Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 457

Spirit Vessel Chapter 457

This was the first snow at the capital. It carried the cold breeze from the northern river engulfing the entire forbidden city.

It was around three in the morning so it was still dark. The old pine trees along the road were covered with snow. "White" leaves were scattered everywhere from the cold gale and filled the entire street.

One could see many thirteen-year-old youths practicing a fist technique on top of the snow. They had heavy lion gauntlets in order to build up strength in his arm. Everyone had the dream of becoming a master; this was even truer at the capital. Thus, all the young lads were training hard.

Because of their aspiration, they worked much harder than others.

A large and extravagant imperial dragon was being dragged by a rhino-dragon across the large street, pulling a huge chunk of snow along its path. The youths cultivating on the sidewalks fell down once after another.

One martial artist shouted: "See?! A real master could ride the most expensive carriage, have the most beautiful women, enjoy the highest status. If all of you want to rise, you must train harder! Keep going!"

The youths had determined gazes while staring at the high-speed carriage. They started cultivating again with greater spirit.

Feiyun was the one inside. The carriage crossed through the main street into the Highest Gate. It entered the outer region of the imperial palace.

Before gaining entry to the sacred royal ground, one must worship at the Highest Temple.

It was still dark but there were more than one thousand beautiful carriages waiting outside the palace. Many nobles got off and conversed with each other before heading for the imperial gate.

A lively scene like this rarely happened. Not just the male prodigies but even the golden daughters and wives from the marquis factions came as well. These people came well-dressed today, especially the women. All of them took their most beautiful spirit pets and put on all the pieces of jewelry and ornaments.

The prodigies were gallant with a surging will to fight. Some had qi images rising to the sky already.

"Haha, Eagle Marquis, I heard you took in another concubine, an excellent disciple from a dao sect, only eighteen too. Isn't this your 278th one? Damn, I'm so envious of people who can take in one concubine each year like you, I can't do that because of that tigress at home. You know what I'm saying? Haha."

"Regional Princess Yanyan is so tall and beautiful now. She was still a little girl when I saw her several years ago. I heard she's causing a lot of trouble at the capital recently, haha."

"The young Tiger Marquis is back from the Wanxiang Pagoda. He looks quite mighty now with few peers."

The nobles would often have large feasts together but not one of this magnificent level. Virtually everyone who is somebody at the capital was present.

This was a sacred day for the royal clan but for some of them, it was a day to meet up, for the young ones to fight and make friends.

The scene became quiet the moment the carriage from the Divine King mansion came along. All eyes turned in that direction.

The Divine King was a legendary character, the only king in the current dynasty. He had the same authority and influence as the Grand Chancellor.

"Greetings, Divine King."

"Good morning, Divine King."

Everyone quickly performed a greeting ceremony.

In the back, several golden daughters gathered together, each more beautiful and young than the previous. They were pointing at Feng Feiyun walking behind the Divine King while smiling coquettishly with their hand covering their mouth.

"Guys, look over there. That's the legendary demon's son, he's quite handsome."

"I heard he's the third-ranker on the lower list, one position higher than Ling Donglai, a famous fella recently."

"Yanyan, don't tell me you like him? Do you want to ask His Excellency, the Heavenbeckon Marquis, to go to the Divine King for a marriage proposal, haha?"

"Pah! I like Ling Donglai even more who is righteous and talented, an undefeated Divine Commander with so many men under his command. I'm sure that demon's son is no match for Ling Donglai. The list must be wrong."

The gate to the imperial city has yet to open so everyone waited and talked among themselves in the snow.

"Rumble." Another group of carriages came along. The beasts pulling were white Wolf Kings towering at seven meters. There were more than twenty carriages.

This was the Grand Chancellor, Beiming Moshou. The prodigies and beautiful ladies came along as well. The most noticeable was Beiming Potian.

The moment he got out, many young ladies here gasped with ripples in their eyes as if they were seduced instantly.

However, Potian didn't bother looking at them. His exquisite eyes were fixated on Feiyun as a murderous intent came into being.

Everyone could feel this intense energy but they turned a blind eye. They knew that this was a contest between the Divine King and the Grand Chancellor so no one dared to interfere.

Feiyun stood coolly on the snow as his flower-embroidered robe fluttered. His posture was proud like a pillar. Numerous beast roars emanated from his body; his aura wasn't weaker than Potian at all.

His Myriad Beasts Physique still hasn't reached grand completion but in terms of aura, he wasn't afraid of anyone among the young generation.

"Boom!" Snow flew everywhere as the sky turned slightly darker.

"It's nice to be young and energetic. They're quite hot-blooded but Divine King, in my opinion, Feng Feiyun is still one level weaker than our Potian." Moshou stroke his beard and smiled.

The Divine King had both hands in front of his chest inside the other shirt sleeve and retorted: "Yes, this child lacks twenty years of cultivation compared to Potian and is still weaker than the others. Maybe his talents are lacking."

Moshou chuckled in response: "Quite funny, Divine King. Feiyun's talents are not bad at all, plus, he has you and Consort Ji as his backers, I'm sure he'll rise to the clouds later on in the court." 

He placed emphasis on the words, Consort Ji.

The Divine King's expression remained the same and smiled back: "He'll need your guidance too in the future."

"Of course, of course." They both had a smile on their face the entire time.

Potian truly hated Feiyun because of the auction debacle that one night. Right now, he was the laughing stock at the capital. Only by beating Feiyun to the ground would his seething anger cease.

'I'm gonna wipe the floor with you this time, no Su Yun to save you now.' Potian's momentum was gathered to the extreme.

"Beiming Potian, you said you wanted to fight me last time. Today's the day." Dongfang Jingshui's voice preceded his physical arrival.

"Rumble!" An evil murderous energy made the sky full of dark clouds. A man with a red cloak descended from above - Dongfang Jingshui.

At this time, another of the three directors has arrived, the Grand Tutor.

He was the Yin Gou Clan Master, Dongfang Hanlin.

"Oh? Divine King and Grand Chancellor, the two of you are quite early. Why are you still standing here, let's go inside already." A supreme beauty with a white veil on her face helped Hanlin down from his carriage. 

Hanlin looked a bit feeble from old age so he walked slowly on the snow towards the gates.

 The supreme beauty was naturally Dongfang Jingyue.

Beiming Moshou smiled and said: "The gates haven't opened yet."

At this time, it was finally four o'clock in the morning so three bells were sounded.

"Om! Om! Om!" The majestic gates slowly opened. A sonorous voice of a eunuch came from within: "The heavenly bells have sounded, the imperial city is open for entry."

Hanlin's old face smiled. He had a gentle and kind face: "Haha, it is now. I'm always perfectly on time."

With that, Jingyue helped him across. They were the first to enter the imperial city. When Jingyue walked by Feng Feiyun, she didn't even bother to look at him. It was quite a cold reception.

Hanlin was the last to arrive but the first to enter the imperial city. Many were quietly cursing at him: 'This Dongfang Hanlin is just as wily as that old fox Moshou.'

Beiming Potian and Dongfang Jingshui naturally didn't fight. After all, today was a big day for the royal clan. Even if they wanted to fight, they needed to wait until after the Divine King successor ceremony.

This location was only the outer region of the imperial city, not the inner palaces. It had many ancient buildings left behind from the foundation of the dynasty, such as the Highest Temple, the Three Director Shrine, the Eighteen Marquis Cloud Towers. There was also the brutal Disgraced Palace. Every year, several consorts would be banished to this place. They have either done things that couldn't be publicized or have offended the big shots in the palace. This was a fate worse than death.

Many young princes and princesses were also staying here for protection. After they reached adulthood, they would have their own mansions since they couldn't stay here any longer. Of course, they would have expert bodyguards protecting them in the shadows.

Everyone headed for the Highest Temple. This was the place of worship for the royal ancestors. Even the old ministers such as the Three Directors couldn't take half a step inside.

Everyone was waiting outside the temple. At this moment, the imperial children were also present, same with the palace maids and consorts. The most conspicuous ones were standing under a gigantic, decorative bronze cauldron - Princess Luofu and Crown-Prince Long Shenya.

The majestic cauldron had an aura of vicissitudes. A fire was raging inside, melting all the falling snow.

They were the heaven's favorites; one beautiful, the other handsome. Their majestic noble aura was on the same level.

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