Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 463

Spirit Vessel Chapter 463

The first continent of the Dragon King was the first continent excavated by the Jin Dynasty in this secret realm. It nearly had six thousand years of history.

A middle-aged man wearing a golden robe and a jade belt received them. He had a stately aura.

"I have seen your results in the first round, all very exceptional." The man looked at the four youths and said: "The second examination will be about how you deal with mental weakness. Ten points will be the highest."

"Everyone has their own weakness. For a ruler, having a cultivation weakness is fine, but not a mental or psychological weakness. When one of you is the Divine King and being manipulated by someone else due to some personal weakness, that will be a great threat to the dynasty."

Feiyun slightly raised his brow and asked: "How do you know what our mental weakness is?"

The middle-aged man went on: "People's weaknesses are always greed, lust, fear, pride, arrogance, envy, and paranoia. Before you all entered the sacred ground, we have investigated everything and your mental weaknesses have been recorded. Now it is time for the test."

The seventh prince smiled with an arrogant expression: "Then tell me what my weakness is."

The middle-aged man gave him the side-eye and said: "Arrogance, with your attitude right now, you'll only get three points."

He didn't hesitate from writing down the prince's result.

In this round, he'll only get three points.

"You!" The angry prince aggressively reached out to take the scroll from the middle-aged man's hand.

The other two princes immediately attacked and blew the seventh-prince back.

The seventy-second prince sneered: "Seventh Brother, you are quite brave to act so impudently against the examiner."

The eighteenth prince added: "Seventh Brother, the examiner is right, you are too arrogant!"

Feiyun quietly watched the three brothers fighting on the sideline. They could kill their own flesh and blood just to become the next Divine King.

The middle-aged man said emotionlessly: "The three of you may participate now."

Feiyun, the eighteenth prince, and the seventy-second prince entered the path for the second examination. Meanwhile, the seventh prince unhappily stayed behind.

After two hours, the seventy-second prince was the first to return. He was tested for "envy". He indeed had this weakness but he didn't blatantly expose it like the seventh prince. He used his cultivation to suppress this particular mental weakness.

Because of this, he got nine points for this examination.

As four more hours have passed, the eighteenth prince came back.

He experienced the examination for "greed", which was quite accurate to his character. Of course, he also relied on his incredible self-control to resist the temptation.

Therefore, he also got nine points.

However, Feiyun took a long time without returning. It has been half a day but there was no sign of him.

The seventy-second prince snorted: "The duration of the second test is one day. Looks like Feiyun can't overcome his weakness and has been defeated."

'Just a few more hours and it'll be a day. If he can't come back at all, he'll get zero points.' The eighteenth prince thought to himself.

After four more hours, Feiyun has finally returned with a "satisfied" expression. He walked back while tidying his clothes, filled with the fragrances of women. He laughed and said: "Damn, that was good. The girls in the royal sacred ground are even prettier than the ladies from the Beauty's Smile Pavilion. I actually didn't want to leave if it wasn't for the time limit."

Feiyun experienced the "lust" examination.

Because he had raped several heretical demonesses from the Grand Southern Prefecture, the records of the royal clan indicated that lust was his biggest weakness.

The seventy-second prince was quite annoyed at the guy's satisfied expression and said: "Feng Feiyun, which examination did you get? What's with your expression?"

Feiyun didn't try to hide at all: "Three alluring beauties played with me for a whole day. They have only blossomed recently, naturally virgins and so attractive. That was the best."

The seventy-second prince was laughing in his mind. This guy certainly got the test for lust but he didn't even realize it, thinking that he was only having sex with three girls. He said: "Congratulation, congratulation, where are they right now?"

"Still in bed." Feiyun smiled.

The prince asked again: "Why are they not coming here with you?"

Feiyun finally finished tidying his robe: "We did it for half a day and they thought that I was done for so all three did their finishing moves on me. Haha, but I'm still as vigorous as before while they were already too weak so those moves did nothing. After that, I pushed them down one by one for another twelve hours. They were unconscious when I left."

The three princes were staring at Feiyun, speechless, with only one word in their mind: 'Animal.'

Even though they were cursing at him in their mind, they were also relatively happy. After all, Feiyun failed to overcome his weakness unlike them.

The middle-aged man began to solemnly announce the results: "This examination is over. The third prince, three points."

"The eighteenth prince, nine points."

"The seventy-second prince, nine points."

"Feng Feiyun, perfect score."

All three princes didn't take this result very well.

The seventh prince was the first to voice his disagreement: "Why does Feng Feiyun have a perfect score? He clearly got defeated by his weakness?"

The middle-aged man shook his head: "Everyone has weaknesses, to be able to suppress them is good but they'll come out eventually. If it wasn't for the examination, would any of you have tried so hard to be vigilant and overcome them?"

"The best method is to change your mental weakness into a type of strength."

"For example, the seventy-second prince's weakness, envy. No need to try and suppress it but rather, turn it into a source of motivation. As long as you're stronger and better than everyone else, how are they going to make you envious?"

"As for Feng Feiyun, his weakness is lust, unable to handle the temptation of beauties. However, he doesn't try to suppress it and would take all women that come knocking on his door without any hesitation. The key is to not be bewitched by them. In the future, if he were to become the Divine King, if anyone wants to use the honey-pot trap against him, they'll lose both their girls while not accomplishing anything."

The three princes had no choice but to accept this logic even though they were unhappy that Feng Feiyun had such a good time on top of getting a higher score.

The second round had ended.

The seventh prince had six points.

The seventy-second and eighteenth princes got twelve points.

Feiyun had twenty for the top spot.

The last round was the fiercest and most important; cultivation and strength.

"The third examination will take place on the fifth continent. That place isn't excavated just yet so it is a wildland. It will be your final battlefield, full of dangers from both the terrain and natural disasters. It can easily kill Heaven's Mandate cultivators; your goal is to survive there for six days. The final survivor will be the next Divine King." The man said.

The seventy-second prince asked: "What if all four of us survive?"

"Then the person with the highest score from the last two rounds will win." The man replied.

All eyes instantly turned towards Feng Feiyun.

"Got it." The seventy-second prince's eyes flashed with a murderous intent like a falcon looking at its prey.

The man glanced at the four of them and slightly nodded. The truth was that they needed to kill each other. The last person alive would be the victor.

In order to maintain some parity at the start, all four were escorted into different locations on the fifth continent. If someone were to hide, it would be very difficult for the other three to find him.

The floating fifth continent was the smallest one in the royal sacred ground, only spanning for several thousand miles. Looking from the distance, one would see lightning and thunder flashing everywhere. There was also lava spewing from the volcanos with large chasms cracking randomly. Space itself was fragmented in this place. Even a cultivator would be torn to pieces by these spatial tears.

Feiyun was watching a tornado with the radius of several thousand meters. One end was on one side while the other end was ravaging a different location. It was biting at the mountain ranges.

This was the dreadful scene of a primordial land with unpredictable and dangerous disasters. 

"This is the reason why the royal clan doesn't want to excavate this continent, it's too unstable and perilous. With your cultivation, you won't be able to last more than three days. What you want to do is to kill the other three in the shortest time as possible then leave this continent. Don't wait six days here, you won't be able to survive." Feiyun's guide brought him here and told him before leaving with haste.

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