Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 492

Spirit Vessel Chapter 492

Feng Feiyun has never been in a worse situation. This was the result after the spine was activated. His blood carried a strand of evil affinity now with a black shimmer. Though the majority have returned to the spine, the malefic force was still lingering and devouring the life in Feiyun's blood.

The spine allowed him the power to tear a half-step to pieces. Alas, the side effect nearly took his life.

He was taken back to the Divine King Mansion now. 

"Such a monstrous evil affinity, assaulting both my divine intents and soul on top of consuming my body." Feiyun sat in the meditative pose with spirit stones in both hands in order to stop the evil from spreading.

The spine was already part of his body but its power has been stored inside and never actually activated. The demonic blood and the spine were restraining each other before so he was completely stable.

His strength alone couldn't stop this affinity right now so he had to use the vessel to barely stop the spreading.

"The spine is powerful but it will affect me mentally if I don't control it. I'll end up just like Feng Mo after it takes over my mind."

Feng Mo refined Yama's heart but he was changed completely and started walking on the evil path. He has essentially become a different person, no longer the old Feng Clan Master.

The same would happen to Feiyun if he couldn't control this malefic force. 

On the second day, his physical wounds were dealt with but the evil affinity was still there so he couldn't open his eyes just yet.

"It's too much, I definitely can't use this spine until I reach the level of Giant. It's suicidal if I can't control it." Feiyun continued using his vessel to suppress his body. Waves of black mists returned to the spine so his blood turned red again. The evil affinity disappeared and was replaced with life force.

Feiyun slowly opened his eyes and was aching all over. Who knows how long it has been?

He took out a jade box from his spatial stone. Inside was a four-thousand-year rose given to him by one of the three Untethereds, Ning Fengxian.

Feng Feiyun sold him the silkworm egg so he gave the rose to him to repay the favor. This rose could replenish one's vitality. One of this age was rare enough. Surely there wasn't a second one in the dynasty.

If time wasn't of the essence, he wouldn't want to use something so rare.

It was shining like a red jade with a strange medicinal fragrance. A mortal would gain several years of life just by sniffing it once.

Feiyun took out one petal and placed it in his mouth while carefully putting the rest away.

A monstrous energy as pure as breastmilk for an infant entered his body. The hidden wounds caused by the half-steps were cured and the violet energy in his central palace became replenished.

After refining this petal, he has completely recovered while his violet energy increased by three thousand strands for a total of 73,000, one step closer to the third level.

Footsteps came from the outside. Feiyun knew that it was Long Cangyue after using his divine intent and let down his guard.

"You're awake?" She asked.

"Come in." He had a new impression of her. At the very least, she risked her life to save him from three half-steps.

Though she did it for herself because she still needed him to become the empress, ultimately, he still owed her his life. In the future, if they were to become mortal enemies, he would remember this and spare her.

"Mother knows that you're injured so she asked the emperor for a fourth-ranked pill, Seven-flowers." She looked as beautiful as always with her amazing figure and perfect skin. An aura of nobility surrounded her, befitting of a princess.

Fourth-ranked pills were exceedingly rare, even more precious than four-thousand-year-old spirit grasses.

This particular pill was personally crafted by the current Grand Tutor. After seventy-seven years, he had only created seven pills. Its medicinal power was amazing. Though it couldn't bring back the dead, as long as the person still had one breath left, it could bring them back in a short time.

This was a life-saving panacea. There were only three left in the dynasty; this was one of them.

"Then express my gratitude to the Divine Consort. I will accept this pill." Feiyun wasn't reserved and accepted the pill. Though he had recovered, this would be good for an emergency.

"How long have I slept for?" He asked.

"Four days." Cangyue answered.

"That long?" Feiyun didn't expect to be so heavily injured this time despite his Heavenly Phoenix Physique.

His eyes flashed with murderous intent. A man would always get his revenge: "Are the three marquises back in the mansion?"

Long Cangyu said: "Someone interfered so the army can't get into the capital."


"The Grand Chancellor. That fox is using the current chaos as an excuse and ordered the gate captains and Forbidden Guards to not open the entrances. If the Martial Army were to make their way in, they would consider it a rebellion." She said.

After the emperor entered his state of cultivation, half of the capital's most powerful defensive system consisting of the Nine Gates City Guard and Forbidden Guard was under Beiming Moshou's control. This was the elites among the elites of the dynasty.

"Beauty's Smile must have bribed Beiming Moshou or the two sides are connected in the first place. It's not that easy to stop the army, we'll destroy it no matter what." Feiyun stood up with surging battle intent, whether it be for himself or Xiaoxiang.

Cangyue said: "Mother told me to tell you that the capital is not stable right now, don't break the current stalemate by bringing the army inside. It will affect her plans."

"There's no discussion. Tomorrow is the Flower Competition but I'll be turning Beauty's Smile Pavilion into hell."

Cangyue remained quiet.

Feiyun came outside and saw a eunuch sneaking around so he grabbed him. This was Bi Ningshuai who had snuck inside. The guy got rich after stealing from many young kings at Supreme Beauty.

"Hey! Let go, let go of me!" Ningshuai shouted.

"How bold, huh, stealing from the Divine King Mansion?" Feiyun grabbed his shoulder and clenched harder, causing the guy to groan.

"Stealing? C'mon now, if I wanted to steal, I would have taken everything already. Your father is here to see how you're doing after hearing about the ambush and that you have one foot in the coffin. Keke, I didn't expect for you to drop down so low… Ahh! Stop, not so hard, I'm just playing." Ningshuai screamed.

"Who told you?" Feiyun let go.

"Scholar Heaven Calculating." Ningshuai said.

"Take me to him, I got something important to ask him."

Ningshuai rubbed his shoulder: "Like what?"

"Stop blabbering or I'll put you in the capital prison so that you will never see the sunlight again." Feiyun threatened.

"Fine! I'll just take you then." Ningshuai shuddered. The capital's prison was no joke. Even someone skilled like him would have a hard time escaping.

Ningshuai led the way and asked: "Who was bold enough to try and kill the current Divine King?"

"Dead men." Feiyun coldly uttered.

Ningshuai didn't dare to ask after hearing his tone. He knew that Feiyun was truly angry this time and wanted to meet the scholar about this. He could feel a storm brewing at the capital. Something big was going to happen.

The elusive scholar was always on the move but Ningshuai could always find him.

"He's here?" Feiyun looked up at the plaque with a tinge of surprise.

This was Su Yun's place, Heart Reached Villa.

Su Yun and the scholar were playing chess and drinking tea. The two looked quite relaxed with two maids serving them, certainly enjoying their time.

"Boom!" Feiyun walked forward and kicked their chess board, causing pieces to fly everywhere. Even the teapot and cups were knocked down with spilled tea.

The gentlemanly scholar in his white daoist robe smiled: "Brother Su, looks like we won't have peace to play chess today, but don't worry, I have memorized the positions. We'll go again later."

Su Yun smiled back: "Brother Feng, why are you so angry? Yunyun, get some tea for him. Make it dense so that he'll have an easier time swallowing his anger."

Feiyun didn't show any reservation at all and sat straight down: "If anyone else going to talk about tea, I'm going to burn this villa down."

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