Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 462

Spirit Vessel Chapter 462

The Dragon King's Third Continent.

A majestic palace was floating in the air with a dazzling radiance. Many young guards in a shiny golden robe patrolled outside with an arrogant expression. They were the so-called "Divine Messengers" by the inhabitants of this continent.

The master of this palace was one of the three Regal Ancestors.

"The disciple of the seventh prince is a member of the northern Mala Tribe, born with a physical gift. At nine year age, he could already lift a one-thousand-pound boulder. The prince caught him the Grand Universe Palm in three days. There is some result already for the boy is at early Spirit Realm."

"The disciple of the eighteenth prince is a heaven-defying genius, ten years of age. He is cultivating the Thunderbolt Art, reaching early Spirit Realm on the second day."

"The seventy-second prince's successor had used a prenatal Violet Pearlgrass on top of learning with the prince's secret art. He had reached intermediate Spirit Realm and have an elementary understanding of the Boneshift Profound Power."

Three men in yellow were kneeling and reporting inside the palace.

The four candidates all had experts secretly following them for observation.

"What about that Feng Feiyun?" This third Regal Ancestor's voice was billowing and majestic just like a god.

The fourth man in yellow came in and respectfully kneeled down: "Last night, Feng Feiyun gathered a divine bolt on top of a peak to kill his disciple, turning her to a charred corpse. However, the girl came back to life. After one night of recuperation, she had refined the death energy in her body but her current cultivation is unknown."

"Why didn't you try further investigating?" The ancestor asked.

The man explained: "This Undying Devil Art is too unique. Her body is shrouded in its energy so my divine intents can't see her cultivation."

The ancestor gently flipped through the pages of the manual containing the Undying Devil Art and solemnly said: "Looks like she has successfully cultivated the beginning stage of this merit law. That scoundrel Long Chuanfeng is lucky indeed. First, he found a supreme disciple and now, an incredible grand-disciple too? No, I must see this competition for myself." He suddenly flashed into disappeared from the palace.

This was the third day, also the day of the final competition.

Feiyun and Little Shi Lan walked on the ancient path towards the highest location of the third continent.

After returning to life, Shi Lan had undergone a massive change. There was a glow to her skin; her bones resembled immortal jades now. Her eyes were even brighter than the stars. She wore a tiny, white daoist robe with her hair rolled up in a bun, covered by a crest. She also had a white belt with a black jade in the center, looking just like a young immortal.

There was a treasure sword on her back as she walked proudly behind Feng Feiyun.

"Master…" She opened her lips with a breath as refreshing as peppermint and softly said.

"Don't call me master. Our relationship ends after today, we might not ever meet again." Feiyun didn't turn back at all.

With shifting eyes due to rumination, she continued to follow him. Feiyun had told her that he came from a different world.

He suddenly stopped and reminded: "Don't forget what I've told you."

Shi Lan also stopped and touched her head with one finger, a pose of contemplation.

Feiyun said seriously: "After we separate today, you must listen unconditionally no matter where they take you to. If they ask you anything, say you do not know. Never tell anyone the cultivation method for the Immortal Phoenix Physique, that's the only way for you to survive."

She stared at him with a yearning expression: "Master, I want to go with you."

"You can't follow me unless you become powerful enough to defeat the strongest person in this continent, strong enough to break through the spatial fabric of this world. That's the only way for you to come to my world, one that is a million times larger than this. At that point, you might not be able to find me anyway."

Feiyun had said what he needed to so he continued forward silently.

She intensified her glare at his back as if wanting to remember it even after a thousand years have passed. After feeling that she had carved it deep in her mind, she gave chase after him.

She also memorized his words - defeating the strongest person on this continent, break through space, another world.

If her big sis was her previous hope in life, then Feng Feiyun had taken up that mantle now. This was a man who had changed her life.

When the duo made it to the top, the other three princes were present as well.

An old man in a golden robe was also there. His eyes became fixated on Shi Lan who was behind Feiyun.

Next to each of the prince was also a boy around ten years of age. All three boys were arrogant and oppressive. Two were at early Spirit Realm while the third was at the intermediate level.

"Feiyun, you actually picked a girl?" The seventh prince couldn't help but laugh.

The eighteenth prince also smiled: "Looks like a lovely young lady."

The seventy-second prince turned back to his disciple and said: "An Ju, go easy later, she is a girl."

Both Feiyun and Shi Lan didn't say anything. From start to finish, she stood behind him like a bashful girl, afraid of strangers.

A plume of golden clouds flew over from the sky, carrying a stately aura. It suppressed everyone, making it harder for them to breathe.

This was the third Regal Ancestor. His voice resounded from the clouds like a clap of thunder: "You may begin."

The old man in the shiny golden robe became quite respectful. He bowed towards the ancestor in the sky before announcing: "Three days have passed, the chosen disciples of all the candidates have returned. The competition shall commence."

"First round, Feng Feiyun's disciple versus the seventh prince's. The eighteenth prince's disciple versus the seventy-second prince's."

This was a crucial battle in the first round to determine the Divine King's successor.

Shi Lan came out from behind Feiyun. She stood in the center and slowly took out a sword that was even longer than her body. She stood there with a determined gaze and spoke with a soft and young voice: "I want to fight all three."

This was naturally Feiyun's intention. She needed to be powerful enough to be highly regarded by the royal clan. This was the only way for her to survive.

"What?!" The three princes thought they have misheard. This one-meter tall girl shamelessly boasted like this? Wanting to challenge three at a time? She was even more arrogant than Feiyun.

"Feng Feiyun, your disciple does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth."

"Like master, like disciple. You think our disciples are that incapable?"

"If she's so arrogant, An Ju, no need to hold back. Tear her apart like that leopard."

The three boys were quite exceptional. One had an amazing comprehension; another had a physical gift and could tear apart a tiger; the last had great intelligence and understood his techniques a little bit."

The three of them were one head taller than Shi Lan and stood in a line.

The strongest one among them had arms bigger than her waist. One punch could destroy a large boulder.

The three princes had a gloating smile while staring at Feiyun. They were the direct descendants of the royal clans so they wanted to eliminate him first; alas, there was no opportunity earlier. But now, one had just come knocking on their door.

"Whoosh!" A sword arc came out with lightning speed.

"Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!" The three youths went flying into the sky and got cut in half up in the sky. Blood came gushing out before their corpses fell down the peak.

Shi Lan sheathed her sword again and stood quietly on the path. There was no emotion in her eyes.

The three princes' smile became petrified in disbelief. Just one slash from a seven-year-old girl was enough to kill their three disciples? This was too much to take in.

"Ancestor, Feng Feiyun must have treated. Even the most enlightened girl can't be this powerful after two or three days of training."

"It's absolutely impossible."

"He must have found someone who trained already, wanting to cheat."

The three princes immediately complained to the old man. They didn't care about their disciples, only the result of the match. After all, this looked like Feiyun had completely decimated in the first round of examination.

The old man said calmly: "Feiyun did not cheat since there were experts watching all four of you the whole time. There was no chance for cheating."

The three princes still couldn't accept this.

Feiyun was the number one genius in the dynasty so it would be normal for him to cultivate this fast. However, how could he be so good at finding a monstrous disciple too?

Meanwhile, the third Regal Ancestor in the sky was also frightened. A girl that had just cultivated for two days was this powerful? The might of this Undying Devil Art was unbelievable. He thought to himself: 'We must have this girl join our royal clan. If we can't control her, we must eliminate her right away.'

He personally descended and gave her a deep stare before taking her into the clouds as well.

She turned to look at Feiyun but he didn't return the gesture at all, seemingly aloof and distant.

This was the end of their fateful encounter. Perhaps they would never meet again if it wasn't meant to be. It was just like his expectation.

The old man announced the result. Feiyun got a perfect score in the first round while the three princes got thirty percent.

Though their disciples were killed in one move, the princes have still fixed the merit laws so they got some points.

"You all may go to the Dragon King's First Continent now for the second round of examination."

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