Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens Chapter 2

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens Chapter 2

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 2

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 2


The little boy suddenly looked up at the sky and madly roared, a roar that was filled with his heart's anguish. Then, his thin body accidentally hit a rock on the ground, and he ferociously fell.


Water that accumulated from the boundless rain splashed around. The boy suddenly twisted his body subconsciously in the mud, stubbornly struggling to get up on his feet. It was quite a while until he was able to stand up, he did not mind the writhing pain all over his body and continued to rush forward.

"Hei Sha, you heartless lunatic. You mercilessly butchered all your clansmen in order to reach the highest realm of a Curse Arcanist. I will not let you off! I swear in the name of the heavens, I will not!"

The eyes of the little boy was filled resentment, it was a kind of raging hate that transformed into his essence where people would not dare provoke him. Even if the world is destroyed, it still can not cover up the anger that had already drilled deep into his bones!

"I will never not die here, I will never admit defeat. For the 990 of my clansmen that died in the hands of that bastard, I must hold on, I must keep going!"

He murmured to give himself a boost. All of a suddenly, the unusual structure of the geography cause the wasteland's temperature to suddenly drop sharply. His hands and feet now began to stiffen up due to the cold, his little face was now becoming pale! His ears were already flushed, his lips were shivering, and his footsteps were getting slower and slower. In the end, he can only move forward step by step.

"I will never admit defeat, I will never give up until I kill you!"

His mouth opened and unconsciously whispered. His eyes were still burning the fire of eternal hatred, but alas, his body does not heed to his call anymore. His limbs were already as stiff as popsicles, and his movement were moving mechanically.


Mie Tian once again fell in the cold wet ground. He struggled with great effort, but he was physically exhausted and could no longer got up. He raised his head and did not let his head immerse in the water, he knew, it will suffocate himself to death.

In this barren land, no one will absolutely appear, no one will save him. His whole clan and his grandfather, Mie Yao, have already been killed by that beast. Thinking of his grandfather, Mie Yao, tears can not help but pour out from his eyes.

Why? Why did he kill grandfather? Why did he kill all the people, he is one of the prestigious man in the Curse Clan, he was a kind man, and he is my master!


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