Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 491

Spirit Vessel Chapter 491

"Haha! Feiyun, you're done for! That was only my puppet yet you still got tricked into using your last move of the order, how are you going to take us on now?!" A black figure landed from the sky and attacked Feiyun without any hesitation.

He wasn't afraid anymore without the King's Order.

With a disdainful flash, Feiyun flipped his palm and used the order again for the fourth time. This young king got eviscerated into multiple pieces with blood flying everywhere.

The guy died an indignant death, not understanding why.

"What?! Feng Feiyun, how can you use it four times, three should be the max!" Someone screamed, astounded.

The scream also revealed his location. Feiyun flew upward and used the order for the fifth time, rendering the person to ashes. Those would be his last words.

Using the power of the King's Order relied on one's divine intents. Normal people only had ten but Feiyun had an unimaginable number at forty. They couldn't expect how often he could use his order.

"Something's wrong, retreat!" The young assailants quickly ran with the fastest speed, leaving only after-images behind.

Feiyun stood in the center of the street and slammed his order out for the sixth time. Two figures were forced out from the western sky with holes appearing on their body. Though they had defensive treasures, it wasn't enough to protect them from the power. They fell to the ground, breathless.

The other ones have all ran away, there was no way of catching up.

Suddenly, Feiyun felt his back becoming lighter. Someone has taken Xiaoxiang off him.

It was the lord of Beauty's Smile, Wan Huazhu. She was running on an ethereal bridge while carrying Xiaoxiang and made it several dozen miles away.

"You court death!" Feiyun shouted as his hair crazily flapped. He flew upward with blood pearls for eyes like a devil and unleashed another attack from the order towards the horizon.

She waved her sleeve and unleashed a ray that actually destroyed the attack. She said: "Feiyun, you're still too weak to be my match even with the King's Order. Ye Xiaoxiang will forever belong to Supreme Beauty, no one can change this reality. Kill him, leave no trace behind."

With that, she continued running on her bridge and left this domain entirely.

Feiyun could only watch Xiaoxiang being taken away from his very back. At this particular moment, he felt that he was simply too weak versus the real masters.

'Poor Xiaoxiang, she has never done anything wrong! Why is heaven so unfair towards her!' 

"No!" Feiyun screamed and felt that it was all his fault that she was found again. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have run away from Supreme Beauty.

He felt that he was breaking his promise with Hongyan as well. He nearly shattered his teeth from channeling all of his power in order to take her back at any price.

"Stop right there." A half-step Giant standing on a rooftop unleashed a monstrous palm strike from the sky.

Feiyun stopped and used the order with both hands. He spat out a mouthful of blood in order to empower the order. The seven brilliant figures retaliated against the palm.

"Rumble!" At his level, he couldn't fully use the order's true power so he was still weaker than a half-step Giant. The palm pushed his legs down on the concrete while his hands cracked with blood streaming down.

A half-step was far stronger than a fifth-level Heaven's Mandate - the difference between heaven and earth.

The second-half step from Beauty Smile stood among the clouds and stomped downward. A monstrous food with a black miasma crushed down below.

"Boom!" Even the Heavenly Phoenix Physique couldn't withstand this strength. Feiyun's arms exploded, leaving the bones behind. If it wasn't for the blood refinement of his bones in the past, everything would have crumbled.

He couldn't handle a half-step right now, let alone two.

"Boom!" Feiyun dropped to one knee while coughing blood repeatedly. If it wasn't for the order, he would be dead by now.

"Rumble!" The devilish spine on his back - as majestic as a mountain - emitted a malefic force.

"Boom!" It seemed to be coming back to life and made Feiyun's back tremble. His bones and veins turned black; everything was stained with an evil affinity but brimming with power.

The spine represented absolute strength - something that could shoulder the sky for eternity. Yama was dead but his spine remained.

"Rawr!" His bones issued metallic clanking while his hair grew longer and eyes reddened.

He finally stood up straight and shattered the palm strike pushing down on him before leaping upward and unleashed a palm towards a half-step.

"What the hell is that?!" This half-step was frightened and quivered before the aura of Yama.

Nevertheless, his mental state was still stable due to his great cultivation and retaliated with a punch. The monstrous power from Feiyun slammed on his hand and destroyed his fingers, repelling him backward.

He became extremely frightened. How the hell did Feiyun become so strong?

How could he had lost given his cultivation?

"Rawr!" A howl resembling a wild beast rang next to his ear. His brain couldn't handle it so he was panicking and quickly channeled the soulbound artifact in his dantian to attack behind him.

Feiyun appeared behind him and grabbed both of his shoulders. The soulbound artifact pierced through Feiyun's body but he didn't give a damn as he roared and tore this half-step giant in two pieces. His organs fell down instantly.

There was a fist-sized hole on his chest with blood gushing out but he didn't seem to notice.

The remaining three half-steps shuddered in horror, thinking that Feiyun was a devil at this moment. 

"He's grievously wounded and won't last much longer. Let's kill him together." One of them attacked first with a dao technique. He created the shadow of a great beast and sent it for Feiyun's head.

Feiyun looked up and opened his mouth. A black ray shot out and pulled the beast closer, allowing him to swallow it. Next, he rushed forward again.

The three half-steps used their strongest attacks and barely managed to hold him back.

The four of them annihilated the entire area, leaving only ruins behind. All the cultivators in this location were killed by the shockwaves.

"Rumble!" All three were seriously injured. One of them got clawed by Feiyun so half of his face was bleeding. The other had his right hand completely torn apart, blood was still oozing from his shoulder. The third was pulverized with one eye completely gone and his nose crushed. His entire face almost caved in completely.

Feiyun was in a worse position with blood everywhere. Who knows how many bones were broken in his body? There were two wounds on his back and shoulder, deep enough to separate him into two pieces.

Feiyun punched the sky to break the barrier and began to run.

"We can't let him run, the consequence will be unimaginable!" The three half-steps turned into three rays and gave chase.

Feiyun was in a state of chaos without any strength left in his body, losing all sensation. The black energy began to recede back into the spine. Exhaustion and drowsiness struck him.

"I can't close my eyes or death awaits me!" Feiyun could feel the three half-steps inching closer so he bit his teeth and continued flying.

Eventually, he depleted his energy and fell straight from the sky.

A slender figure flew up and caught him before could crash into the ground. When she stepped into the ground again, a formation appeared, allowing them to sink into the earth and vanish.

"Boom!" The three half-steps all attacked that location and left a gigantic crater. Alas, the two have escaped without a trace.

"An evil treasure-seeking art, Ghost Immortal Retiracy. Who saved him just now?"

"This is problematic, we have to report to the boss right away."


In a secret location at the capital, two people emerged from the ground. Feiyun grabbed Long Cangyue and said with a cold glare: "Go… back… to the mansion… summon the three marquises… tell them… to mobilize the army… to destroy Beauty's Smile…" 

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