Impregnable Dreadnought Prologue

Impregnable Dreadnought Prologue

Prologue (1)

Year 1999. July.
The moon specified in Nostradamus’s great prophecy.
Disaster rained incessantly.

Big and small, various meteorites fell into Earth.
However, the meteorites did not kill anyone at all.
The problem was what happened after. On the sites where the meteorites fell, various sizes of dimension warps were generated.

Particularly, six huge warps called Hole made appearance in Japan, America, Australia, China, Western Russia, Eastern Russia, and they were unbelievably connected to a completely different world.

The name of that world is ‘Estia’.

In Estia, there were two continents named Gondwana (a combination of Australia and Eurasia put together) and Laurasia (combination of South and North America continents, including Japan). And the two major powers ruling each continent are at war.

The names of these two countries are Lemuria Confederation, which rules Gondwana, and Astoria Kingdom, which rules Laurasia.

As for the war, Astoria is superior and had robbed Lemuria one part of its continent.

The first one to come in contact with the bewildered Earth is one of Estia’s major powers – the Lemuria Confederation.

The Lemuria Confederation came over in a vehicle called “airship” through the Holes in China, West Russia and Australia.

As a result of the conference lasting a few days, these three countries decided to investigate the Holes in cooperation with Lemuria Confederation.

Without noticing that it is the beginning of a nightmare.

December 24, 1999.
At the time when the twentieth century was about to end, three investigation committees from Lemuria Confederation visited through the Holes in China, Russia and Australia.
There were about 10 people for each country. Not one of these three countries were vigilant.

25th of the next day. Early morning of Christmas.
Before the sun rose, the leader of the investigating committee conveyed the decision of the Confederation’s Council to each of the country’s leader via telephone.

“We will invade your country.”

Simultaneously, the investigation committee of Lemuria secured the Holes in Russia, Australia and China, eliminating the surrounding defense corps who never knew the reason why they were killed.

Each of the person thought to be “investigators” were actually soldiers who boasted overwhelming combat power.

One battallion from the Chinese army which was immediately sent to recover their Hole was completely annihilated by just one man.

To say nothing of small arms, even canons from tanks cannot reach the man. On the contrary, the man’s mysterious words invoked unnatural phenomenons – making tanks explode in an instant then gathering several humans and burning them exhaustively.

The nightmare did not end there. Before the day ended, 100 more military personnel of equal strength to the man were deployed to each country through the Holes.

Conventional weapons did not even graze the enemy.
The people from the main troops of Lemuria Confederation causing the unnatural phenomenons were called “magicians”.
In other words, they were the “weapons”.

People living around the Holes were killed in the blink of an eye, and human presence vanished from towns and villages in just one day.

Thus, the history’s worst Christmas came to an end, and Earth welcomed year 2000 in the form of invasion from a nation in the parallel world.

Year 2000. The Earth’s side suffered a series of defeats without effective measures to use against magicians.
It had become not only a war between Lemuria and the three countries, but a struggle between UN forces and Lemuria troops.

Russia immediately engaged and launched a nuclear strike, but the Lemuria Confederation nullified not only the nuclear weapon, but also the nuclear contamination through the power of the mysterious magic.

As a result, Russia, China and Australia judged that they could not win with just one country and requested cooperation from the United Nations. UN forces were dispatched to answer that request.

However, even with the military forces of each country combined together, magicians were unstoppable. More than half the territory of Russia, Australia and China were plundered by the Lemuria Confederation. Then people of Lemuria migrated there.

The other major power of Estia, Astoria Kingdom, were unable to remain indifferent to that situation. Using the Holes in Eastern Russia, US and Japan, Astoria Kingdom made contact with these three countries and agreed to help in exchange for some lands.

Both Lemuria Confederation and Astoria kingdom had land problems due to the population growth.
In this situation Japan, United States and Russia which sensed an impending crisis of the whole Earth being invaded, accepted the suggestion and dispatched engineers according to the instructions of Astoria.

Astoria told the engineers from those three countries that offensive magic is the most effective against Lemuria’s barriers.
However, it was basically impossible to use magic like humans from Estia because Earthians could not emit large amount of magic power.

Therefore, Astoria zeroed in on the fact that it is possible to transmit magic through touch instead of using the body’s interior. The technology to artificially produce magic by carving it into the special ore “Lapis” of Estia, which holds the feature of emitting magic outside when loaded with magic power, were taught to the engineers.

But that pseudo-technology was never developed in Estia where magic is possible. To make it usable at an actual combat level, the engineers tried trial and error.

The experiment lasted approximately one year and finally, the prototype needed for Earth’s version of magic tool called “magic technology” was somehow completed.

The name of the tool is “Gear”. In order to pump magic power to this thing made of Lapis, the large prototype that needed to be carried on your back is necessary.

Smaller sizes were gradually made, and the Gear was downsized into a somewhat large bracelet. A satisfactory result came out, and deployment was finally decided.

And now, September 2001. A unit of the Lemuria Confederation invading the Korean Peninsula and the Magician Corps chosen from the members of JDSF clashed.

The result is Japan’s victory due to an overwhelming superiority in numbers.

Ever since the war started, it was Earth’s first clear victory.

The war situation completely changed after the appearance of the Gear.

The Lemuria Confederation was gradually forced into fighting hard, and so they agreed to form an armistice agreement with each country in July, 2002.

And then 50 years later, year 2052.

Each country in Earth procured war potentials in the form of magicians and concentrated their efforts in training them.

Even until this day, Lemuria still assume Western Russia, China and Austrilia as their own countries. Thus, forces were deployed due to this reason.

The war against the parallel world is not over yet.

Prologue (2)

January 5, 2052.
Astoria – Lemuria border zone.

Even if a year ends and starts again, the front lines have nothing to do with it.

If it’s on Earth, that will be the vicinity of central Russia.
The accidental battle that started when the recon units made contact developed into a full-scale battle of both armies from Astoria and Lemuria.
The number of soldiers from Lemuria troops is 2000. The separate battalion composed only of magicians is included in that, it was predicted that the number of magicians from Lemuria army was almost 1000.

On the other hand, Astoria which is behind in military deployment only numbered 1000 soldiers.
The concentration of magicians scattered in various front lines in different places are also late.
It was a disadvantageous situation for Astoria.

As reinforcements to the troops that are gradually being pushed, Astoria Kingdom’s First Princess Lilicia Astoria sent in two remarkable soldiers belonging to the group called Knights which does not even reach 50 people.

“That princess… Did she mistook me as her soldier…?”

“Not a soldier, but she must have thought you’re a Knight. Actually, she did not mistook anything. You were awarded the Knight’s title by Her Highness Lilicia who is a Princess of Astoria Kingdom.”

A boy with raven black hair around 166~169 cm tall, and a white-haired young man around 180 cm tall walked to the base where 2000 Lemuria forces were stationed.

“Giving me a title without permission and then officially proclaiming it without permission. It’s not like I wanted that.”

“Sir Dreadnought. She certainly gave it to you arbitrarily but isn’t it convenient in various ways? The Knight position, that is.”

“I’m satisfied of its convenience, but I’m not from this world, you know? I’m a Japanese from Earth afterall.”

“Right, Mamoru is an Earthian and a Japanese. I always forget that, am I becoming forgetful…?”

Innumerable bullets flew from the base which noticed the approach of these two.

Attacks generated by magic are also mixed in them and came flying at high speed. The white-haired young man cannot do anything.
No, it may be more correct to say that he did not do anything.


The boy named Mamoru, Yuuki Maromu, glanced straight and muttered that as he faced towards the base where troops are stationed.

The black bracelet on Mamoru’s right hand shined and afterwards, a barrier spread out in all directions with Mamoru and the young man at the center.

“Or is it because Mamoru is too strong? I wonder which is it?”
“It’s because Cain-san is forgetful.”

While the two of them are having that exchange, bullets are coming towards them continuously but everything were repelled by the barrier Mamoru raised.

“So the reason why you covered all directions?”
“Homing missiles were mixed in.”

Immediately after, more than one bullet from the rear swoop down on the two of them.
But that was also deflected by the barrier in all directions.

“You can recognize it well?”

“Because of theory. In the first place, you’ll understand it once you see it, y’know?”

“No, I can’t really see it.”

“Is that so? Well, my role is to be the shield so I don’t really mind. But, Cain-san please do your work too, okay? I heard the enemy have almost 1000 magicians.”

Mamoru told that to the relaxed Cain, but Cain just answered with a smile.

He’s not motivated at all, Mamoru thought while looking up the sky.

“The enemy is coming. There are about 30 magicians. Probably the close combat types.”

“Will Mamoru handle them?”

“Please stop joking. Offense was entrusted to Cain-san. Because I don’t have ‘many’ effective attack means on-hand for a many-to-one situation.”

“Is that the humility of a Japanese I’m hearing? Sir Dreadnought.”

“I’m in front of Sir Break, the strongest among Astoria’s Knights. I’m very much humbled.”

Cain grinned at Mamoru’s way of speaking and took out a double-edged sword out out of thin air.
And then, he casually made one swing.

Countless number of slashes flew from Cain’s sword and every magician approaching Mamoru’s barrier were chopped to pieces.

Mamoru cast his eyes down when he saw the magicians being hashed before him.
Even if he is in a war and they were the enemy, and even if it’s unavoidable, people dying is something he can’t get used to.

“Sorry. I can only to make a spectacle that makes your mood worse.”

“Don’t worry. I just didn’t expect it. But…”


“Can we make them retreat like this?”

Cain answered Mamoru’s question while making the sword disappear somewhere just like when he took it out.

“Now that Dreadnought and Break came out, they will indeed retreat as expected. Her Highness who dislikes taking you out in the battlefield, especially sent you out with me. Because the enemy will retreat with just your name.”

Mamoru was reminded of the girl two years his senior who is as cold as ice. He shook his head and muttered, “Impossible.”

“The reason why you’re getting caught up in troublesome things is because trouble loves you. Her Highness has nothing to do with it.”

While Cain laughed at that, he saw the Lemuria troops move to abandon their base so he turned on his heels.
Mamoru also turned back when he saw that.


“Look. You’re loved by trouble.”

Mamoru looked back immediately to the base when he felt a strong magic.
Was it to cover the evacuating troops, or is it someone who thinks they can beat strong Knights alone?

A Lemuria soldier was preparing something like a huge rifle on the outer wall of the base.

The length was approximately 10 meters, and there were approximately ten magicians around it.

“Convergence Magic Motion Gun [Calamity]? They’re taking out something rare?”

“A defective weapon that can give off one shot in exchange for the life force of 10 magicians. Makes you wonder what the Lemuria army think of their magicians, huh?”

“Something dispensable. Astoria and Lemuria are different. The reason why they are fighting each other is due to difference in opinions.”

“But we’re fighting against those dispensable people…”

“If you feel bad for them, then die. If they can kill you, they will be heroes of Lemuria. And the soldiers you will have to kill in the future will be saved, too.”

At Cain’s remark, Mamoru shrugged his shoulders and lifted his right hand forward.
Calamity had already been filled with large amount of magic, it would not be strange if it discharged any time.

Mamoru sent a fleeting look behind him and then sighed.

Behind Mamoru and Cain is the Astoria army’s garrison.
Now that the soldiers relaxed at Mamoru and Cain’s arrival, it might be impossible for them to prevent Calamity.

“I don’t intend to die and I can’t let my allies die, too.”

“Well, that’s good. Just in case, this is an advice from your senior…if you want to finish the war as soon as possible, show off your strength. If you think you can’t do it, then just win here.”

Mamoru laughed a little at Cain’s advice.
At the same time, Calamity released a pale flash of light.

Mamoru murmured in a somewhat strong tone while looking at it.


A jet black shield surfaced in front of Mamoru.

It emitted a grave presence and blocked the bluish-white light ahead released by Calamity.

The collision lasted several seconds.
The black shield Aegis hindered the bluish-white light, it did not even scratch neither Mamoru nor Cain.

Seeing Aegis catch Calamity’s blow without even leaving any trace behind, a soldier of the Lemuria army murmured.

“Sir Dreadnought…”

The Knight of Astoria who continued exposing himself to the enemy’s attacks, always standing at the front lines during the time of war.

Easily intercepting any kind of attack with a peerless shield that has not been broken even once.

The defense known as Estia’s Hardest, giving despair to the enemy and a supreme sense of security to his allies.

The toughest Knight who reigns over the battlefield just like an impregnable fortress.

For all that, never mind the Lemuria forces, even most people from Astoria are not aware of it.

That Sir Dreadnought is an Earthian, from the race who cannot use magic.


Prologue (3)

“Welcome back. My Knights.”

With platinum blonde hair that extends to the waist and an azure eyes incomparable to any gem.
That beautiful person is an individual among the Astoria royal family. Lilicia Astoria, possessing a charming figure, as she spoke to Mamoru and Cane.

It’s been a few days after the battle.

Boarding a high speed airship heading to Astoria’s capital, Regalia, greeting Mamoru and Cane is the first princess of the Astoria’s Kingdom, Lilicia Astoria, personally.

“In spite of forcibly boarding the airship, welcome back I guess?”

Despite being only 2 years older than himself, Mamoru immediately said such words before the princess who has an icy cold beauty.

Hearing those words, Lilicia got angry, not a surprise, and did not even change her facial expressions.

“It’s because you were so reluctant to sortie. I also had no real intentions of such violent measures.”

“So why was I made to sortie then! Don’t you have various subordinate who’s a stronger Knight than myself!?”

“Unfortunately, Astoria’s Knights are dispatched in various places. For that reason, in order to protect your country, Japan, they have sent you here.”


Though always having a witty reply, Mamoru, for the time being, hesitantly asked.

“Therefore, I’ve received a resident of Japan, a Knight of mine, for official duty. There’s no complaint from Japan as well.”

“First of all, I’m not your Knight! This is unrelated to Japan too! I am just an ordinary junior high student! A regular 15 year old that’s almost a high school student!”

Mamoru’s remarks, irrelevant in contrast to Lilicia, caused Lilicia to give a small sigh while shaking her head.

“Yuuki Mamoru. You are my Knight. You became my Knight two years ago, did

you not? You’ve already made an oath as my Knight. Or did you forget the time you stole my lips?”

Lilicia merely stating a fact with an indifferent and pretense voice.

Mamoru’s face flushed deep red and could not respond with any rebuttal as he lost his composure.

Cain, standing next to Mamoru the entire time, laughed after seeing his current state.

However, Lilicia’s gaze fell upon him to which she gave a tender smile. She presented the back of her hand, where he gave a kiss.

“I have troubled you. Sir Break”

“I thank you for such personal reception. My lord”

While looking at the pompous acting, Mamoru’s erratically beating heart finally calmed.

That’s troubling. It’s been predetermined already. Even the princess recognized it.

He had no history of blaming himself.

Reaching the conclusion in his mind, Mamoru resolved himself to declare to Lilicia with her outstretched hand

“That’s predetermined and inevitable! Even you recognized that! Although its hard to believe, is that a pretext to work the Knights like slaves!”

“Are you going to take responsibility if its that hard to believe? And then if Mamoru disagrees, it’s fine if you don’t work like the rest of the Knights. However, there’s the thing called formality, where we shall announce it to the whole world. That Yuuki Mamoru is no longer a Knight of mine, but rather”

“Is that a threat!? If my name is know throughout the whole world, it won’t even compare to the troubles right now!”


Lilicia once again presented the back of her hand to Mamoru.

Urging Mamoru with one glance, he knelt before Lilicia and pushed his lips upon the back of her hand.

Standing after parting his lips, Mamoru huffed a small sigh.

Leaving Mamoru behind, Lilicia turned around and began walking towards the castle.

It’s always, always like this and little by little he’s made to do Knight-like work.

<em>Why can’t he have the resolution to deny</em>, as Mamoru always troubled.

“It’s about time for you to give up, no?”

“If I give up everything, I won’t just be the princess’s Knight but….”

“Don’t you know that plenty of men set their sight on something like that in Astoria?”

“Everyone’s strange then”

“Though you declare that, you’re part of the minority that thinks that, right?”

Mamoru frowned upon Cain’s word and without saying anything, followed after Lilicia.


The private room of Lilicia Astoria.

Only a small number of Knights are permitted entrance inside.

Mamoru is one those few Knights as he followed Lilicia and entered with her into the room.

“Always the same empty room eh”

Leaking out his impression, Lilicia, upon hearing it, fired back her own impression.

“Though its called a private room, it’s appropriate to be used just for sleeping and waking”

“I see. You’re as always immersed into your job on the daily”

As substitution for the bedridden King, Lilicia is busy with diplomacy, inspections, holding a large number of government affairs and its ceremonies, there’s also visiting Earth, as well as visiting the national border’s base.

Mamoru understood it all too well, being here in kingdom’s capital Regalia and having a mountain load of paperwork to process would make everyday exhausting.

At the same time, he also knew she’s a high spec young lady, capable of easily tidying the mountains of paper with her excellent thought process and having the negotiation skills of obtaining the advantageous conditions during talks of diplomacy.

However, Mamoru felt something out of place emitting from Lilicia, who’s sitting on a chair.
<em>‘Perhaps’</em> as he thought while incessantly staring at her face.

“Is there something?”

“Are you perhaps……tired?”

There seems to be no sense of weariness peeping from her ever constant expressionless face, yet Mamoru had a feeling she is tired.

Hearing his words, Lilicia showed a rare facial expression of being surprised. Even an ordinary person, to a degree, wouldn’t notice such change.

“You….know me too well”

“Rather, you’re willing to listen to me now but…. You’re tired just as much as anyone else right?”

“Naturally. I am not a machine. Only besides being tough at expressing emotions and my well-being.”

“Rather than tough, isn’t it more like you can’t?”

She’s always a princess in the eyes of the mass.

Is it because she’s aware of that, and while thinking so Mamoru enquired.

However, Lilicia shook her head with her usual cool.

“Its from a long time ago. I had no particular intention in doing so.”

“If you had no particular intention in doing so, then you’re tired of being tired. You rarely surface any emotions but are doing so now because you’re tired, right?”

Mamoru said so while giving an amazed sigh.

Observing Mamoru, Lilicia once again expressed surprise.

<em>‘I’ve changed expression a lot today’</em>as she continued thinking, Mamoru approached where she sat.

“Is there something that you would like to do? Maybe heading out to the field and exterminating some monsters?”

Hearing such an unexpected proposal coming from Mamoru, she blinked many times before falling into silence.

It’s been 3 unexpected responses, so is Mamoru going to predict if tomorrow will rain?

“……..Then, that… a shoulder massage unacceptable……?”

“A commoner’s choice of request, eh. Well, it’s fine. But what kind of job made your shoulders so stiff?”

“Lately its due to the massive pile of documents, the many jobs that are opposite of each other, and with my body constitution that easily gets stiff shoulders.”

Hearing about her body constitution, Mamoru muttered silently to himself.

From the view behind Lilicia, Mamoru’s able to see the fine detailed platinum blonde hair, her thin shoulders, and her well-defined chest.

<em>‘Even while wearing her clothes its like that, if he were to take off her clothes, it would still be proportionate’</em> as he continued thinking so, he gently placed his hands on Lilicia’s shoulder.

His heartbeat increased as his nose is being tickled by the smell of her hair.

Though usually wrapped in an atmosphere like an ice sculpture, regardless if he’s massaging her, her posture still remained the same.

<em>This might be a bit of a mistake</em>, as he regretted his easy-going proposal. Mamoru soon began massaging her shoulders.

“N……A little to the left”

Her voice leaks out once in awhile and intermingled in her usual voice that carries a sense of wisdom, is a slight charming voice. In spite of him starting already, Mamoru couldn’t bear it for much longer.

<em> At this rate, my reasoning would go weak</em> thinking to himself; However, <em> I’ve got to break the ice, but what would something be that’s not half-baked</em> as he thought to himself while being caught in a dilemma, when Lilicia suddenly spoke

“It’s been about half a year ago since you’ve started being nice to me, was it because of the assassins that time?”

“That, do you want me to stop playing the appeal of being mean?  It was around that time…….”

As Mamoru continued reminiscing, image replayed through his mind.

Half a year ago, assassins made an assault against Lilicia, when Mamoru came to her aid.
At that time, Lilicia was in the middle of changing her clothes, so he was able to catch a short glimpse of her in her underwear.

It was overly stimulating and afterword, various issues came about to which

he forgot the cause, but he’s positive he saw it.

He recalled how it was like a sexy gravure idol while still outstanding in an ordinary style, then became aware he’s touching the same body. <em>Glup</em> as he swallowed his saliva.

And yet.

“Though I’m only allowing you to remember the time you saved me, is there anything else you’d like to tell me that you remembered?”

“Is that why you swung? I forgot already……..”

While he was massaging her shoulder, Lilicia returned an additional intense pinch to the back hand of Mamoru. Keeping an expressionless face, she continued her intense pinching on Mamoru.

“Cho!? Ok, I get it! Sorry! It’s forgotten! I’ve forgotten already!”

Almost like an optical illusion, where his skin is being ripped off as Lilicia put even more strength into it, Mamoru immediately apologized.

Whether she believed those words or not, Lilicia fingers parted from his hand.

Mamoru gently shook his hand in pain, and soon was void of such pink thoughts, enabling him to continue the shoulder massage.

He should probably stop for the sake of his reasons but once he begins, he’ll have to continue until Lilicia is fine again.


Mamoru’s thoughts were engaged in counting prime numbers when Lilicia’s voice pierced through
<em>Almost about time?</em>, as he thought, so he began to part his hands, when Lilicia’s hand pinned his down.

“I didn’t say it was over”

“E, ah, ok”

“While you’re continuing, please listen to what I have to say. It’s about your future course”

“I have memories of seeking permission of returning to my ordinary high school but……….?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately. The Knights are the Kingdom’s precious war potentials, not concluding in just dispatching them, but there’s plenty of loud voice of objections and holding doubts from Earth. Until now, taking into account of your age and your military career as a Knight, I’ve been keeping other people silent.”

Silencing people and that manner of speaking in the past tense, Mamoru recounted an unpleasant feeling.

Wanting to go to an ordinary high school and yet why does an unknown group have to give order for it?

Entertained by the animosity, Mamoru urged Lilicia to continue


“As a result, your desire of going to an ordinary high school cannot be done. You should already be aware of this but, an ordinary Earthling that’s a junior high student could never win against a master of Lemuria’s magic.”


“It is not that hard to be conscious about it. Wanting to be a commoner is something I understand, just like you wanting to have an ordinary life. There are often times I think about not being a princess.”


Though she is a princess, she’s probably thought about if she was not a princess and also all sort of other things in her mind, which is unforeseen.

Not minding the dumbfounded Mamoru, Lilicia continued with her story

“This talk has strayed off. And so while you’re thinking, there’s no problem to your desire, but the problem lies in your power which has overstep the limits of ordinary. Whatever you may think of your powers, bear in mind that with great power comes great responsibility.”


“You may have an unwanted position. I may ask you to do something unreasonable. However, how you use your power is up to you. The present condition is that you have gain recognition as one of Astoria’s Knight.  I’ve also taken into consideration of your lineage not being leaked, of course. However, if in the case that Lemuria heard such knowledge, they would aim for you. You’ll be fine, but if you returned to an ordinary high school, the students there would have no powers to defend themselves.”

“Others will be involved?”

“Earth and Astoria, the distance between Japan and Astoria is too far. We won’t be able to send out assistance in time. I wanted to grant Mamoru’s wish…….but if you were to go to an ordinary high school, it’d be too great of a risk.”

Hearing her words, Mamoru’s hand pulled away from Lilicia’s shoulder.

She turned her head, taking a peek at Mamoru’s face.

Though expressionless, her eyes showed worry.

Seeing such a face, Mamoru smiled bitterly.

“You’ve tried the best you could, so I can’t say a complaint. Thanks. Not going to high school sucks however….”

“Wrong, you’re not going to an ordinary high school. You’ll be attending an abnormal high school.”


“There are 8 schools in Japan that specialized in training magicians known as Magic Academies. And in one of those, Saiun Academy, exists a hole in Saiun city. If something were to happen then we can deal with it. In addition, I myself am one of the academy directors, therefore we can more or less listen to some unreasonable thing”

“……You went that far…….?”

“Yes. The matriculation procedures are almost finished too. Though you’ll be force to stay in the dorms, don’t worry. I’ll entirely do something about explaining to your parents and arranging contractors.”

Mamoru’s face cramped while looking at Lilicia, who kept an absolutely disinterested look while informing him.

It’s futile to go against her, as he learned from experience.

This Lilicia Astoria is a girl who, when decided upon something, chases it without fail.
It was his mistake of telling her he wanted to go to high school, to which he vehemently regretted.

“Now then, my shoulders are fine now. Thank you very much. Mamoru’s very skilled”

“Eh, ah no, its cause I massaged my grandm, NOT! At least consult with me beforehand!”

“Have you not been responding repeatedly with me, Mamoru?”


“Maa, I’ve already expected that kind of response from you. And now it’s time to prepare the kaizen plans.”

After saying so, Lilicia stood from the chair and went towards the desk a short distance away.
On top of the desk lays a small machine fitting in a person’s palm, to which she grabbed and returned.

There, she gave to it Mamoru.

“This is…….?”

“Multi Assistant Device. Also known as MAD. Haven’t you heard that this is mainstream in Japan?”
“No, I know that but…. specifically bringing it here and giving it away……”

“Wrong, this is specially made to make calls between Astoria and Japan. So far, in order to make calls, it would require a huge machinery but now the engineering department successfully made a miniature size.“

“…….Seriously? Isn’t this a different world?”

“There’s no meaning if that was a lie. If you use it, you’ll be able to make contact with me in the Kingdom Capital. For the time being, please call me once every two days. It’s still a prototype, so testing is necessary.”

Mamoru, being surprised at the abrupt entrance of a small machinery, soon remembered the flow of the conversation before.

“What does this and the previously mentioned kaizen plan have in relation to each other…….?”

“If we’re not able to get in contact, then I’ll get mad at anything that goes on here right? Therefore, it’s a means of preparation for getting in touch.”

“It’s an kaizen plan for what happens afterword!? Even if I’m going to a Magic Academy, its still not a high scho…….”

Mamoru saw Lilicia’s eyes and dared to not say another word.

Under normal circumstance, the usual icy Lilicia gaze is tolerable, but now it has increase its strength.

Combined with her azure eyes and icy glare, Mamoru’s couldn’t say a word, let alone a single nod.

“……..I understand.  I’ll happily proceed………”

“Very well. And also your gear that you’re currently wearing will be under my supervision. Please receive a substitution gear from the engineering department.  That gear’s use is an highly classified technological information.”

“Then I can’t use Aegis? Well, its fine but”

“…….As always, please make do without the gear’s attachments”

“It’s not something I’ve gone through great length to obtain. In the first place, isn’t it one Astoria’s belonging?”

Having said so, Mamoru unfastened the black gear and handed it over to Lilicia.

And though he said so, he saw Lilicia showing a faint dissatisfied expression, where it immediately dispelled and she received Mamoru’s gear.

“There’s business to take care of. Please don’t forget to contact me”

“Yea yea. Take care now……”

Thus Mamoru uneventfully finished his application and entered the 1<sup>st</sup> Magic Academy, Saiun Magic Academy.


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