Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 479

Spirit Vessel Chapter 479

The old eunuch noticed Feiyun's stare and smiled: "That young eunuch has only joined several days ago; his name is Little Bi. He's playing with Princess Qin'er right now." [1]

"Little Bi, haha, Little Bi." Feiyun laughed at him several times before following the old eunuch towards Consort Ji's South Cassia Palace.

Her place was naturally grander than the other concubines. It had more than one hundred eunuchs and several dozens of young maids. All were cultivators; some were exceptionally strong. Feiyun couldn't read their cultivation.

In the frigid winter, Ji Lingxuan was relaxing next to a pond with a thick fox-fur coat. She sat on a purple sandalwood chair with her clear and pretty eyes, also the temperament of a young girl. She ordered: "Everyone, take your leave."

The maids and eunuchs all left, leaving only behind Feiyun and Lingxuan alone in this pavilion.

Her long brows slightly trembled while her jade-fingers ran down her fur coat. She looked at him with a longing stare and said softly: "Am I really that scary that Sir Divine King doesn't even want to get close?"

Feiyun kept his distance and smiled: "Divine Consort, you are made out of gold, it would be impolite for me to get close."

She maintained her longing stare and said: "Do you know why I invited you here?"

"Does it have something to do with Princess Yue?" He asked.

She shook her head and started walking towards her: "It's about the Jin Emperor. Have you heard about the Rex Competition?"

"Rex?" He has never heard of this matter.

She nodded: "That's right, Jin is not the only dynasty in this world, there are four other neighboring ones. Each is just as strong as Jin. Together, they are called the Five Grand Dynasties. Every five hundred years, a great battle would happen between the rulers in order to decide the rankings."

"Is one coming?" Feiyun asked.

She confirmed: "I'm not certain on the exact time but the emperor has been preparing since ten years ago. He is in a zen state with ninety-percent of his divine intents closed off to cultivate. Only the last ten percent is still conscious and is used to rule the dynasty.

Zen was an amazing state of training; only incredible experts would be able to use it. It looked as if they were still living normally, but they were actually cultivating.

"Thus, within three years, the current emperor will abdicate to go into full training mode for Rex." Ji Lingxuan was now standing in front of Feiyun while placing her delicate fingers on his chest.

Normally, no one at the capital would dare to talk about the emperor. After all, his divine intents were strong enough to cover the entire dynasty so he could hear all conversations.

However, due to his zen state, she dared to provoke Feiyun so blatantly inside the private chambers.

Feiyun could smell her flowery fragrance. Half of her wondrous body was already leaning on him while her hands were reaching into his shirt.

Feiyun bit his tongue; this painful sensation ran across his body and allowed him to take two steps backward. He took two deep breaths and said: "Chaos is looming right now; Earthchild's three top sects and Northern Frontier's caves have separated from the dynasty. Does the emperor not worry about the fate of the dynasty if he were to abdicate during this crucial moment?"

Lingxuan felt empty inside after Feiyun purposely escaped. She gently bit her lips and pouted at him: "It's not that easy for the dynasty to end due to its great history and resources. The biggest enemies are not within; they are the other four dynasties. If they were to mobilize against us, nothing will be able to stop them. That's why the emperor only cares about Rex. Only by him being more powerful than the other rulers would he be able to delay any invasion."

Feiyun nodded after understanding the crux of the issues. Suddenly, he found Ji Lingxuan hugging his waist while her pretty face leaned on his chest. She said: "If the Jin Emperor abdicates, these consorts and concubines will be banished to the royal sacred ground. At that time, I might be entering your mansion…"

He felt unease after being hugged like this. After hearing the second half, he felt even worse: "Please, Consort, have some respect. This is the private chambers."

She acted as if she didn't hear him and continued to lean on his chest with a cute appearance: "Divine King, you don't like me?"

She loosened his belt and reached inside…

No men could restrain themselves before her provocation. Feiyun's demonic blood was boiling while his eyes became slightly crimson. His lower-part was naturally standing up proudly just like a hot, metal rod prodding below her stomach.

She gently grabbed the pillar-like item while taking off her fox fur to reveal her soft and delicate shoulders.

Next, she unbuttoned her dress, one by one, before moving on to her belt. Her peerless body exposed naked before him. Her supple yet firm breasts were especially tempting.

He clenched his fingers deep into his skin in order to suppress his boiling blood. He left the pavilion without looking back while shouting: "I'll come to visit you again another day."

The cold snowflakes hitting his face woke him up quite a bit as his lower half gradually softened. He took a deep breath and said: "That was dangerous!"

The naked woman stood there watching Feng Feiyun escape. She picked up her clothes and dressed tidily. Eventually, an old eunuch came and said: "Consort, Princess Yue asks for an audience."

She stood there watching the snowflakes fall into the pond and said calmly: "No need. Tell her that Nangong Hongyan is at the capital now and the Divine King will surely go to Supreme Beauty tonight. As the fiancee, how can she watch her husband go meet up with another woman?"

"Yes." The eunuch acknowledged the order.


After leaving South Cassia Palace, Feiyun still couldn't calm down. It was really too dangerous earlier and he got quite horny because of Li Jingxuan. His lower half was aching from having to hold back.

She was indeed a top-notch building. Though she looked like a young maiden, she had a mature charm, unlike these young girls. Long Cangyue was so much more innocent in comparison.

Nangong Hongyan and Dongfang Jingyue were essentially babies when it came to actually seducing men.

'At least I got out, what a pain. When the emperor abdicates, if she actually moves into the Divine King mansion, it would be torture!" Feiyun shuddered after thinking about how Lingxuan was Cangyue's birthmother.

Suddenly, Bi Ningsuai rushed out from behind a pillar and dragged Feiyun over. The two quickly hid inside a room.

"Damn! Feiyun, you got a woman's smell on you, that's pretty bold. Got a woman in the private chambers too? Keke, I like it! The ones here are quite lonely, which concubine is it?" Ningshuai smiled and said.

Feiyun pushed him to the side and snorted: "Stop your nonsense, that's suicidal. Oh, right, why are you here too, don't tell me you got a crush on a concubine?"

"Pah! Do you think we're all like you without any integrity? We eunuchs are very professional." Bi Ningshuai proudly declared.

Feiyun stared at his uniform and laughed: "Did you really castrate yourself now?"

Ningshuai's expression turned awkward: "Of course not. I climbed the walls to get in. This is the only place to hide in the capital now since that lioness will find all the other places. At that point, she'll castrate me for real."

He was naturally referring to his fiancee, Xie Honglian.

Feiyun nodded and told him about the events back at Blissful.

After hearing that Sima Zhaoxue was killed, Bi Ningshuai's eyes had a hint of sadness as he lamented: "Sigh, we're both sufferers. Feiyun, I'm sure you can sympathize with my pain right now."

"Please, we're completely different types of people. I would never run to the imperial palace and hide as a eunuch just because of a woman." Feiyun stated before grimacing: "Ningshuai, I have pretty much done you a favor back in Blissful, so now, you have to help me too."

"What's up?" Ningshuai became excited.

"Today, I met the most perfect man in the world." Feiyun said.

"Bullshit! More perfect than me?" Ningshuai fixed his eunuch uniform and spoke with confidence.

"Ten times more perfect than you." Feiyun glared at him and said: "There will be a feast at Supreme Beauty today. Half of the prodigies in the world will be there, do you want to go take a look?"

"You're telling me that perfect guy will be there too?" Ningshuai was completely unconvinced.


"Then why are we still talking here? When both of us go at it, he's done for. Oh, wait, isn't that Nangong Hongyan's territory? Given your relationship with her, we'll have the home court advantage too!" Ningshuai laughed loudly.

With a forced smile, Feiyun replied: "Of course! Of course! We'll have the advantage for sure!" 

1. Eunuchs are given a different name, usually starting with Little when they're new/young before moving up to "Attendant".

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