Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 519

Spirit Vessel Chapter 519

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"It's not strange at all. Dongfang Jingshui is also a dual cultivator with two violet palaces. He has an Immortal Foundation and an evil core too."

"Young Noble Flawless, Su Yun, divided his palace into seven regions with seven-colored lotuses."

"The true geniuses always have different violet palaces than others. This is why their constitution is so strong."

Donglai's core emitted a devilish color. His blood all streamed for this core in order to stimulate the breakthrough. His flesh was being refined once more with spirit energy.

This was the sign of reaching the fourth level.

Feiyun recalled the weapon essence and stood in the distance to watch. Defeating him right now wouldn't completely defeat his confidence. He changed his mind and wanted to wait until Donglai broke through before delivering utmost despair.

The cruelest way to destroy an opponent was not killing him, but to deliver him from all hope.

"Why isn't Feiyun stopping Donglai from reaching the fourth level? Does he not know the guy's battle power will increase by several times over?"

"Maybe he can't tell that the guy is breaking through. It's the best time to attack." 

Many people were anxious, thinking that Feiyun would lose by giving up this opportunity.

The older cultivators deeper in the clan also had a confused expression, slightly disappointed in Feiyun. They felt that he should take advantage of this and not let Donglai have a chance to breathe.

Donglai's power was gathering towards his dantian, the final step in the process. He had a sneer on his face and thought: 'Feiyun! Your death is coming! No one can stop me now from breaking through now!'

Suddenly, Feiyun disappeared from his sight.

'I knew you would attack eventually, but it's too late!'

Donglai was at the very boundary right now, much more powerful than before. He smirked with confidence since he was aware of Feiyun's power after their fight just now.

Just stopping this move was enough for him to break through. It was too easy right now with his current cultivation.

But suddenly, he turned gray after realizing something: "You're… you're using your King's Order…"

"Boom!" Feiyun activated the order and used the power of the previous kings. Seven golden figures in the sky forced Donglai down on his knees.

This force eradicated Donglai's hard-earned power focus so far so his cultivation dropped back down to the third level.

Even his two palaces had cracks all over like porcelain on the verge of crumbling.

He lied on the ground with a cracked skull as well; blood spilled out of seven orifices while stammering: "You… you… used your King's Order…"

The emblem represented the prestige of the role just like the Divine Seal of Jin Emperor. It was an artifact meant to protect the kingdom. Normally, one wouldn't use it freely like a spirit treasure.

A Divine King would only use it to carry out official judgment or in a dangerous situation. A normal competition wasn't the place for it.

Donglai didn't expect Feiyun to be so shameless without giving a damn about the reputation of the Divine King.

Feiyun replied: "Don't be indignant. You have monstrous luck - that's part of your power. My order represents my status, also part of my power. All in all, you have lost to me for your battle capabilities are far inferior to mine at the same level."

"Ugh." Donglai spat out blood again. He had never lost this utterly before. More importantly, he lost in front of the woman he liked and to the enemy whom he hated the most.

"Your reasons for pride are nothing before me, you will never be able to match me." Feng Feiyun purposely vexed him: "Miss Dongfang, who is stronger between the two of us?"

Dongfang Jingyue standing in the distance answered softly: "You are one level stronger even without the King's Order, of course, Ling Donglai…"

Feiyun didn't give her a chance to finish and laughed loudly: "See? Miss Dongfang agrees as well. You're still no match against me, King's Order or not. You may not believe my words, but I'm sure you can trust her?"

"..." Donglai was seeing stars with his mind wavering. He lost all of his confidence and the will to fight while paralyzed on the ground.

Someone who always had an easy time would treat others with disdain. Of course, failures would also strike them down permanently.

After dying, Feiyun was able to work on his mental state and could get back up after experiencing harsh situations.

Feiyun revealed a disappointed expression. Donglai fell too easily. This guy has been chasing him since Grand Southern; it was too nice of him not to kill the guy right now.

"We had a bet right? The loser has to do whatever the winner wants?" Feiyun said.

Donglai smiled bitterly on the ground: "You want me to be a dog?"

Feiyun revealed a bright smile: "I am always righteous, supremely talented with peerless character. I won't take advantage of you in your rough state and I'm in a good mood anyway. This is also Miss Dongfang's birthday, so I'll spare you. Leave now."

His magnanimous statement struck Donglai even harder. These words to someone as arrogant as Donglai were even more annoying - like someone was stomping on his face.

"Bam!" His forehead slammed on the ground like a dying dog - falling unconscious.

An old man with gray hair flew over and picked up the unconscious Donglai. He stared at Feiyun for a bit before flying to the sky once more.

The prodigies in the garden lost their mood. Even a brilliant talent like Donglai had lost. There is always a higher mountain - even the most excellent would fall eventually.

"He lost with his dantian cracked. Condensing is again will be immensely difficult."

"Most importantly, his confidence has been shattered, he needs to get out of this shadow if he wants to rise again."

"It's not Feiyun's fault, the guy simply wanted to challenge the number one genius."

"He ran for the blade himself and can't blame anyone else."

"That's the Divine King for you, so heroic and cool, choosing not to kick a dog while it's down. If it was me, I would definitely take that kasaya away from him, that's a Dominating Artifact, even the four clans would spill blood over it." Someone was feeling bad for Feiyun.

Of course Feiyun wanted that kasaya but the power behind Donglai would never let him have it. The old man that took Donglai away had a frightening aura even to Feiyun.

If he were to take the kasaya earlier, older experts would have taken action against him.

Donglai was immensely powerful and had roots in the daoist, evil, and Buddhist doctrines. The experts from these factions were definitely protecting him. Some must have been great masters.

Feiyun felt these auras hiding in the darkness so he chose to spare Donglai despite truly wanting to kill the guy.

This person's luck and talents were too great!

'If he could see that there is no shame in defeat and break out of his cocoon to be a butterfly, then he would be even more brilliant than before. But if he can't, he won't be able to take a step forward even with a rebuilt dantian.' Feiyun thought.

Meanwhile, the older experts in the clan were hotly debating the outcome.

The feast ended with an unhappy atmosphere. The young ones left quickly and same with the older experts. Only a few seniors who had good ties with the Yin Gou were staying behind as guests on the island.

"Your Excellency, the clan master wishes to see you." Dongfang Yiye came to report with an interesting smile.

The clan master was Dongfang Hanlin, a fox that had lived for more than eight hundred years. Though he acted like he didn't care about politics, Feiyun felt that he was even more calculating than Beiming Moshou.

'Why does he want to see me?' Feiyun wandered while entering the clan.

This clan was just as grand as the imperial palace. It took half an hour before Feiyun made it to a pond full of fog to see the clan master.

He was old now and sat next to the pond, watching the seven flowers on the water. These flowers were full of spirituality and a sweet fragrance. They were clearly older than five thousand years.

The mighty Dongfang Jinshui and the beautiful Dongfang Jingyue were standing to his sides as well.

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