Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 466

Spirit Vessel Chapter 466

The seventy-second prince's Dragon King Physique was several times stronger than the eighteenth prince. His head had two protrusions only at one inch tall. Nevertheless, this symbolized his achievement in the physique, nearly able to cultivate a pair of dragon horns.

He gathered an endless light in both hands and turned it into a sun with a diameter of seventy meters. Its radiance could blind an ordinary person.

This was an ability from the Dragon King Physique's, Dragon Pearl.

"Boom!" Alas, this was still not enough to stop the power of the Myriad Beast Physique. The pearl was quaking like crazy from the first palm strike.

The prince suffered a monstrous pressure so his body was pushed back on the hard, muddy surface for several hundred meters. He nearly got buried underneath.

"Boom!" With the second palm strike, Feiyun crushed the pearl completely.

"Boom!" The third exchange was their palms slamming into each other.

Feiyun had the power of the myriad beasts so the prince's arm was being torn apart with blood dripping down.

"Boom!" Feiyun didn't give him a chance to rest and unleashed one more palm. This time, the prince needed to use both arms in order to stop the torrential momentum from Feiyun. His bones issued cracking noises while his body was completely down into the mud now.

"Aren't you here to kill me? Where's your arrogance now? If you can't do it, allow me to grant you eternal slumber." 9,930 beast souls gathered on Feiyun's right arm, granting it a devastating power. When he simply raised it to the air, it already issued explosive sounds.

A palm came down on the prince.

"Boom!" The ground nearby exploded. The prince's arms were done for with clear bone-breaking sounds. His body sank several hundred meters into the hard rock.

Feiyun stood next to the great crater that could fit an entire city. Smoke billowed out of the black expanse ravaged by remnant battle energies. If one were to throw a boulder weighing a ten thousand pounds down there, it would instantly be crushed to dust.

"Dead already?" Feiyun stared intensely at the black hole below with fires in his eyes. They shot out two blinding rays.

"Boom!" A sharp golden ray rushed out from below with such swiftness that it nearly cut Feiyun in half. He reacted very quickly but his belt was still cut off.

The rutilant radiance around him was still there. Though both of his arms were broken with blood still gushing down, the aura of a noble still ran strong in him.

The prince floated above with his arms hanging down. The glow on him became sharper and shot upward, making him look like a heavenly saber.

"Boom!" His body slightly quaked as he rushed for Feiyun again. The horns on his head looked like the sharp edge of a blade.

Feiyun fortified his stance on the mud. His blood and bones became luminous and a faint shadow of a great phoenix emerged.

He believed that the strongest power came from the self. A spirit treasure might be mighty and allow someone to reign in the same realm, but it wouldn't make them the strongest.

For example, once his Myriad Beast Physique reached grand completion, he could shatter spirit treasures from those at the same cultivation realm as him.

There were many powerful techniques in this world that might be even more terrifying than spirit treasures.

"Boom!" Feiyun gathered the energy from his entire body for one ferocious punch. It didn't only have the power from the beasts but also from the one drop of phoenix blood refined in his body. The two powers fused together and defeated the "saber form" of the seventy-second prince.

"Ugh." The prince's golden glow finally dissipated. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

Feiyun flew over and said: "Your technique is much stronger than the eighteenth prince."

"Haha… I still have more than ten amazing techniques I haven't used… Cough…" Despite his grievous injuries, the prince showed no sign of giving up while his battle intent intensified even more.

"Then you still want to fight?" Feiyun smiled.

"Feiyun, if it wasn't for the demonic blood in your body allowing you to refine those thousands of beasts, you think you would be a match for me?" Though the prince was shocked by the number of beasts inside Feiyun's body, he accepted that fact because of Feiyun's origin.

He thought that because the guy had a unique constitution that he was able to accomplish this feat.

Feiyun said: "Even without the power of the beast souls, you still wouldn't necessarily be able to defeat me."

The prince slowly crawled up and smiled: "You think you won already? No, you're dead for sure today."

He quickly took out a pill and threw it in his mouth then swallowed it. A power dozens of times stronger than his own erupted and it was still growing stronger.

His injuries instantly recovered and his spirit as great as ever. An ocean of might coursed through his body.

Feiyun knew that something was wrong after seeing the pill but he was one step too late in stopping the prince. The guy's power had reached the top stage in just the blink of an eye.

This was comparable to the strength of a half-step Giant so it repelled him earlier just now. There was a looming pressure pushing down on him.

"This is a fourth-ranked Ancient Pill, allowing one to have the power of a half-step Giant within one hour." Feiyun was shocked. No wonder why this prince was so confident from start to finish. The guy was carrying a pill like this the whole time.

With a cold smile, the prince uttered: "Yes, it is an Ancient Pill, a fourth-ranked creation, truly priceless. I didn't want to use it but you have forced me to do so to kill you. It will be a relatively honorable death."

"Hmph, the pill has a strong side-effect. You won't be able to move a finger after an hour. If you can't kill me in that period, it'll be your death." Feiyun had used it before so he also knew of the side-effect since it nearly killed him.

The prince sneered with disdain: "In order to become the Divine King's successor, I will pay any price. Just blocking one move from a half-step is already amazing enough, you think you can last an hour?"

"We'll see." Feiyun used his Swift Samsara and ran, looking like a ray of light.

At first-level Heaven's Mandate, his speed was already comparable to a half-step Giant. Now, he had reached the second-level so his speed had also made it to the next level. Ordinary half-step Giants couldn't catch up to him.

The prince's expression suddenly froze. 'How can this guy be so fast? I can't catch up.'

Despite the initial shock, he was still quite relaxed. Speed was one thing but a half-step was powerful enough, capable of killing a second-level Heaven's Mandate from several thousand miles away.

This continent was only that big so it would be too easy to kill Feiyun. The prince traveled to the center of the continent and unleashed a majestic wave of power to suppress Feiyun from a thousand miles away.

This wave looked just like a meteor coming from space.

Feiyun naturally sensed this terrible power coming from the sky but he was not afraid at all. He took out the bronze spirit vessel and used all of his power to exert its primal power.

"Boom!" The vessel shattered the energy wave.

Given his current cultivation, he could use a little bit of the vessel's power a total of nine times. Even though these nine attacks were still a bit weaker than a half-step Giant, it was fine to repel a move from so far away.

'What?! He actually stopped it? How could he be so strong?" The prince became alarmed and quickly gave chase. However, Feiyun was nowhere to be found.

Even his divine intents couldn't spot the guy.

"Not good, he's hiding now. The guy is famous for hiding, even a ninth-ranked wisdom master can't calculate his whereabouts and Giants' divine intents can't find him either." The prince's mood worsened.

In another hour, the dead man would be him if he couldn't find Feiyun.

"I can't wait and die." The prince was a smart person so he murmured: "The examination is on this continent so he can't leave it. Looks like there is only one method left."

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