Goddess's Request

By Nanahoshi

Goddess's Request Chapter 3

Goddess's Request Chapter 3

“Alright, to make you a Goddess’s Disciple, I’ll give you a special power!”

“Wa,Wait a moment! Before that, why me? Couldn’t any human save this world? Tell me!”

With a, “you sure are annoying,” the Goddess’s smile changed into a super grim one. This bastard, if she didn’t know that thing about my mother, I’d immediately go back. But, there’s nothing I can do right now. Anything’s better than becoming a monk.

“There’s no helping it. I’ll explain it to you just once, so listen closely!”


“About you, you are the owner of a special male sex chromosome! It is especially rare in this world; it’s one in a million. You are an existence called, “Super Male!”


“You sure are thickheaded! Didn’t you just now hear that the male sex chromosome is becoming shorter? As for yours, the shortening of the male sex chromosome isn’t the only thing, you have once extra!”

“… … … wut.”

“I-AM-SAYING-! That you don’t have an XY chromosome. You have an XYY! It’s not just a simple extra one. There’s an extremely high possibility that you’ll behind some unusually extraordinary offspring. As a carrier of the XYY chromosomes, you have stamina and intelligence far from an ordinary male’s, and have demonstrate extraordinary potential. Not only that, your male lineage will never deteriorate over generations! In other words, if you carry an XYY chromosome, the more descendants you leave behind, the more the world will progress! The only thing is, there’s no way to leave behind your XYY chromosome! Thus.”


“Your ability to actually get some will get left to the Gods! Truly, you are an existence born to make women happy! Hence, go attract tons of wives! Kya~ How wonder-ful!”

“…No no, wait. With the exception of my mother, I haven’t gotten any Valentine chocolate! I have no idea how to attempt to captive women!”

“That’s why I’m here right!? You aren’t just going to casually propose; there’s training to do! You are like a diamond ore that’ll shine if polished! Though you’re more like a smelly squid.”

“Ouch! And so, what should I do with my power? Please don’t make me fight devils or aliens.”

“Fu~n. You sure a stupid. You’ll become a legendary stallion who’ll save humanity!”

“Huh? How would I do that?”

“Let me tell you. You’ll enrapture all the women of the world with my power and your so called “Super Male” sex chromosome! Yes, if you don’t bang 100 people at least, all hell will break loose! In return, I’ll give you a reward! I’ll also solve that problem with your mother for you. Be grateful!”

“One hundred!? One hundred is impossible! I mean, girlfriends, I’ve never had one. Dates, I’ve never gone on one you know!?”

With that, the Goddess smiled smugly once again. She declares thus.

“Thus, I’m saying that I, shall grant you a Goddess’s miracle! To you, the male of all males! Then, you shall become to savior of humanity! You’re just some perverted uncle right now but with a POOF! I will!”

“You will?”

“I will give the unpopular you a chance. You have all of high school. In that period, you have to finish mating with 100 people! After getting results, I will bless you, and give you the life you’ve always wanted.”

“… … …I can even do the many things I dreamt of when I was a kid?”

“Everything. Your sperm just has to reach the womb and implant once. At that time, with the miracle befitting a Goddess, I will use stagnation magic. Thereafter, when that female truly wants a child and wishes for one, the sperm you left inside her will reactivate and certainly impregnate her! Let no prey escape!”

“Then, if I wanted a partner…”

“Conversely, you can’t conceive a child right immediately. You have to commit till the end. It’s not enough just to rely on your Super Male trait. In short, your partner won’t conceive your child.

“… … It we get together, but there’s no love, what would happen then?”

“…Let’s see, that would be undesirable. All we need though is for you to improve yourself and make her realize that, “I want that man’s child.” There’s no reasoning or theory; just stab that strong instinct into that living thing called women!”

I suddenly faced a reality I wanted to believe in. What should I do…

“By the way, what if I refuse?”

“Enjoy your awkward life with your mom, and you’ll continue to be a virgin forever. By the way, it’ll be impossible for you. Even if I gave you some ability, with just that, nothing will change.”

Can I really do it though!?…At least, I will be about to avoid becoming a monk…Wait…

“You, what are you worried about now? No matter how you think about it, isn’t there one answer? It would shock me if there’s another. You know, this is the first time I tried taking action. If we’re unable to reach a settlement, if we change the terms terms, get different conditions, I’m sure we can come to an agreement. Also, you’re such a hesitant guy that there’s no way you’ll ever be popular with girls. You’re a guy though! More than just mightily rising above the rest, you have to cut a path through the rabble, like Moses splitting the ocean; you have to stand at the pinnacle of all men. That is how you get popular. Your Super Male will awaken trouble! But, by brushing away adversity, you can change the world! Do you understand!? If you want to become popular with women, you have to take risks! If you don’t have the spirit, there’s no way you’ll get your favorite woman!”

“…Super Males similar to me…have they always struggled?”

“Indeed. They did so that humanity could come this far. Now, what do you say!? Do it. Won’t do it. Choose! Do you plan on closing the door your Super Male has opened for you?”

A future that I couldn’t even imagine… … Surely, I don’t know what was ahead. Even so, the me right now desired to be popular.

If that was the case.

Yes. I’ve made a decision.

I decide to be resolute. I just have one last thing to say to the Goddess.

“I didnt know, that my father was also a Super Male.”

My father had the same blood flowing as I do. Right now–was the first time I felt like this. I was embraced by the feelings of happiness and embarrassment.

From the Goddess’s hand, light started hitting me. It was a nostalgic light, like the warm feeling from a mother’s hug.


“… …You’re…a special kind of special.”

“… …Huh?”

You’re telling me now?

A special…special?

Then, light embraced me, and I began to feel my consciousness going far away.


I remembered that.

“Those last words, I had forgotten them.”

Like that I

became the Goddess’s disciple,

and I began the challenge of fulfilling the Goddess’s Request.

From far away, I could hear the Goddess’s whispered voice.

“…Long ago, we often met… But it’s fine if you don’t worry too much about it…”

“Mother, … … Sorry for surprising you.”

“Father… … Thank for caring for me.”


I was sucked into a whirlpool of light.

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