Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 4

Same Place Not Same Bed Chapter 4

“If similar injuries can be prevented from happening again in the future-“

Mai Weizhe interrupted her. He got up and walked a few steps.

“Will certainly happen again, and my approach will remain the same.” He simply raised his right hand and untied the gauze in front of her, “At the Centre’s operating room, medical personnel can only help me staunch the bleeding, I was wounded in the arm but not the legs, so I could walk out of the ambulance. Is there anything wrong? Do I have to sit while bleeding, so that they can carry a stretcher to come in and get me? This would strain the poor people, so I went over. ”

Li Yongxuan stared straight at his arm, and she could see the long stitch marks, centipede -like, green and red, and the flesh still swollen-–

She was Bewitched, her eyes glued to the wound. Stitch one, two, three … … He spoke further … …

Next thing she couldn’t remember. A blank.

Mai Weizhe was dumbfounded, one moment there was a grave and calm person watching, next there was a boneless, soft person!

After who knew how long, Li Yongxuan felt like she had awakend from a long nap, while experiencing a sense of vertigo. She couldn’t figure out where they were, or what to do.

“Awake now?” Suddenly, deep voice spoke in her ear, pulling her back down to Earth. “No problems now? Then I’ll let go.”

She understood, she sat down on the ground for the second time that day, this time a strong hand behind was holding her. Her whole body was nestled against the person holding her

At this realisation she suddenly jolted awake and suddenly sat up straight!

“Young lady, if you’re like this, how can we conduct business?” The voice vibrated her whole body, with a heavy undertone of teasing, “We all get hurt regularly, if you passed out at every turn, how would you write the report? Better is to send a boy to me.”

Li Yongxuan’s back was stiff, and taking a deep breath, she grasped the mirrored wall and slowly stood up.

Today she’d lost enough face. Seriously. She absolutely couldn’t continue to lose face.

Under the thousand staring eyes, she straightened her clothes, picking up scattered data and notes, then thanked the coach, thanked all the players and then calmly left.

After waiting for her to leave, the stationary training coach cleared his throat and said, “Okay, now start again. Take a deep breath, concentrate on-“

Halfway through the meditation had interrupted, in fact, this was the most troubling, moreover, the coach had been sensitive to the fact that the players’ attention was a bit scattered, a fact that a pair of light amber eyes also knew.

Unattended, the athletes’ attentions wandered ever further.

At the sport center, Li Yongxuan was so vexed she wanted to throw herself against a wall! Smash cars! Break things! Beat herself!

Over the years, for the first time she had lost face this badly! Back to the group, if this was heard by Director … … Just thinking about it, she really wanted to dig a big hole and bury herself!

This upset mood, she could only use work as a distraction. However, even though she returned straight home and started writing her report, her mind could not stop meditating on what had happened.

Looking up, she found that it was 11 o’clock already. She had forgotten to eat dinner, and no one had reminded her.

Of course no one had reminded her. She was alone, and had to take care of herself for a while now, even if she had collapsed in her room out of hunger, no one would have known.

She filed the first draft of the report and stood up, stretching her sore neck, shoulders and arms due to typing at her desk, and rubbed her tired eyes. She was hungry and had sat for a long time, so when she suddenly stood up she felt dazed, she leaned against the desk.

Suddenly, that afternoon’s scene leapt to mind.

She had woken up, not alone, but to the feeling of someone protecting her. It’s was a very fresh feeling, very strange, she was perplexed-

Ding! The computer speakers crisply sounded.

New email! Li Yongxuan immediately went to her computer screen.

Although it was only a group email, but, it was from the Director-

In the stillness of the night, she smiled silly smile.

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