Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 474

Spirit Vessel Chapter 474

The Fairy Flower was going to personally serve a guest? This was definitely unprecedented and made many prodigies frown. Two young kings among them gathered energy in their palm, ready to teach these two arrogant people in the room.

However, Sima Zhaoxue stopped them from taking action.

"No, only Huo Bingbing. We don't care for others." Wolong Sheng's only eye was sharper than a hawk.

Finally, someone found this too much to take. It was another heretical cultivator in a black robe, the fourth lord of the Senluo Temple, Xue Changxiao. 

"How unreasonable." Xue Changxiao was a young king. A group of runes emerged beneath his feet like a black gale. It rushed for the room with lightning speed.

The young overlords earlier were no match for Changxiao since he was at the third level of heaven's Mandate. Just his furious aura alone had engulfed half of Blissful.

The door opened. A figure with greater agility rushed out like a tornado and unleashed nine palms in a row, pushing Changxiao nine paces backward all the way back to the entrance of Deep Blue before stabilizing.

So fierce? To be able to push back a young king? Each palm strike must have had boundless power, evident by the deep footprints on the ground.

"How impudent!" While the youthful crowd was shocked, they could hear Xiyue Lanshan shouting. The figure earlier not only pushed Changxiao back but also stole Huo Bingbing from Lanshan.

This speed astounded the crowd. People couldn't even see his shadow. What level of cultivation was this?

"Lanshan is ninth on the lower list but someone took his woman? Could it be another character on the list?"

"Pop!" Lanshan waved his hand and a white wave of energy containing thousands of dancing swords came out. Each of these little strands was only as big as a needle but they could pierce through any metal.

Feng Feiyun was holding Huo Bingbing with one hand while condensing energy onto the fingers on his other hand. He released ninety slashes in succession in the form of soaring dragons. They rampaged the palace and left behind a terrible mess.

The sword and saber energies collided, issuing loud detonations. Half of the palace collapsed along with all the formations within. Several dozen prodigies went flying with blood dripping from their lips, either wounded from the sword or saber energy.

"Boom!" The door closed again. Huo Bingbing, in the end, still had to enter the room.

Xiyue Lanshan failed to stop Feng Feiyun and was even at a disadvantage after their first exchange.

"Such terrorizing saber energy, only three people in the young generation can unleash that energy with their fingers." A young king in a white robe sighed and said.

"Which three?" Someone asked.

"The Crown Prince, Long Shenya, Heavenly Saber, Gu Cuo, and the demon's son, Feng Feiyun, but we have to call him the young Divine King now." A flash of admiration appeared in his eyes.

The other prodigies couldn't stay calm. These three were all historical geniuses. The former two have been famous for twenty years, belonging to the upper list.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun was the third ranker of the lower list.

All three of them were top dogs and not inferior to Lanshan in terms of status and cultivation.

"Wait, can it be that the madman, Heavenly Saber Gu Cuo, is here now at the capital?" Someone became surprised.

The true young experts here all shook their head. They could see the tyrannical dragon energy earlier and knew that it was from the Dragon King's Saber Art. Thus, they eliminated Gu Cuo.

Furthermore, Long Shenya was the most famous among famous people. He would cause a great commotion wherever he went and wouldn't do something like kidnapping a woman.

Only one person in the young generation would do something like this. His title was quite well-known recently.

"So it is the young Divine King visiting Blissful, I was wondering who was strong enough to stop my 'Thousand Sword Rain'." Xiyue Lanshan stood there proudly with a sneer.

Sima Zhaoxue spoke with her rippling eyes: "Haha, so Young Noble Xiyue and the young Divine King were just playing around. The two of you scared me for no reason."

The door opened again, revealing Feng Feiyun and Wolong Sheng drinking together with beauties and fine wine as their company while treating everyone else like air.

Huo Bingbing sat there with her mouth shut on the third position, already scared by Feiyun's identity. If she knew it was him earlier, she would have picked this young Divine King over Xiyue Lanshan.

"Really… really big background, I knew it…" Wan Huatong was already kneeling on the ground. She was elated from accidentally making contact with this huge character. There was no need to worry about money at the capital in the future.

Feiyun smiled and said: "We were indeed playing around, but it got out of hand a little bit. Because of this, Hua Bingbing will spend the night drinking with my friend. As for you, Miss, Sima, will you gaze at the moon together with me tonight?"

"This…" Sima Zhaoxue was startled. Feiyun's identity was too great; this was someone who could call for rains and winds at the capital. Even though Blissful had Giants as their guards, it was suicidal to oppose the Divine King Faction directly.

The world knew that Feiyun was a romantic. "Gazing at the moon with him" would certainly end with a "talk in bed".

The Flower Competition was coming soon. If she were to sleep with Feiyun, she would lose the chance to become world-renowned.

However, Feiyun was staring at her intensely right now. Offending him would bring about a disaster.

With a slight rise of the brows, she eventually answered with a smile: "It is a blessing of three lifetimes to gaze at the moon with you, young Divine King, but… but I recently got an invitation letter from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. The prettiest in the world, Nangong Hongyan, has arrived at the capital. She'll be singing a song tomorrow's night. Nowadays, the young prodigies, even eight or nine historical geniuses, are on the guest list. You have a deep friendship with her, did you not get a letter yet, young Divine King?"

Feiyun nearly spat out his wine but he managed to swallow it in the end. He spoke with a leisure expression: "I'm sure… it'll come. If she wants to play a song, I'll be there to support her."

Of course, he wasn't as calm inside. So Nangong Hongyan was already at the capital and suddenly wanted to play a tune on top of inviting everyone outside of him? She clearly knew about the engagement between him and Princess Yue. This was her attempt at showing him up.

'No wonder why I've been blinking so much recently, a damned disaster is coming.' Feiyun thought.

Zhaoxue was relieved and said: "Young Divine King, do you know why the prettiest is organizing this meeting? Even the Trio of Excellence is invited for a chance to see her kingdom-toppling beauty."

Feiyun could already sense Hongyan's grievances even before seeing her. He answered: "Of course the prettiest has to invite the Trio of Excellence. Beauties and gentlemen coming together is a natural and common occurrence."

"Brother Feng, do you have an invitation or not?" Wolong Sheng took out a letter and said: "I got one this morning, if you don't have one, you can go with me."

"Brother Wolong, today is your night with Miss Huo, don't waste your time with me." Feiyun's eyes turned slightly cold while peering at the letter.

Wolong Sheng quickly wiped the sweat on his forehead and put the letter away before dragging Huo Bingbing out of Deep Blue.

Xiyue Lanshan took out a letter from his sleeve with two fingers. He waved it in front of Feiyun and smile: "I heard the prettiest in the world is as fair as a goddess so I've been wanting to buy her a gift at the Yin Gou Ward. Just to see her smile… haha, I'll be willing to lose ten years of life, haha…"

He laughed loudly and left in a cool manner. The anger of losing to Feiyun earlier all disappeared.

Xue Changxiao also took out a letter with a mocking smile on his pale face: "It will certainly be an amazing and unprecedented night with beauties and gentlemen coming together, unfortunately, some people aren't qualified to join the fun, keke."

His resentment from losing to the nine palm strikes earlier was also gone with the wind. He also left in a cool manner.

Many prodigies here couldn't contain their laughter. They realized the famous demon's son definitely didn't get an invitation letter. Nangong Hongyan was indeed a marvelous woman, not giving a damn about the young Divine King.

Zhaoxue noticed that she had successfully diverted Feiyun's attention and became quite elated. She thought that nothing would happen tonight so she quietly turned to leave, but Feiyun still called her back.

"Miss Sima, you haven't answered me yet." Feiyun chased off all the courtesans and closed the door, leaving behind only Zhaoxue.

He crept forward, one step, two steps, three steps… until he was cornering her in the room.

Being forced to this point even though she was the Flower Fairy of Blissful? Zhaoxue realized that she had no other choice. She lowered her head and quietly said: "Divine King, may I ask for your intention?"

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