Heroes of Marvel

By Li Qun Xi,离群戏 著

Heroes of Marvel Chapter 11.1 - Illegal Dealings

Heroes of Marvel Chapter 11.1 - Illegal Dealings

Chapter 11.1: Illegal Dealings

The streetlights were dim, flickering faintly time to time whereas the rest we're broken. It wouldn't be repaired any time soon. Only two pairs of headlights emanating from the car located on the street's intersection sprinkled a vibrant light in the cold dark night.

"Man, c'mon! Aye, lemme tell ya right here n' now, these are real goods!" The man below clicked his tongue and stretched his arms wide exaggeratedly. "Man, if we ain't good, you wouldn't get no deal!"

"Ya, I know."

Just as Jackson shuffled forwards on the low-rise roof slightly, the two men below had already started trading. Both sides left one person inside the vehicle while two people from both the passenger seat got out.

From the supplier's side, one carried the box while the other guarded it. Although both sides were familiar with one another, they did not relax their composure one bit.

"Here, man, look." The supplier from the other end grabbed the suitcase from a tall, burly man with dark skin tone. "This is the high-end goods I mentioned!" He opened the small suitcase in hand, waiting for the other party to inspect the goods.

Although Jackson was rather far from the supplier and buyer, unable to hear what is being said below, his eyes was able to perceive the actions happening in front of him in great detail.

If Jackson wished to get a head start and deal with the men below, it would be best if he took the time to check the goods otherwise he'd put himself in an unnecessary situation. But however, there were at least a six or so criminals on the scene and based on their conspicuous movements, there was the high possibility of them hiding a pistol from their back waist nor was he sure of their combat strength and how quick they are to respond.

"This is good!" After carefully checking over the goods, the buyer nodded satisfyingly. He turned his head to his colleague and gave a nod, signaling to take and carry the suitcase from the supplier.

Ugh. Can't hesitate any longer!

Seeing the transactions occurring between the two parties nearing its end, Jackson immediately made up his mind.

From a week's worth of intensified training, he believed he'd be able to deal with the situation at hand.


In the next moment, Jackson swiftly stepped out from shadows the low-rise roof provided but just as he moved his body, it felt as if he was pulled back by a role.

Of course, there was no rope.

He stopped moving just as quick as he moved earlier when he saw several cars half a street down rushing towards the place he was in. This was reason why Jackson stopped his advances. The six of them who had the chances of holding a gun would already have been difficult to deal with but if there was another group, Jackson had no choice but to retreat.



A few seconds passed after Jackson moved back, the sound of the roaring engines passed by, their existence so blatant. Jackson was quite certain the passing vehicles had something to do with the two parties conducting an illegal transaction below. Thinking of this, Jackson who was camouflaged in the dark began to move. Because the dark phantom suit veiled his existence, he wasn't worried about being discovered.

Meanwhile, on the other side, once the sound of the roaring engines passed the road, the atmosphere of the two parties below him tensed, the air was thick and was without any movements for a short breaths of time.


Hearing the sound coming closer from the distance, the faces of the two parties turned pale white.

"Shut your mouth and don't say anything!" The tall dark-skinned man shouted as he grabbed the suitcase and quickly locked it while his left hand swiftly moved to his waist. "Men, I do not know what is happening but for safety keeping, we have no choice but to cancel the transaction." The dark-skinned man explained, his hand tightly gripping something on his waist.

No matter who the outsiders may be, it's obvious they do not belong to both sides of the party. Chances of being caught and arrested by the police was not small. It's best if they leave while they had the chance. While keeping on guard and alert, the two sides quickly crossed the streets, retreating towards the direction of their cars.

Da da!

Hu hu!

Just when the two sides were halfway gone, a guy pulled down his window shield and shouted anxiously. "It's the king of gangs!"

"It's Jeston!"

"Quickly! Go!"


After the sudden revelation dawned on them, the two parties moved quickly, no longer acting carefully. They shouted left and right as they rushed to the car.

Jackson who had been hiding on the roof of the building heard the cries of the two parties. His eyes shrunk when he heard the name king of gangs clearly. He sighed. It seems he made a slight blunder. He thought he had it planned clearly. He did do a lot of homework research, after all.

There are many sites and territories the Frankenstein Family controlled and this small little neighbourhood in Queens was one of them. They didn't really put much value in this land. It had nothing to provide them. Just a piece in their pawn to control maybe. But it was known that Jeston or otherwise known as the king of gangs was responsible for this place.

Originally, he thought the people conducting an illegal trade below were the king of gangs. He didn't expect they were nothing but a low-life piece of ant. This sudden development was not what he had expected. Ah! He was now eager to ask the system for advice but he knew good and well that the system would not be willing to provide anything. He could only rely on his own self.


Jackson was feeling gloomy. The two parties have already rushed into the car, turned their engines, and raced out of the small neighborhood. The direction they rushed into was in front of him. Apparently, they intend to avoid the king of gangs that were behind him.




However, before they could disappear into oblivion, five cars quickly rushed towards them at high speed from the streets behind the house where Jackson was hiding. Without the slightest pause, like a well-trained professional, the five cars split into two teams and chased them left and right. This place belongs to the king of gangs. How dare these flies use their turf for dealings. The king of gangs couldn't tolerate such behaviors.



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