Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 516

Spirit Vessel Chapter 516

"Ling Donglai is a peak third-level now." Su Yun was blind but his spiritual awareness and divine intents became much stronger.

The scholar slightly nodded: "These historical geniuses cultivate very quickly in just a year. My list will be broken due to their growing speed."

Su Yun replied: "Ling Donglai is blessed with luck, Feiyun needs to break his providence in order to win."

The scholar agreed again. Only someone with the greatest of providence and blessing could randomly find spirit treasures and the resting place of an Enlightened Being.

This was a top battle of new heroes; one was the luckiest while the other the most talented. The result was impossible to guess.

However, Donglai had the upper hand right now.

"Boom!" Rain of light descended as the two crushed the stage. Massive power surged out causing the other young ones to go flying.

Everyone erected a personal defensive barrier while retreating.

The two flew out from the bright spectacle and more rays shot out. They darted back and forth in the air, landing on the trees, ground, or the ruins and palaces.

Feiyun was as fast as a phantom while Ling Donglai was controlling a white mountain looming with an oppressive force behind the dark clouds to chase after Feiyun. 

"Feiyun, all you know how to do is run?!" Donglai had wind vortexes beneath his feet so he wasn't actually that slow, only when compared to Feiyun.

Feiyun stopped in the air while his saber hymned and unleashed another slash from above. This slash had numerous dragon images accompanying it.

Donglai sneered, thinking that he had tricked the guy into fighting again.

The mountain and the black clouds became one with powerful runes on the surface. Lightning currents were coursing as well, resembling an oppressive tribulation.

"Rumble!" The rays shot out and destroyed dozens of defensive formation from the clan.

Suddenly, the hymn of the saber became louder. The young prodigies here lost their senses for a total of three breaths.

Feiyun's incredible slash was stopped by the mountain once more with sparks flying everywhere.

The stone layer of the saber fell down and started to burn. Time seemed to be frozen at this second.

After it was gone completely, a white liquid flowed out with the shining of the stars. It was flowing yet still keeping the appearance of a saber with runes inside, gestating an ancient symbol.

"This is… Heavenly Weapon Essence." Feiyun recognized the liquid he was holding.

The saber was actually gestating this liquid to his astonishment. He had heard of its name before, a weapon given birth by nature.

Back in the phoenix race, a kin of his built a nest inside the earth core and found a stone with ten drops of this essence.

Despite its liquid state, they were immensely tough and could take any form depending on the will of the user - saber, hammer, sword, shield…

It had no other affinity outside of sharpness and refinement.

Sharp to the extreme; capable of refining energy from the world.

If the stone saber before was a wooden sword, this new form was an exquisite treasure blade, beautifully crafted.

The sharpness was countless times greater than before.

The weapon essence could be used as a weapon or as a high-level material for spirit treasure. One could also add other weapons into this first form and increase its effectiveness.

There was a second person who recognized this liquid.

"Heavenly Weapon Essence." The Evil Woman's eyes slightly widened. She still sat there calmly as her hair fluttered to the wind. It was a beautiful scene yet no one dared to steal a glance at her.

Feiyun was ecstatic. He waved his sleeve and made the five broken spirit treasures on the ground fly towards him. They jumped into the liquid essence.

These broken treasures could still be refined by the essence, taking out the pure weapon souls, sharpness, shapes, bloodthirst. The impurities were automatically removed.

After taking in the five, the weapon essence became even more powerful and sharp.

"The essence isn't a treasure from the Jin Dynasty; there's no record of it here yet he can refine weapons with it, there's something wrong with this kid." The Evil Woman was becoming smarter. Her real self and the mind of the Good Corpse were inside; they could see that something strange was going on.

Her brows slightly trembled; her crystal eyes had a complicated glint.

Meanwhile, the young prodigies here didn't know what was going on.

"What the hell is that treasure, capable of absorbing the spiritualities of spirit treasures for its own gain?"

"Rumor has it that there are eighteen ranks for spirit treasures. After the sixth-rank, they would have special and magical characteristics, is his a high ranking one?" Someone had greed in their eyes, wanting nothing more than to take the blade from him.

"The Jin Dynasty doesn't have anything at the sixth rank, Feiyun's white liquid shouldn't be one, plus, it doesn't have a powerful aura."

The scholar dispelled this rumor: "It's definitely not a sixth-rank or higher. The appearance of one would shock the whole world; plus, with his cultivation right now, the spirit of the weapon would devour him."

"Even if it isn't at the sixth rank, it's still an incredible weapon."

People were still excited. It was capable of refining spirit treasures to grow stronger. This was practically unheard of.

Just a fourth-rank treasure was enough to protect a clan for generations and could emit incredible power. One could see the importance of having a strong weapon in the cultivation world. People would fight to the death in competition for one.

Donglai was surprised but remained confident: "Even if you have a Dominating Armament, it still might not be able to break through my mountain."

"Is that so?" Feiyun turned the liquid into a resplendent spear. He mustered all of his strength and thrust it straight at the mountain.

"Boom!" All of the power was focused on the tip. 

It made it one inch into the surface but dao laws from an Enlightened Being appeared to form a bright barrier, stopping the remaining force.

This liquid was sharp enough to destroy spirit treasures but these laws were tough enough like ox skin. They kept on coiling around the liquid.

Feiyun quickly pulled back with the speed of a falling meteor.

"Haha! Feng Feiyun, you can't break these dao laws no matter how strong your weapon might be. It's just child's play." Donglai laughed arrogantly.

The essence was not sharp enough just yet.

Feiyun took out his Thunderfire Jewel and threw it inside. It looked like a black iron ball being thrown into an acid lake. It was melting and became smaller and smaller.

The smaller the jewel, the more powerful the weapon and its sharpness.

"Boom!" The jewel exploded; everything from it was now part of the essence.

The essence turned into a white ball floating in Feiyun's palm, emitting a blinding and blazing light.

"Sword rain!" He swung it up and it divided itself into 1,800 little white swords. An assault resembling a meteor shower on the black clouds began.

They left behind small scars on the mountain, breaking through the tough dao laws.

They then came together to form a nine-meter-long Skypiercer with a ferocious bloodthirst.

Feiyun lifted it up and channeled all of his beast souls into his back, seemingly granting him an incredible momentum.

"Boom!" He used an unbelievable swiftness like a devil coming from above and broke through the gigantic mountain. Rocks went flying everywhere.

The unstoppable weapon continued to aim straight for Donglai standing on the ground.

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