Eat Then Leave

By Unknown

Eat Then Leave Prologue 2

Eat Then Leave Prologue 2



A long time ago.

It was a story from when I was very young.

At that time, it was 15 years since I was born and I was a very young hatchling Dragon. I also had a lot of pride in the fact that I was a Dragon.


Existences that observes the world!

The world’s biggest magical organism!

However, the dilemma that even Dragons couldn’t solve was the Devil King from the Devil World who came through a crack in space to invade our home land.

Apparently the Devil King was strong.

It was said that all of the world’s empires, kingdoms and dukedoms joined together to create a Devil King subjugation but never succeeded and instead failed time and time again.

Half of the continent was reduced to ashes and many organisms died. It was to the point not even Dragons would consider going against the Devil King.

The world was increasingly getting destroyed

Could we stop it? But who could stop them, the powerful army of the Devil King. Is this the end?

At that moment, there was an existence who was like a comet.

I heard that as an existence who had been summoned to our world, he had an extremely powerful strength.

His name was Miro Laikasu (Mee-ro La-ee-ka-soo)

It was said he set the goal of repelling the Devil King by gathering all of the Dragon’s Bogu. (Bo-goo) Dragon’s Bogu, a Unique rank Artifact that each Dragon had. Could we say that each one was what humans commonly called a legendary weapon?

(TL Note: 보구 is something I couldn’t find in the dictionary so if you have anything better leave a comment cheers)

However what kind of existence was a Dragon?

An existence that observes the world!

An existence which is the best in the world!

There was no way that that kind of being would hand down his own Bogu to a mere human. Luckily Miro Laikasi used violence. He didn’t kill the Dragons but beat them until they were just about to die and took their Bogus.

A human who pounded the Dragons and took their Bogus! Can you believe it? However I have to believe it.

I saw it personally.

Now, keep listening.

That was when I was 15.

At the time in the Dragon’s Lair, quite a large scale meeting was in process.

It was a meeting where 5 of the continent’s west side Dragons were gathered together.

The topic?

It was about the existence of Miro Laikasu who was finding Dragons and requesting for their Bogus. At the time I was very young so I could only watch the hundred of years old elder’s meeting in a subdued manner!

– The prestige of Dragon have fallen to the ground!

– How does it sound to hand over the Bogus instead? He is an existence that even if Elder Rank Dragons came they would lose. What is an Elder Rank Dragon? It’s a Dragon who has lived for a thousand years. The only remaining Elder Rank Dragon who has the strength of a thousand years is the Glacial Emperor who controls the Glacial Region, sir Alamirew Lanto. However the Glacial Emperor is in a hibernation state! At that point it’s reasonable to see him as being at half the level of a god. With just us we can’t win against Miro Laikasu or even the Devil King.

– How could you ask us to hand over a Dragon’s Bogu to a mere human? Stop with the ludicrous statements. What will happen to our Dragon’s face?

– How, however, if Miro Laikasu gets stronger, can’t we entrust the role of exterminating the Devil King to him? With just us, we have no way to defeat the current Devil King! Is face really a problem?

The broad content of the discussion was at a level where even the young me at the time couldn’t see an answer. A being called the Devil King who couldn’t be exterminated even if all the world’s Dragons stepped up had appeared. We can’t even kill the Devil King yet we’re being prideful?

If the world is ruined Dragons will lose their homes. Do the elders not know this basic knowledge that even I, a kid, knows? At the time, I had large feelings of doubt towards the existence of Dragons.

Around the time of the meeting continuing on pointlessly.

He appeared.

He suddenly appeared and landed on the ground quietly as if he could fly into the sky. Then he said

– I am going to kill the Devil King. I have no time and I loathe annoying things. The main point is supply me your Artifacts. I’m talking about the Bogus which you treat like your treasure. Hand over the Bogus which you don’t even use but treat like a treasure box. If you don’t cooperate I’ll beat you up and steal it.

A black haired human.

The human was using a giant two-handed sword which was releasing a chill and his entire body was releasing a feeling of overwhelmingness.

That was exactly Miro Laikasu.

He had black hair unlike the people from the continent and his appearance was slightly different.

Of course the Dragons refused.

On that day I realised that humanity had monsters as well.

Not Dragons.

He was so strong that not even Dragons could compare and i thought that if gods existed wouldn’t they be like that – infront of that godly feeling, my mouth was wide open and I couldn’t say a word.

I was too lethargic while being in between the elder Dragons who were being fiercely beaten up.


I met Miro Laikasu’s eyes.

“A kid. I have nothing to do with you.”

Miro Laikasu’s two eyes at the time seemed extremely desolate and empty.

I’m embarrassed but at the time I wet myself.

After that a long time passed. During that long time, I never forgot Miro Laikasu. He stayed in my head for a long time. At times an idol, at other times a nightmare.

I heard a rumour that Miro Laikasu killed the Devil King and brought peace upon the continent.

I also heard there is no trace of him after killing the Devil King.

Where did he go?

Was he really a god?

Was that the last helping hand a god had given to the continent?

The continent regained peace quickly.

I met him 30 years later.

I landed in not the continent but another world 30 years later. It was a dimension called Earth.

I accidentally encountered him at that place.

In a small country on Earth, in a small alleyway.

When I first saw him I did not recognize him. Because he was completely hiding his strength.

However, when he released his strength, he was so strong that he couldn’t even be compared to himself back then.

He hadn’t seemed to have aged a bit, he spoke less words but he was full of an unspeakable loneliness.


For some reason, he was running a restaurant.

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