Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 487

Spirit Vessel Chapter 487

The moon, cold and silent, shining down on Feiyun with the King's Order in his grasp on the roof of the palace. Brilliant golden rays returned to the black order but the suppressive and arrogant aura remained.

He rushed out like a phantom towards the spot where the victim fell. Remnant energy remained with hot air, causing the ground to dry up.

"Who is this? No clues at all, they came prepared then." Feiyun put away the order and flew back to the palace and went inside.

The prodigies in the distant, outside of a select few, were horrified at the power of the order capable of killing a fifth-level Heaven's Mandate. 

Feiyun saw that Jingyue was still standing in the center with her wondrous figure and perfect skin. The pipa in the hand made she look like a moon-fairy. She calmly asked: "Dead?"

"Yes." Feiyun glanced at the ground and saw that the carving has been erased.

He has already remembered the thirty-two names on it and would keep an eye out later on when meeting these people.

Dongfang Jingyue spoke with a flash of anticipation: "Using the power in the order is not easy and requires a monstrous divine intent. How many times can you use it in a day with your current cultivation?"

"I… don't know." Feiyun was guarded and didn't tell her such an important detail.

He had forty intents, far stronger than others at the same cultivation level. Ordinary people couldn't predict the number he could use the order in one day.

"It's good to be cautious." She gave him a slight look before changing the subject, aware that he didn't want to tell her: "You have the order to back you up but so does Potian and Shenya. Being arrogant can be a downfall. Alright, we'll end this here. I will personally visit your mansion later."

She spoke with pride and elegance while exuding a special aura. Other men might not be able to look straight at her.

"This girl seems to be different now." Feiyun slightly touched his chin in rumination.

Jingyue came to the gate and stopped without turning around: "The power behind Beauty's Smile is the sacred ground of the heretical faction, Mount Potala. If they want to find someone, even if the person was buried underground, they would dig them out. That's all I want to say, take care of yourself."

'Hmm…' Feiyun took a deep breath and felt that this girl was becoming more inscrutable. She must have recognized that Xiaoxiang was hiding in the palace, reminding him to take Xiaoxiang away before inciting a disaster.

'Your father isn't afraid of a disaster.' He had a disdainful look, not caring of Mount Potala at all.

Ye Xiaoxiang was a hen that lays golden eggs for Beauty's Smile, so this place would certainly do everything to get her back. In the end, it even involved Mount Potala. Even staying at Supreme Beauty wouldn't be enough for her to escape.

'I have to bring her back to the mansion or those heretical experts might destroy Supreme Beauty just like Blissful. Only the power of the Divine King Faction will be able to protect Xiaoxiang.' Feiyun's expression was sober.

"Creak!" The doors of the palace opened as Jingyue came out and sighed: "Sir Divine King's musical abilities are wondrous. Jingyue is inferior and had lost two rounds. I have no face to linger around these parts so I'll be returning to the dragon lake."

She waved her sleeve and a ten-meter tall white crane descended. She jumped on its back and it started flying to the sky.

"Haha! I'll be going too." Dongfang Jingshui stood up - his armor was shining under the moonlight while his red cloak fluttered. He then leaped towards the sky.

Li Xiaonan slightly grimaced and also stood up, wanting to leave with his followers. He came initially for Dongfang Jingyue. There was no point in staying without her.

Feiyun called out: "Brother Li, the feast has only just begun, why are you leaving so soon? We still need to test each other musically!

Xiaonan was standing on a cloud and smiled back: "I will be accompanying my Junior Sister today and won't be staying. As for the musical duel, we'll have more chances later. In the next several days will be the Flower competition. All the beauties and top musicians will be there, we'll do it then."

Having said that, he left with his group of beauties, resembling a team of immortals. They were flying after Dongfang Jingyue.

Feiyun's eyes turned cold after seeing this. He felt quite annoyed and wanted to give chase.

The change in his eyes didn't elude Hongyan. She became even more furious, 'The two of them… yes, they have rekindled their passion again.'

She then shouted: "Sir Divine King, your musical abilities are truly amazing, I also want to have a private competition against you. Will you grant me the honor?"

Feiyun wanted to give chase but after hearing her cold voice, he immediately knew that Hongyan'er was quite angry. Chasing after Jingyue would antagonize her completely now.

There was a point to stop instead of pushing her too much.

Feiyun gave up and smiled at Hongyan: "Miss Hongyan is the prettiest in the world, someone from the heavens. I, Feng Feiyun, am only a wretched mortal. Of course I would love the opportunity to compete against you."

Hongyan had a smile on her face but a scary glint flashed in her eyes. She entered the palace first. Feiyun stared hesitantly at Long Cangyue before following Hongyan inside.

"Looks like there's nothing else to see here. Let's go." Potian smiled at Shenya standing next to him and stood up.

Shenya pondered for a bit before standing up as well. He told Cangyue who was standing outside: "Royal Sister, today has truly wronged you, your fiance is meeting up with another woman while you have to stand outside and guard? How pitiful, if this story were to spread, I'm afraid others will laugh at you."

"Royal Brother, you're overthinking it. If anyone dares to run their mouth foolishly, I'll just cut their tongue off. Plus, the Divine King Mansion wouldn't let people insult the current generation." Long Cangyue confidently replied.

Shenya slightly smiled and nodded before leaving with Potian.

The other prodigies left one after another. Many were disappointed in not being able to listen to the prettiest's song or see her face. Alas, the Flower competition was soon so Hongyan would surely come up there to play a song.

Inside the palace, Hongyan glared at him without hiding her anger: "Feng Feiyun, you're forcing me to kill right now."

"Who? Me?" He could sense her dense murderous intent. It was freezing his blood and creating frost on the ground.

"I want to kill Dongfang Jingyue, Princess Yue, anyone with the name, Yue. You're pushing me to that point." Hongyan raised her cute fist like an angry hen; her moist, round eyes angrily widened.

Feiyun replied: "That's no good. Jingyue is the fourth lady of the Yin Gou, Princess Yue is the emperor's daughter. Killing them will cause a lot of trouble. Hongyan, you have always been intelligent, don't do such careless acts."

"I don't give a damn! My mind is telling me that they must die, or I'll be forever vexed." Hongyan remained stubborn: "Feiyun, I know you have rekindled your romance with Jingyue. If she doesn't die, I'll lose several decades from being stressed."

"Rekindled romance… what roma…" Feiyun suddenly realized that he had told her about Shui Yueting, but Yueting was replaced with Jingyue. 

He indeed stabbed himself with this matter.

He became gentle and placed his hands on her shoulders before putting on an expression full of hatred: "Hongyan, calm down for me now. Dongfang Jingyue and I have an irreconcilable feud, that bitch toyed with my heart, so how can I have any feelings for her now? Count me in if you want to kill her, but… not now."

"Irreconcilable feud with Jingyue? Then what about that princess? The two of you are engaged, only by killing her would the engagement dissolved." She took a deep breath and calmed her chaotic mind.

'This damned Feng Feiyun, he's the one who infuriated me, now he has the nerves to tell me to calm down?' She thought.

Hongyan had a strong mind, unchanging even if Mount Tai were to fall in front of her and unmoved during murderous acts. However, Feiyun could still make her go crazy.

A powerful and calm woman was still a woman in the end. 

Feiyun saw that she had calmed down so he let go: "I couldn't refuse the engagement with Princess Yue. At that time, all the experts of the royal clan gathered at the Highest Shrine. If I dared to utter the word, "no", there was no way for me to leave the palace alive. I don't want to marry her either, if I could only marry one woman in the world, she has to be you!"


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