Super Powered Teacher

By 齐成琨

Super Powered Teacher Chapter 1

Super Powered Teacher Chapter 1

Xia Yu stuck his  head out of the building’s window, underneath is a group of low residential buildings, jumping off the building to suicide was definitely not possible, he wants to jump off, to test his flying ability.

This ability that he randomly gained seems to be very overpowered. Other people suffering through horrible events like being struck by lightning, falling into a lake or even having close contact with a brick, only gained that one little ability. But he has an entire ability system, it seems as though any ability you can think of is within. Yet, how can there exist such a convenient thing, even though having special abilities is great, but he need’s to think about the aftereffects that he needs to take care of when activating them. Every time he uses a special ability, he needs to pay a price, and this price is not known before hand, whether it’s serious or not.

Of course, he can also choose to do nothing, the result will just be that his entire body will hurt for 49 days and then explode and die.

Speaking of this special ability it’s actually kind of weird. At the time Xia Yu questioningly used his psychokinesis for the first time, also known as telekinesis, he made a kettle float up on its own and lifted the lid pouring a cup of water. The result is that he was required to single highhandedly travel across Ninghai City’s Heron River. That is an almost 3 mile distance, even running there are some people who could faint, don’t mention swimming across without stopping. If it weren’t for the fact the Xia Yu regularly works out, right now he could be feeding the fish in the river with his heart that didn’t even have that chance to become excited from the special abilities gained.

Because of the near-death experience, his excitement and nervousness from gaining special abilities was greatly weakened, only coming to one conclusion: The special ability cannot be randomly used — To die for a water pouring movement that everybody does 17, 18 time at day, who can rest in peace?

Although today Xia Yu still decided to randomly use it again, because he really wanted to know what it’s like to fly.

He is a person that likes freedom, always admiring how birds can freely fly in the blue sky, without restraints. Right now he can already do that, but is holding the urge back to to fear, he would not accept himself like this, so he came here.

Sticking his head out the window again and looking downwards, and then suddenly hesitating, or it could be said as nervousness.

What if…

After flying upwards the effect suddenly disappeared?

What should he do if the price is to cut off one of his hands or even stab himself in the heart?

Right at this time, a heavy object heavily hit him in the back of his head, the huge force carrying him through the window, falling downwards.

At this time Xia Yu actually had the time to think: This is good, no need to hesitate anymore. Only then did he resist the pain at the back of his head and turn his head, what smashed into him was actually a person, a middle-aged man that had already fainted.

The building floor wasn’t too high, almost reaching the ground in a moment, Xia Yu didn’t have time to think what was happening, thinking: Fly!

If any of the residents below lifted their heads, they would see two people hugging each other falling down, when they are about to hit the ground, suddenly stopping their descent, even floating, followed by a fwoosh flying out of sight.

Although at this time there is surprisingly nobody in the residential buildings, so nobody saw this unbelievable scene.

Xia Yu carried the middle aged man flying to the side of a small empty playground. Without the chance to sigh about how he became a bird man,  he put the man on the ground, pinching and shaking, waking him up.

The middle aged man opening his eyes and seeing Xia Yu, his first words are: “Are you cow head or horse face? ” (TL: Chinese grim reapers)

Xia Yu stunned for a moment, and then laughed saying: “You’re not dead yet.”

“I am…” clearly the man was a bit confused, “Where is this?”

Xia Yu stated: “This a playground near the building that you fell from, consider yourself lucky, I just happened to be at the window, extending my hand and grabbing, just perfectly dragging you back in. Lets not talk about this first, what’s your deal, lost your footing, suicide or being pushed down by someone?”

The middle aged man was initially doubting Xia Yu’s words, but hearing his question, his face immediately became sad and mournful. No need to say, it was definitely suicide, it he lost his footing, right now he should be thanking God along with this young man in front of him that looked pleasing to the eye; if it was murder, right now he should be very angry, yelling, “Screw your ancestors, I’ll kill you!” and then charging angrily red faced. (TL: Um… I think I’d either be pissing my pants or calling 911)

“That’s right, I was attempting to suicide, I’ve had enough…”

Xia Yu actually has a lot of patience, so he carefully listened to the middle aged man’s talk. Turns out the man is a teacher, name is Ren Bi. A few girls in his class came together to frame him, making one of the girl’s with a really nice body use the name of extra lessons to seduce him into opening a room. The result is that when he was naked and on top of the girl. the rest of the girls charged in taking a bunch of pictures, supposedly there are even pictures of his private part. They used this to blackmail him into giving 1 million RMB, or else they post the pictures in every corner of the school, sending them to everyone he knew. He neither had that much money, and was afraid that his disgrace would harm his wife and child, in the end only thinking of this path down the Huang Quan road. (TL: Chinese version of death river, styx, yomigaeri, etc.)

When speaking of this he still felt a little awkward and ashamed, but maybe he still planned on completing his great cause of jumping off the building, so he didn’t hide anything, considering it a confidante before dying.

Xia Yu didn’t show any sort of disdainful expression, only very surprised at the methods of these students. Actually reaching the point of willing to sacrifice their bodies.

“What freaking school do you come from?” Xia Yun couldn’t help asking.

“Coral Academy, I think you should have heard of it before, a very famous private school, there are schools from kindergarten to university. Their university is especially famous, even English royalty come over to attend Coral University. I teach third year high school…”

“So crazy even in their final year?” Xia Yu said surprisingly, “They don’t want to attend university?”

Ren Bi gave a forced chuckle, “A lot of the students attending the school all either have money or power, some have a deep background, even the Principal and the School Council don’t dare to displease them, what do we teachers count as… To think that me, a top graduate from Northern University, would end up like this…”

“You’re from Northern? Hey, me too.” Xai Yu said happily, and then thinking that this isn’t a good time to be recognizing a fellow student, hurriedly taking back his smile saying, “Then you’re my senior, if you ask me, no matter what suicide isn’t a good way to solve a problem, since you’re not even afraid of death, why not think of another idea.”

Ren Bi sighed saying: “If there was a way, Would I need to stand at the top of the building and jump? Doing that turns me into a complete mess you know.”  Speaking of a complete mess, thinking about how he almost ended up like that, he couldn’t help but give a cold shiver, his thoughts of dying becoming lighter.

Xia Yu casually said:” I don’t think what they want is money, like you said, they’ve got tons of money, not to mention they don’t even know if you can take out 1 million. Since you clearly can’t, why would they do this if they want money? So what they want is probably for you to beat a retreat in the face of difficulty, not being their teach anymore. If you just quit then it’ll all be okay.”

“You seem to have a point.” Ren Bi’s eyes’ lit up, but then proceeded to say dejectedly, : It still won’t work, they have pictures, if I quit, they can still destroy my name, that’s too scary.”

“Isn’t it just a couple of nude pics, it’s not like you’re some kind of celebrity, what are you afraid of? Take your whole family and move to a different city, break all relations here, no matter who that chick is she can’t chase you over, not to mention do they have such free time? With your Northern resume, wherever you goes the doors will be right open. It is a bit troublesome, but it’s better than paying with your life and not solving anything, right?

“You’re right! How come I never thought of that!” Ren Bi jumped up from the ground, shaking Xia Yu’s hand, “Bro, thank you for your enlightenment. I think you’re more suited than me to be a teacher, your psychological counseling ability is first class, haha!”

The person saying it didn’t have the intention but the listener had heart, Xia Yu paused for a bit, asking: “Is Coral still hiring teachers? I just graduated and I’m looking for a job.” (TL: Didn’t know how to translate that. If you don’t understand it basically the speaker saying something and then the listener associating it with something or gaining something from it that the speaker did not intend)

“You want to go be a teacher at Coral? “Ren Bi said stunned, ” Forget it bro, look at me, do you still want to enter this muddy water?”

Xia Yu said in his heart who wants to compare themselves to an old hoodlum like yourself, I’m still very pure, his mouth saying, “No problem, as long as the salary is high.”

“Hm… I see, how about when I quit I recommend you to the principal to replace me, I have some relations with him, if it works or not will depend on you luck. Oh right, what’s your major? I teach Japanese, do you know Japanese?”

Xia Yu smile saying: “I learned Chinese, although I know a lot of other languages, Japanese isn’t a problem for me.” (Chinese as in the language, poems, some history, culture, etc.)

“Oh? Also a language genius? You wouldn’t happened to have learned all the languages from the 8 country alliance?” (TL: Some kind of thing that lasted from 1900-1901 that contained, Britain, USA, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Australia and Japan)

Xia Yu smiled, ” I think it doesn’t stop there.”

Ren Bi’s heart filled with disdain, young ones these days don’t know how high the sky is only knowing how to brag. 8 languages, we’ll see at the time when you get toyed with by the students.

He didn’t know that Xia Yu is actually a genius in terms of languages. Don’t say 8 country alliance, even a 38 country alliance isn’t difficult for him. Besides more popular languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Latin etc, he also know some less popular languages like Vietnamese, Hindi, even the languages of some small African countries. Not only that, he also knows the dialects of a bunch of different places, like Japan’s Kansai dialect he can speak at will, what he said was already overly modest.

The two people walked out, Ren Bi also talking about the situation of the school. Coral Academy is a private posh school the gives daily salaries. Its high school and university are the most famous, especially the university, there is a saying south Coral north Northern. And Coral is also very famous for another thing, messing with teacher. Even if teachers are treated very well, but every year it still has the country’s highest quit rate.

“It’s not all problem students, the majority are still pretty good, it’ll have to look at your luck. If you end up with one or two in your class, you can only carefully serve them, enduring for those few years, those students…” Ren Bi shook his head and sighed, “Even if you treat them like kings and they don’t mess with you, but if they cause problems, in the end it’s still the teacher that has to take responsibility? It’s tough, tough I say…”

Listening to Ren Bi list some examples, Xia Yu couldn’t help but feel a chill. The students right now are a lot worse that his time, some can even be described as lawless. Although he did not have any thoughts of retreating, not mentioning that now he has special abilities, even before, he would likewise move forward without looking back — The key is that he’s broke, when a man is poor his ambition  is not far reaching, poverty stifles ambition…

Sending away Ren Bi, exchanging contact information, Xia Yu immediately went to a small shop and bought a pack of the cheapest cigarettes, taking out three sticks. (TL: Are cigarettes measured by sticks?)

Because after satisfyingly flying, a sentence appeared in his head, “Smoke 3 cigarettes at the same time, the smoke has to go a circle in the lungs before blowing it out, time limit: 1 hour.” And then a timer appeared in head ticking down, not disappearing, constantly reminding him.

After splitting with Ren Bi, he immediately went to a small shop and bought the cheapest pack of cigarettes. Because of the conversation he didn’t have much time left. He squatted by the road opening the pack, putting 3 cigarettes into his mouth, inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling, after some time the 3 cigarettes reached tho butt, but the timer in his head was still counting down… Looks like if wouldn’t work unless he strictly followed the requirements.

Xia Yu could only take out another 3 cigarettes and throw them into his mouth lighting them, this time heavily breathing in, all of it entering his lungs, and then he felt a strong stimulation, starting to violently cough, tears and snot dripping. Even so, he had to continue stuffing smoke into his lungs, or else this time wouldn’t count and he would’ve suffered for nothing.

Finally making the timer in his head disappear, Xia Yu was already coughing as if about to go see Yan Wang. Before he thought he was lucky thinking that flying once had such an easy condition. Isn’t it just smoking 3 cigarettes, which is why he took his time, who knew that he would be coughing to the point that his lungs almost started bleeding. (TL: Chinese king of hell)

He didn’t know how the thing in his head determined the price. If it was a smoker, he’d probably spend the rest of his days randomly flying in the sky. Although, the price is different every time, the same ability wouldn’t have the same price each time, so there wasn’t much of a comparison. All in all, if you want to have fun, you have to first be prepared to make sacrifices…

At this time a couple of what looked like bums walked past. Seeing Xia Yu smoke 3 cigarettes at once and coughing like he had some kind of disease, the eyes of one of them lit up heading over: “Want some powder bro, I’ve got some here, the quality is guaranteed.” He thought of Xia Yu as some kind of addict who used cigarettes as a replacement without powder.

Xia Yu didn’t have the energy to pay attention to him, waving his hands signaling that he didn’t want any.

Yet that person didn’t give up, “Don’t worry, who around here doesn’t know that my prices are the fairest, a lot of students get it from me.”

Xia Yu difficultly said: “I’m a teacher.”

Who knew that person became even more energized, “Teachers are good, teachers even have discounts, I…”

Xia Yu finally couldn’t help but interrupt him: “I don’t want any, leave.”

That person that initially had a smiling face like a salesman instantly changed, laughing coldly, “Fuck, acting like that, let’s see how you come begging me later.” Finishing he spit on the ground, swaggering away with his buddies, even able to hear their mocking laughs, “Inhaling powder and still pretending, fuck, that chick from last time was pretty tough, in the end she still ended up begging me for more, hehe…”

Xia Yu finally calmed down, glancing in the direction that the couple of bums left, thinking even near a posh school, this kind of disorderly stuff didn’t lessen at all…

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