrassed and angry, she playfully hit him, "What nonsense! I did not, I did not…"
He hugged her and started laughing
"You did not! I just saw you looking like that."
"Shut up!" Then she hammered him several times in mock anger
As she laughed, she suddenly noticed a thin leather string around his neck.
"What is this?" There seemed to be a pendant hanging from the string. Curious, she tried to pull it up.
"When did you buy this? I haven't seen this…"
"Its nothing!" Mai Wei Zhe suddenly caught her hand, preventing her from pulling the string." The hamburger has arrived. Eat it quickly!"

What was the great mystery ?Li Yongxuan stared at him. She was about to ask him again but the waiter arrived by their side and served the fragrant beef burgers, completely diverting her attention.
After eating, they wandered around leisurely, like two people lounging around, and finally arrived at the pier.
In the afternoon, they were scheduled to take a boat trip to enjoy sunset over the sea. It would be a fascinating experience!

As they waited for the boat at the dock, Li Yongxuan could not help asking, "Is everything ok with you?"
Mai Wei Zhe was behaving slightly weirdly since the morning. She wasn't sure exactly what was strange, but she felt that something important was happening and his thoughts kept wandering away.
"Nothing", he shook his head. He looked deeply into her eyes and said, " Xuan.."
" What ?"
He hesitated, his mouth opened and closed several times, then he shook his head, "Nothing really!"

A loud, ruddy cheeked fat middle aged gentleman suddenly appeared and roared at them, "You two! You're really lucky. Come over to the boat. Hello!"
The boat was medium sized with a diesel engine. It could seat upto ten people, but there were only five guests onboard.
After they got on the boat, they realised that the loud voiced bearded person with a ruddy face was actually going to drive the boat. He proudly announced, "You can call me Captain Uncle! I need a deputy. You… you sit next to me. If the engine fails, you are going to push the boat!"

Mai Wei Zhe smiled and accepted. He took Li Yongxuan with him as he went and sat beside the captain
Li Yongxuan worriedly whispered, "Will the engine really fail ? Should we change to another boat?"
" Is this lady your wife? Or is this a miss?" The bearded man heard and loudly asked. Then he replied to her himself, "You don't believe in the ability of this gentleman? Look at his muscles! Look at his body! Even if the boat were full he would be able to push it!"
The guests behind laughed loudly. Mai Wei Zhe smiled and patted her arm, "Don't be nervous. The captain is just joking. The engine will not fail."

Truly, the motor started smoothly and the boat was off. The captain talked along the way, introducing the beautiful sites nearby. No wonder his voice was so loud. To be heard over the noise of the engine was no mean feat.
After they sailed around the shore for some time, the boat headed towards the open sea.
At a particular predetermined point, the captain shut the motor off. Then he turned around towards the tourists and said, " At this point, we can see the sea at its most clear and beautiful form. You can see a lot of beautiful tropical fish.."
Hearing him, Li Yongxuan held on to the side of the boat as she peered down into the waters.
The sea was really crystal clear with no pollutants. The sunset was reflected in the clear waters. It was really a breathtaking sight!
" Look here! Look here! There really is a lot of fish!" She found a school of colourful fish swimming in the water. She was so excited she tried to reach out and pull him, " Come here and see!"
She tried to reach out a few times but failed.
Mai Wei Zhe, who was sitting beside her a minute back had disappeared.
Li Yongxuan looked back with confusion but he really was not sitting on his seat anymore.

Instead, he was kneeling in front of her, his body encircled by an ethereal golden halo from the light of the dying sun. His eyes flashed a golden smile.
She suddenly found herself staring at him, her mind completely blank.
"My grandfather said that I am not allowed to treat girls cheaply. But I really want you. So the only solution is that you marry me, become my wife and I can enjoy bullying you." Mai Wei Zhe's expression was equal parts naughty and embarrassed. Then he flashed a brilliant smile at her that melted her heart, "Will you marry me ?"

Inexplicably, her eyes filled with tears. The last golden rays of the sunset reflected in his eyes.
"Miss, if he is just marrying you because he wants to bully you, do you think that is ok?" The bearded captain suddenly interrupted, "marriage is not a trifle, you may want to clearly think about the answer."

She thought about it.
His arrogance, his incessant chattering, his timely reticence, his tolerance, his unrestrained cherishing of her, his unreserved enthusiasm…
When she thought of herself, only for him would she be so anxious, so worried, so excited, so happy; She yearned for his hugs, she was also eager to hold him tightly. She would experience jealousy, anger, helplessness, torture..
At that moment, her mind was very clear.
This was the person for her. Only him
" I definitely want to", she answered in a tremulous voice, almost close to tears.

“Well done!”
The bearded gentleman congratulated them in a loud voice.
In the last three minutes, the guests had finally figured out what was happening. They immediately broke out in loud applause.
Mai Wei Zhe's eyes were shining. With his left hand, he pulled up the leather string around his neck. A ring appeared in his palm.

It was and wasn't the same ring that her aunt had left her.
Earlier , it was an oxidized simple silver ring. At this moment, it was wrapped in a circle of platinum, giving it a new , chic look.
The white gold etchings on the ring were very delicate. Along with the pristine silver ring, it looked like two rings had been fused in one.
She did not know what to say.
Not only did he understand how important this ring was to her, he was also willing to spend a lot of money on this worthless ring.

She burst out in tears. Choking with emotion, she nodded and extended her hand out in front to allow him to put the ring on her finger.
The ring fit perfectly, as if just made for her.
"Miss Li, are you willing to take Mr Mai Wei Zhe as your husband? Do you promise to love, respect and cherish him and be faithful to him, in body and mind, until the day you die?"
"I do", she answered with the speed of lightning and then looked at the bearded gentleman with some confusion.

" Oh, didn't I tell you before? I am a priest, sailing is just my hobby; Wasn't this wedding ceremony all planned out in advance?"
Then he smiled , raised the mini bible in his hand and continued, " Now it is your turn. You scammed her to come onboard. Mr Mai Wei Zhe…"

" I am willing to take Li Yongxuan as my wife, spend the rest of my life with her, love her, cherish her, respect her, trust her, be faithful to her in body and mind till the day I die. Ofcourse, I am. Is there any need to ask?"

" You seem to be very familiar with this. Have you secretly practiced many times before?" The bearded captain joked, "Ok, now I announce you as man and wife. You can jump into the sea now!"

Mai Wei Zhe was dumfounded. "Wont you let me kiss the bride?"
The captain shook his index finger and happily said, " I say the same thing to every couple who marry at sea. Marriage is like a sea, it's a vast expanse; before you jump into the sea you never know what will happen. But at the moment of marriage, you must have the courage to jump into the sea hand in hand. So don't hesitate and go and experience it!"
After saying this, he pushed the couple who had just become husband and wife. Tightly holding onto each other, they jumped.

No matter what test the future had devised for them, they would always hold hands to face it together…

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