Reborn, I Became a Male God

By 夙夜笙歌

Reborn, I Became a Male God Chapter 1 part2

Reborn, I Became a Male God Chapter 1 part2

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"Didn't you just want to have sex with them, but the person is a guy so you can't. Just let it go, all that money doesn't matter much for you. The thing I don't understand is, why are you following him all the way? Don't tell me even if it’s a guy you would be ok with it? But to be honest, you could, his face is just too pretty."

"Go away! I’m straight!"

"Yes, you are straight! Then can you tell me, why are you following him?"

"I, I…. I don't care, I have never suffered a loss like this while growing up!"

In games, it’s very common to pretend to be a girl to swindle money but listening to the conversation between the two people, the swindler was apparently herself. Jing Ling did not remember nor was she one to take burdens upon herself from the original host!

In her memory, the original host, although he had the face of a rule-breaker, he had been very introverted since childhood.

He was also a standard good student after school.
Don’t know if he has ever opened an Internet cafe door before. In addition, his family was poor. Let alone his computer, even his mobile phone was an old machine with a black-and-white screen and keypad which had been eliminated by the market. He could only answer the phone and send short messages. Besides that, it had no other functions.

Hence, swindling money? What a colossal joke!

But let’s clarify.

Jing Ling stood in the lane, leaning back against the rough wall covered with concrete, waiting for the two men to arrive.

So the two following men turned into a corner and saw the slender and straight-backed teenager at the end of the lane, wearing white shirt, faded white jeans and sneakers, brimming with youth from head to toe. He leaned back against the wall and looked at them calmly as if he had waited there deliberately.

“I think there is some misunderstanding between us.” He spoke, his voice as calm as his eyes.

“Misunderstanding?” When Jiang Shao heard this, he stopped. No matter why the person being tracked brought them into the dead end, he stepped towards Jing Ling angrily, “Acting as a girl to swindle PS* and having pictures in women’s clothes, don’t take me for a fool and say I am misunderstanding!”
*T/N: short form for money

“Yes.” Jing Ling answered, “Look at a picture, listen to a voice, then help people by paying for their mobile phones and when ruined, travel a thousand miles to reach a conclusion. Finally, you find the wrong person. Not a fool? It’s just like writing four words on your forehead: 'Fool with excess money’."

“Pfft!” Behind Jiang Shao, Lin Yuanhang was not in mind and laughed without restraint.

Jiang Shao was even more angry when he was betrayed by his brother.

“Dare to scold me, believe it or not, I will call the police! I’ve spent 80,000 dollars on you and that’s enough to file a case!”

“Believe it. Back to the previous topic, I feel that I need to emphasize again that you have the wrong person. Let’s do it like this, what game do you play, mobile game? Let’s show you my mobile phone. Do you think it can play games? It would be a little troublesome but it is not impossible to prove. You didn’t tell your wife before you came. Why don’t you just play in an Internet cafe and see if your wife is not online? If she’s not online, you can make an appointment."

It’s not very difficult to finish such a long speech without pause but if the speaker was in a rush and his tone was calm from beginning to end without undulations, it’s a bit fierce.

Jiang Shao listened to this remark and thought it over carefully. In fact, he already somewhat believed. After seeing the old machine that Jing Ling pulled out of his pocket, he basically had no doubt because he played mobile games. Besides bringing his friend Lin Yuanhang to scheme, he had not told anyone he was coming. Still, there was a small problem to be solved.

“The person in the picture I received is you and the address of the thing I sent is near here.
How do you explain that?” Jiang Shao asked, taking out his mobile phone to wake-up the screen and handing it to Jing Ling. His screen saver was a beautiful girl with long black hair but that face was indeed Jing Ling’s.

Jing Ling heard what was said and took a quick glimpse, “It’s not normal for me to take pictures from this angle. I look so good. Is it not normal for people to take pictures of other people without their knowledge to deceive people from the net? After all, there is a possibility that the photos will help the swindler be caught. You say the address is near here. If you don’t mind the trouble, go around and look in a circle. This place is so small that you can’t get lost.”

“Ok, not to be long-winded but I should go now. For this favor, 100 yuan.” Jing Ling extended her hand to Jiang Shao.

The latter was stunned. “What 100 yuan?”

Jing Ling said, “Do you think it’s free for me to wait for you and talk to you so much for half a day? My time is very precious. 100 yuan is the discount price after you were cheated so badly."

Jiang Shao: …

Lin Yuanhang, a play-watcher: …

The author has something to say: when the new pit was excavated, all the messages for this chapter were sent in red envelopes on that day. Women were handsome male hosts and are madly narcissistic. All kinds of elements are stewing to cause chaos. For the pretty boy, there’s a lady, but I won’t tell you for the time being!

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