Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 493

Spirit Vessel Chapter 493

"It would be a shame to burn such a nice villa." Bi Ningshuai murmured while his eyes shadily darted around, wanting to find a few expensive items.

Su Yun and the scholar became serious after feeling Feiyun's fury. Ji Yunyun brought a new pot of tea and poured a cup for Feiyun. The smoke billowed with a nice scent.

Feiyun didn't drink and said: "I'll leave after three questions."

"Go for it." The scholar knew that Feiyun was here to find him and even knew the three questions.

"First, what is the relationship between Beiming Moshou and Beauty's Smile?"

The scholar pondered for a bit before swinging his sleeve. A plume of light flew out to contain this area. He didn't want other cultivators to spy on their conversation.

After sufficient preparation, he began: "Beauty's Smile has the heretical sacred ground, Mount Potala, behind it. The existence there has deep ties with the royal clan and is supporting the Crown Prince just like Beiming Moshou. That's their relationship."

Despite the vague comment, Feiyun could see that the power of this sect has permeated into the capital, hidden inside Beauty's Smile.

Beauty's Smile and Beiming Moshou wanted to help the current crown prince, so Moshou would naturally help Beauty's Smile out against Feiyun.

If there were actually heretical masters hiding in that place, then taking Xiaoxue back or even destroying it would become at least three times harder.

Feiyun said: "My second is, how do I get the army into the capital?"

"No need for that. If you want to destroy that place, the key is in the quality of the people, not quantity." The scholar said.

Feiyun naturally understood that too, but if he were only to invite the three marquises into the capital, then someone could take advantage of their absent and create chaos. The capital was in a delicate situation right now. He couldn't risk doing that.

He went on to ask: "Third question, where is the third Untethered, Ning Fengxian, right now?"

This daoist owed Feiyun a huge favor. This Giant at the ninth level could take care of all possible developments.

The scholar revealed his hands from his sleeves and began calculating. After a while, he opened his eyes and said: "Southern Sky Temple."

"Thank you, I'll be going now. You two can keep playing." Feiyun stood up and left without drinking his tea.

He didn't directly go to the temple but rather back to the Feng Mansion to see Wan Xiangcen then Wolong Sheng.

He wasn't that impetuous of a person so he chose to be careful with sufficient preparations by maneuvering the experts from the Feng and Destruction before returning to the Divine King Mansion.

"When are you making your move?" Long Cangyue saw that Feiyun has made up his mind so she didn't try to convince him otherwise.

"Tomorrow is the Flower Competition at the capital, but Beauty's Smile will disappear from this world beforehand." He spoke with a cold glare.

He gathered a glow on his finger and began to carve runes and symbols on the wall. At the center was the word, "Beauty's Smile Pavilion".

These runes and symbols were different, representing different powers. They consisted of triangles, circles, cross, and checkmark. Powers on the same side were connected with arrows.

The capital was quite complicated. He needed to take care of every single detail to ensure a lack of mistake.

Cangyue stood behind him and said: "Beauty's Smile is very powerful and has relationships with other powers. Once you attack, there will be a reaction. For example, the slave auction and the assassin palace. They won't just stand idly by and will send their masters."

Beauty's Smile, Earth's End, and Fate Ending were all powers under Mount Potala. Their interests were aligned so once one was attacked, the others would surely retaliate.

Feiyun agreed: "I've taken this into consideration. Tonight, you go to the palace and ask the Divine Consort to prepare. I hope no news will come to the emperor before I destroy Beauty's Smile. I'll be taking full responsibility afterward."

The emperor has entered a state of cultivation and closed off his divine intents. He wouldn't know what was happening with the capital unless someone were to tell him.

"Can you handle this by yourself?" She asked.

Feiyun flicked the wall harder and all the runes and symbols fell down back into lime powder. He looked back at her and said seriously: "I can."

She gave him a deep stare before leaving to put on an official outfit. A group of eunuch accompanied her inside the golden carriage and headed for the palace in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, Feiyun stood by himself in the mansion to look at the bright moon. Suddenly, a group of flames came out of nowhere behind him. They gathered and turned into a beauty.

Even the other experts in the mansion didn't detect her.

Nangong Hongyan asked: "You're maneuvering against Beauty's Smile?"

"Yes, I have promised to bring Maestro Ye back to you, safe and sound." Feiyun smiled.

She seemed to be glowing under the moonlight: "Why didn't you talk to me about it first?"

Feiyun paused for a bit before answering: "It's no big deal, just leave it to me. You just sit back and watch the fun."

"I must join in." She knew that Beauty's Smile was no joke since it involved too many powers including Mount Potala.

Though Feiyun had recalled his three marquises and the army, it still wouldn't be easy.

Just one wrong move and he would lose the entire board. Blood would stain the capital.

On the other hand, he didn't want to put her in a dangerous situation so he hid it from her.

"Very well, I'll bring you along when I attack." He acquiesced.


"After three days. I need three days to prepare so come to the mansion then. I'll take you to save Maestro Ye." He answered.

"Really?" She asked with skepticism.

Feiyun said: "Why would I lie to you about something so important? Just return to Supreme Beauty and wait for my news, don't worry."

After confirming that she had really left, he went out alone and headed for Southern Sky.

He needed a real master to preside over the situation in order to deal with Beauty's Smile. If he could invite Ning Fengxian, his force would surely be enough.

Tonight was full of turmoils and underlying currents at the capital. Some could smell the smoke of war already, that something big was going to happen but not the exact time.

Early morning on the second day, before the nine bells could ring at the capital, a group of cultivators riding qilin bulls appeared inside the southern gate.

"Clank, clank!" Their iron hooves crushed the thick snow while issuing metallic clanking.

Feiyun wore a black armor with a dragon helm with his saber on his back, riding at the front.

To the left and the right of him was a monk and a daoist, respectively. The monk looked around seven or eight years old with a golden radiance covering him. His appearance looked like a child but he had a dignified and sad temperament.

This was a big shot - Southern Sky's abbot, Monk Maitreya. He cultivated the Unaging Scripture so he still looked like a kid despite being 700 years of age.

On the other side was one of the three Untethered of the Daoist belief, Ning Fengxian.

Behind them were the loyal soldiers of the Divine King Mansion, primed to fight with an opposing aura. The pedestrians on the street quickly gave way, thinking that something big was going to happen.

"Halt, it is not time to open the city gate." A mighty voice came on top of the dark wall.

Feiyun took out his King's Order. A light exploded and caused the badge to send out a black ray more than several hundred meters in the air.

"Open the gate!" Feiyun shouted.

"Greetings, Divine King." 

"Greetings, Divine King."

All the soldiers near the gate kneeled, causing loud clanking noises with their armor plates.

The captain of this gate, Zhang Chonglin, came out. He wore a black armor with a pair of tiger eyes as bright as two lamps. His vitality and power were dense like a primal beast as he let out a lion roar: "Under the Grand Chancellor's order, in this period of chaos, the gates of the capital will only open for six hours a day. Soldiers from the Martial Army cannot enter without permission."

He was naturally powerful to become the captain of one of the nine gates. He didn't give a damn about Feiyun. In his eyes, the guy might be the current Divine King but his cultivation was too weak. There was no way he would kneel against someone like him.

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