Shrouding the Heavens

By Chen Dong,辰东

Shrouding the Heavens Chapter 17

Shrouding the Heavens Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Life and death

Chapter 17 Life and death

“What do you see?” Pangbo asked, trying to figure out the source of danger, he was careless, but in critical moment he is very stable.

“Do not see anything, only feel a terrible smell covered with my body, then the bell sudden shock up.” At the moment, Wang Ziwen was covered by golden light, but still have a lingering fear.

After hearing these words, whenever the people who got something in the “Da Lei Yin” temple has tightly hold in the hands the broken artifacts, these things now been confirmed that it really extraordinary, is held by the gods!

Broken bells stop shaking, melodious bell gradually stop, The golden flame on the body of Wang Ziwen disappeared, the light like gold armor reverted back to bell.

“Go, we quickly left the ruins!” Yefan holding a bronze lamp, leading the way toward the colored altar.

And all the people followed, this large temple which had ruined must be has something terrible, each stay for a second will more dangerous.

“Ah……” Scream came again, when close to the brink of ruins, one of the male student look in the sky and fell on the ground, in the middle of his forehead has a blood hole like a thickness of finger, blood gurgling, the same way of death! His eyes open very wide, before his death the look of terror solidification.

At this moment a lot of people are scared, and a student suddenly died, watching it but unable to stop, and even do not know what had take his life.

Separation between loved ones in life or death, it is easy to say, but experience it personally, they feel very bitter, the side of students, even do not have chance to say a words, die for no apparent reason, it let a person hard to accept it. Various girls almost collapse, crying in a low voice, where have seen such a scene before.


They did not stay, also cannot stay, quickly rushed toward the colored altar. Finally escaped from the ruins, but the two lives stay there forever, and can’t see it anymore.

Go far away, turn back, the broken walls like ferocious demon, shadowy under the sky at night, let the person palpitation.

But all the people do not have enough time for a sigh of relief, another three scream sounded almost at the same time, two male students and a female classmate has fall on the ground, the wound is still on the forehead, three identical blood hole is so shocking!

The blood in the ground, three classmates and former friends just died, their eyes bulge, expressions of fear.

A short moment, there have been five people lost their lives, it makes people sad at the same time, the whole body is icy cold, scalp numb, perhaps next turn will be reach us, who also could not be determined when the life end.

“Hum……” A female classmate almost collapse, burst into tears, said: “the people who dead are not find any objects in the temple, the unknown devil is in the vicinity, does not hold holy things left by the Gods, sooner or later will dying……”

This is a fact, the five people dead do not find anything in the temple, while Wang Ziwen who also being attack become safe due to the broken bell.

“Help us……” people who did not find any objects in the temple, all frightened matchless, close to people who got an object, almost pleading tone urge to rescue them. But in this juncture of life and death, who would give up their own unique objects?

Some people did not stay, even there is no turning back, stride rushed toward the colored altar, friendship although certainly valuable, but when facing the choice of life and death, many people will choose to relative indifference, in order to protect themselves.

The relationship between human and human, the contradiction of human nature, first time facing a difficult test.

“I beg you, help me……” The female students who almost collapse run and cry, very panic, very pitiful, two shoes are off, but still don’t know, now fear has occupied with her heart.
Ye Fan shouted:”the objects found in the temple, we can share it with others.”

Pangbo has always same with Yefan of advance and retreat, when he heard this, shouted: “yes, we can two or three people jointly held a piece of the ancient artifacts found in the temple.”

A lot of people are looking at, but they hesitation, some of people said: “these broken objects, if there is no so much effect how to do? If only can shelter one person, it  also put the original owner in danger of death……”
Such words, immediately let people hesitate, even have people began to take it and rushed forward.

“Thank you, Yefan……” That person with shoes off, his face covered with tears, delicate and touching looked female classmate, come to the Yefan, on her face revealed a look of very grateful, mixed with the tears that rolled down, make people feel pity.

Trembling, she stretched out his right hand, but with a foot of distance to the ancient lights, her face suddenly solidified and eyes glazed, fall on the ground.

Misfortune is so suddenly, YeFan helplessly looking at her eyes lost the brilliance, the delicate and charming beautiful cheeks with tears, the grateful smile frozen forever in there, let people feel uncomfortable.

YeFan would like to help her up, but ultimately just stretched a hand, and received back, the hindbrain of this poor female students is punctured, this time not on the forehead, the black long hair have blood flowing out, only a step, but she dead in front of Yefan.

The wipe of the frozen smile, made the Ye Fan’s eyes pain, he slowly back, leaving the body which gradually become cold.

“What is that?” This is all the questions.

Death is so near, the people become more fears, Yefan and Pangbo’s side had around three or four people very soon, they can’t wait and want to caught the ancient lamps and copper plaque, it is almost a competition, wanted to take possession of.

“What are you going to do?” Pangbo was widened eyes, shouted: “we are to save you, with you all jointly hold these things, and is not giving you all this copper plaque and ancient lamps, but abandon life of ourselves!”

His body very burly, muscles very big, so a stare naturally have a shockingly pomp and that several people suddenly stopped, stepped forward, hands resting on copper plaque and ancient lamps.

There is no time to delay and stay, all running faster. But then there is a restless mood in the spread, some people want to seize the Buddha artifacts. While the people with the broken artifacts, is full of fears, very regrets for held jointly with people.

“We come from the same place, we are classmate for four years, don’t let the rest of your life become ashame and regret due to today’s choice!” Yefan shouted loudly, suddenly let many people calm down.


At this moment, Liu Yunzhi in front of suddenly burst out hundreds of lightning, electricity long grass fly, he is like a Thor came into the world in general!

Lightning clouds, make his body completely covered, there the electric twinkle, made the around become brightly, and the Vajra copper in his hand is bright light, everything is originated from the half broken treasure pestle.

Liu Yunzhi like wear an armor made by interwoven of bolt of lightning, a electricity filled in the body, just as it is a statue of the thunder god of war in general.

“Just now I was attacked by something.” He had just such a word, then say no more, the sharp eyes inadvertently swept towards Yefan, but when see the ancient bronze lamp, the two fierce long grass soon disappeared.

Until the moment, the electricity on Liu Yunzhi’s body was gradually dissappeared, the Vajra copper in his hands became dim and dark.

The wand held by the gods!

The power of Vajra copper, everybody had seen it and scared.

Along the way, all the people are silent, and finally came to the five colored altar, fortunately, no deaths, it makes all slightly breathe a sigh of relief.

The nine colored huge dragon corpse and the ancient bronze coffin in altar quietly lying there, it is still shocking.

“That is……”

Came to the altar, all very surprised, colored altar hazy glow, all sides were little weak glory in the condensed and, enter into the stone base.

the light enveloped the sky gradually disappear, it is because of the colored altar, it seems to accumulate some mysterious energy.

Everybody is to be surprised, then happy because colored altar shine, as like that in Taishan, is likely to be a signs to open the road of stars. But this time, energy is not provided by “Yu Shan stone book”, but is a hazy and huge light.


The hazy light in the sky in the ablation, the storm outside boom sounded, the whole land seemed to shake up.

The light became dim, and all aboard the colored altar, nervously watched it all.

Secretly don’t know is that there is something terrible, like shadow lingering in the hearts of all people, although it does not appear temporarily, but as long as you don’t get out of here, it is still a threat, all people want to escape from Mars.

Lasted for half an hour, the dim mask continuous to compression, finally actually only covered colored altar, the diameter have been from more than 1000 meters down to less than 200 meters, almost want to fell to the ground, all the mysterious energy is absorbed by the colored altar.

Pangbo said in low voice behind the ears of Yefan: “Liu Yunzhi eyes inadvertently swept to here for several times. This guy has very deep scheming, need to be careful.” His is aware of this situation.

“Rest assured, I know!” Yefan turned to Liu Yunzhi, a gentle smile.

Liu Yunzhi is very calm, friendly nodded, can’t see anything unusual. In his side there are two person, one of them is which protected by the ancient bronze lamp of Yefan not long ago, safe arrival here of the male classmates.

That Pangbo is not satisfied, and whispered: “the ungrateful things, at school will be around Liu Yunzhi all days, just now are we retain his life, but now with Liu Yunzhi together again.”

After half an hour, outside the hazy light gradually reduced, is gonna drop in colored altar, you can clearly feel the storm outside the world very terrible.

“Toot” sound of the wind is like a ghost crying, sand blow and hit on the light, a sound like thunder, even some dust are blowing in, can imagine the light rays have been very fragile, anytime will completely disappear.

All scared, backwards, in case of falling out of the altar, they will immediately be  roll up by storm.

Then the male students who is ungrateful said by Pangbo, come behind Liu Yunzhi and suddenly grabbed the ancient bronze lamp in the hands of Yefan, another hand violently pushed Yefan, he want to seize the ancient bronze lamp and at the same time push the Yefan lout of the colored altar.

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