Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation 古河正次

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In the future after several decades from now. Virtual reality (VR) gaming has been finally realized. An old man who continued to wait for VR game, start gleefully the desire of a VR game.After finishing a fun tutorial, the old man who indulge in deep emotion looking back on life. He rest his body a little while lying in front of the main start. He ended up dozing out without noticed, he in an imperceptibly different place .
That how this volume has begun.
This? Somehow, this is such as from different from the tutorial? Virtual reality is so realistic still amazing Na~.
Hmm? Reality? Different world? No way! Are you sure?
Why asked the old man to be a different world incarnated by God, to not forget the feeling of gratitude, and to enjoy a different world life in a rejuvenated both body and soul.

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