Unwilling Undead Adventurer

By Yuu Okano,丘野優

Unwilling Undead Adventurer Chapter 1 part1

Unwilling Undead Adventurer Chapter 1 part1

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Prologue (Pt.1)

—oh shit, I'm dead.

That was what I thought when a bright red mouth of an enormous demon in front of my eyes rushed toward me.


A remote nation at the edge of the continent, there was a small town "Malt " (マルト) located at the border of the Yalan Kingdom (ヤーラン).

In the low level labyrinth near it, "Labyrinth Suigetsu" (水月の迷宮), I who was earning daily savings while hunting monstrous demons, a lower rank Copper grade adventurer, Lent Faina (レント・ファイナ), as usual in the same way in shallow layer labyrinth, was hunting Skeleton (骨人 [スケルトン ]) , goblins and others, collecting raw materials and small magic stones. That was my daily routine, and today, around the dusk, I returned to the town as usual. Brought the materials to the Adventure Guild and got a slight amount of payment enough to live for several days.

That was my intention.


It appeared suddenly.

Because it was labyrinth where I walk every day, I had never got lost in this labyrinth. But on that day, I discovered different passageway than I usually walk through.

That was bad luck.
Yeah, it was bad.

Usually, These kinds of things should be ignored.
An Adventurer said that those who are adventuring, they suppose to not charging recklessly without planning anything.

However, In reality, more people thrust in without any thinking, and I was a fool from that example.

Anyway, when a passageway or room in "Labyrinth of Suigetsu" which have been discovered and explored long ago was newly found, it became major discovery.
Possibly, there was a hight rank magic tool and magic armor, if not, even so, you can explore to some extent and do the mapping.

With that kind of stupid idea, I stepped into that passage.

As a result, in a space like a plaza that I walked for a while, it was decided that I have to face a giant monster.

That, if I'm not wrong, it was a dragon.
Dragon, is the highest rank of demons, above platinum class in general, and a monster that said even several “Mithril class adventure” were not it matches.

Its appearance is varied, there are types like general gigantic dragons, there are also things like a slender snake, and some are like gigantic frog (?). (また蛙を巨大)
It seems likely that those who encountered it won’t be able to survive unless he was lucky enough,

Dragon rarely appears in public, so it was unusual to encounter it. Because the number is few, it can be precisely known and confirmed by understanding the history.
The strength is comparable to the demon lord that said only four existed in the world, and its existence is a monster that closer to God rather than living things.
In other words, I, a copper class adventure for eternity, would be defeated even without using one little finger.

Such a thing appeared in front of me, and there was no reason to be surprised.
Also, there was no need to think whether to fight properly.

So, I tried to run away immediately, thinking that I would die if I did not run away.

- But.
Should I say that the opponent is as expected of monster?
I noticed when I tried to escape.
I realized.

- My feet won’t move.

No, my body, no matter where it is, couldn’t move.
I guess it was what an ordinary person would think.
However, I remembered what kind of phenomenon is this.
It was something that I learned that when people confront each other, because of too much different in ability, it become such state.
Because of the overwhelming magical power, the body lost its freedom to move.
That kind of thing very rarely to happen.

That was exactly it.

My body could not tolerate the pressure of the dragon, and I was in a state where I could not move completely.

When I realized that, I pray from the bottom of my heart that it would give up on me. But it was helpless though.

The only thing I could do at that time was just asking in my mind while staring at the monster in front of me; please do not eat me.

But the reality was not sweet.

The dragon, as I confirmed, opened its mouth wide, and came heading at me.

— Aah, I'm going to be eaten.

I carelessly thought of it while my life was on the verge of crisis.
I thought that it would be dangerous and I'm going to die, but in any case, I can no longer avoid this situation.
Anyway, I could not move.
It's been ten years since I became adventure at the age of 15.

I dreamed of Someday exceeding the Platinum the class, climbing until becoming an adventure of the Mithril class.
While earning and saving money, even until now I still didn't stop dreaming, and training day after day.
Well then, would it over at such a place?
It was unacceptable.
Both feelings of terrible regret and sense of freedom as to whether it ends here are filling my heart.
And my body fell into the mouth of the dragon.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


Malt  (マルト) ==> maruto
Yalan Kingdom  (ヤーラン) ==> yaaran

“Labyrinth Suigetsu” (水月の迷宮) ==> suigetsu no meikyu (water and moon labyrinth)

Lent Faina (レント・ファイナ) ==> rento・faina

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