Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 506

Spirit Vessel Chapter 506

Moshou was the clan master of the Beiming so if he were killed, it would be a joyous moment for Feiyun.

However, he wasn't happy at all after returning to his mansion.

"Your Excellency, why are you back?" Feiyun rubbed his forehead and lamented his luck. Nothing good would come out of meeting this plaque of a woman.

She looked like a phantom standing before him with a blanch complexion and a faint glow on her body: "You dared to trick me?"

"Of course not!" He cried out. 'Did this woman actually captured Moshou and didn't see the vessel so she returned to find me?'

'Am I going to die?!'

"Boom!" She swung her sleeve and a person flew out, rolling on the floor.

He wore the robe of the Grand Chancellor and had an imposing aura due to his exceedingly high level of cultivation. Alas, he was quivering in the fetal position on the ground while bawling.

"He is…?" Feiyun came forward and found that his bones have virtually shattered everywhere. His dantian has been destroyed and face bloodied. Even his mom wouldn't recognize him right now.

This was too damn cruel!

"That's the Grand Chancellor of the Jin Dynasty, he does not have the Azure Spirit Vessel." The Evil Woman gathered numerous lightning arcs in her palm, ready to kill.

"That's not the Grand Chancellor." Feiyun said.

She withdrew her thunderous palm and her long hair grew like thousands of rays. They drilled into the person on the ground, causing him to scream. She demanded: "Speak, who are you?"

"I… I already said… I'm the Grand Chancellor's younger brother, Beiming Cang."

Feiyun coughed and said: "Your Excellency… Umm… the guy already told you that he's not the Grand Chancellor, why did you beat him to this level…"

Beiming Cang was bawling: "I told her already but she wouldn't listen… oh… poor me…!"

She snorted and recalled her hair before unleashing a palm strike rendering him to pieces.

His blood started to sizzle and burn. This was the blood of a Giant.

Feiyun wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and consoled: "Your Excellency, don't be down by this. Just go again and you won't get it wrong this time. How about just going straight to his mansion?"

She turned back and gave him the side-eye before heading deeper into the mansion.

Feiyun was startled: "Hey! That's the wrong way, it's this way!"

"I will be cultivating here, prepare 3,000 spirit stones for me." She didn't bother looking back and demanded.

"Why should I?!" Feiyun said.

"Why should you?" She stopped and glared at him. A monstrous power forced him to take three steps back. Bones would have crumbled if it wasn't for his physical prowess.

"Because I'm stronger than you." She asserted.

Feiyun stabilized and said: "Attendant Gui, hurry and call for two smart maids and find the best room for Miss Xiao. Prepare for punishment if your hospitality were to be insufficient."

An old eunuch heard the order and quickly gathered servants to take care of the Evil Woman.

"Shit, Feiyun, who the hell is she?! So damn arrogant." Ningshuai was eating some fruits and his eyes flashed while looking at the Evil Woman's beautiful back.

"She's… a distant relative with nowhere to go in the capital. She doesn't know anyone here, such a pitiful girl, so I'm temporarily letting her stay for a few days. She's a village girl, don't worry about her." Feiyun was afraid that Ningshuai would do something stupid.

Ningshuai had an implicative expression and laughed: "Distant relative, huh? No way, it's another girl that you did something to, right?"

"You better not have any idea or you'll die before you realize it." Feiyun warned.

"No need to exaggerate like that now."

"Try and see then." 

Having said that, Feiyun told the manager of the mansion before entering a forbidden room to cultivate again.

The situation at the capital was becoming more and more delicate. Feiyun felt that the emperor was about to abdicate, perhaps right after Luofu's groom selection. The competition would be much fiercer then.

Only by growing stronger in times of chaos would he increases his chance of survival.

He hasn't consolidated his third-level realm just yet. The 100,000 strands were still churning inside his violet central palace. This was the best time to do so.

He took out the spirit core and held it in his palm then began absorbing energy. The energy inside the core was enough for him to quickly reach half-step, or sixth-level Heaven's Mandate.

"Third to the fourth level is a minor blockade, requiring a long period of time. The core allows me to do it ten times faster but I still need more than a year."

"No! That's too long since the capital will change within one year, I can't wait that long." Feiyun consolidated his current realm before thinking of a way to increase his cultivation faster.

"How many beast souls can I refine into my body now?" He would be much stronger after finishing the Myriad Beast Physique.

He had 9,932 at the moment. After reaching the third level, his body became stronger so he could add more.

There were several dozens of beasts inside his spatial stone, waiting to be refined at any moment.

He took out a 700-year-old soul and removed the seal. The fierce beast instantly attacked him but was effortlessly subdued.

A 700-year soul was approximately around first or second-level Heaven's Mandate, completely insignificant before Feiyun right now.

It didn't take long before he refined it into his body and strengthened it once more.


"No sign of instability just yet. We can keep going." He did so again for the second beast soul.

The 9,934th attempt was successful.

He went on to do another thirty beast souls before feeling the pain. 

9,964 was the number right now.

"This is not my limit, again!" He bit his lips and took out another soul.

This refinement was much more arduous but he made it through.

When he made it to the fifth one in this session, the soul exploded. This was his refinement limit.

"9,969, thirty-one more. It's too hard using a human body to cultivate this physique. However, I'm much stronger now, no one below half-step can have this physical prowess." He evaluated.

"This is still not enough, the other historical geniuses all have their own secret cards. Still a bit weak to truly compete against them. If I can have one fifth-ranked Essence Pill, I would break through one level right away."

He thought about a rare pill, especially at the Jin Dynasty. However, it would allow him to reach fourth-level Heaven's Mandate instantly.

He knew the method and ingredients for the pill but collecting them might be difficult in this place.

"Maybe I should go take a look at the ward, maybe I can find all the ingredients and save me a year of training." Feiyun left the secret room; four days have passed.

"Divine King, the Yin Gou Ward has sent you an invitation for their fourth daughter's birthday party tonight." Attendant Gui respectfully bowed.

"Today is November eighth already?" Feiyun calculated with his fingers and realized that he had spent too much time training: "Are the gifts prepared?"

"Of course, 2,000 spirit stones, 100 millennium flowers, 4,000 slaves, 300 maids, and three cities." Attendant Gui elaborated.

Feiyun was shocked: "What the hell? Just a noble daughter, do we need to give her so many precious gifts?"

"The fourth daughter is world famous on top of being a disciple from Sacred Spirit Palace. She enjoys a high position in her clan and many prodigies are using this chance to present her the finest gifts in order to win her hand in marriage. If our gifts are too meager, we'll lose a lot of face." The attendant said.

"Fine, we'll do it your way then." Feiyun replied.

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