Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 438

Spirit Vessel Chapter 438

"Boom!" The crack on the ground became larger and the light intensified. Just what the hell was trying to dig out of the ground?

Feiyun was full of doubts. Could it be that Shui Yueting had been here before and left something behind?

Something was coming out of the seal within her broken statue.

He immediately thought of the mysterious disasters looming in this place. Everyone here would disappear without a trace then be buried underground. A few minutes would turn into decades.

It must have something to do with time. Something was buried under here and made the temporal line here flowed much faster than outside.

"Boom!" The blinding light finally made it to the sky and floated up there while pouring down shiny rays.

It looked like a gigantic moon… No, this was a huge jade ship that was blotting out half of the sky.

The dark of night was being chased away. This ship exerted an immense pressure. It was floating in the sky and seemed to be on the verge of flying into space, its ancient and boundless aura was still scary all the same.

Its size was truly enormous, spanning for several thousand li. While standing below, one could read the mysterious runes carved on the hull on top of eighteen large banners made out of jade. A wondrous light was everywhere so it looked like an immortal was riding on top.

All the prodigies in the village were horrified by this scene.

How could there be such a big ship in the world? No one could create something of this magnitude.

Only Feng Feiyun barely managed to stay calm. The village's appearance and disappearance must have something to do with this ship, along with the disasters.

"This must be the ultimate artifact. One will be invincible with it!" A young overlord immediately flew up towards the jade ship but once he was in the air, he immediately aged at a rapid pace. When he was one thousand meters away, his body was already that of a dying old man.

"Time… is… passing by… too fast…" The young overlord was scared and wanted to retreat. Alas, it was too late.

"Bang!" A bunch of bones and fleshy skin fell down from the sky.

"Use violet energy now! This ship can devour our life force!" With an alarmed expression, Feiyun channeled all of his energy and shrouded his body.

Even though the ship was far from the surface, time was still flowing three times faster than normal. With the protection of energy, the aging became twice as fast.

The other prodigies noticed the life-reaping force and did the same.

Jingyue was astonished because this jade ship looked quite similar to Feiyun's bronze vessel just now. It must be somewhat related: "Feiyun, what the hell is that nefarious ship?"

"Don't ask me. Oh? Why is here a bright mark on your forehead?" Feiyun saw her forehead by chance and noticed that a luminous ray was shooting out from within and resonating with the jade ship in the sky."

Feng Feiyun could see through the gentle light and saw a wondrous ocean inside her head with never-ending waves.

"She really has some secrets." He was slightly moved. How could a normal person have an ocean hidden in their head?

The light reached the red clouds with more waves in the ocean of energy. Jingyue slowly floated in the air as the ray of light from her head was heading for the ship.

"Boom!" The colossal ship trembled wildly along with the eighteen white sails. Suddenly, it grew smaller at a discernible pace into a little shuttle and flew straight into her head.

The light disappeared as she descended in a transcending manner. She looked even more dazzling like a beautiful goddess.

It was still night time but the ghost village and the houses were no longer there, only patches of grasses next to the Jin River.

The nether atmosphere was gone as well. One could hear and smell the surging river nearby.

This told everyone that the problem of the ghost village was over. It would never appear again or it had already taken a different form.

Many prodigies have fallen today but the real powerful cultivators were still alive. It gave them sweet relief after experiencing a disaster.

"That ship flew into her body! That must have been an incredible artifact containing an immortal spirit." Someone shouted before rushing over.

All the prodigies here saw the amazing ship and knew that it was a supreme artifact. They wanted it for their own now, no longer afraid of the ghost village like earlier.

"A divine artifact like that belongs to the worthy. Dongfang Jingyue, hand it over, it belongs to all of us here!" A young king in black roared with his soulbound artifact at hand, ready for battle.

The Yin Gou might be one of the four great clans but there were comparable powers. They weren't afraid of the clan.

Moreover, anyone would be tempted by such an artifact. Even killing someone from the Yin Gou Clan was fine in order to grab it.

Even Beiming Potian had the urge but he was much more cautious.

"Boom!" A boundless evil presence descended from the sky in the form of a citadel hovering over Dongfang Jingshui's head. This was his supreme image, accentuating his heroism as his red cloak fluttered behind him like a banner.

He unleashed a palm strike with a brutal power as if a nefarious city was crashing down.

"Ba!" The lower half of the young king was pushed down to the ground. A billowing evil energy made blood drops come out of his pores.

"Boom!" He slammed his city down again and turned that young king into a puddle of blood.

Another young king had fallen just like that.  Such frightening brutality.

"Dongfang Jingshui, do you know what you have done? That was a young king from the Dragon King Palace." Another youth wearing a white robe with great violet energy spoke. This was clearly a talent from the Daoist faction.

"Pluff!" Jingshui slapped this talent's head flying, causing a spring of blood to gush for three meters out of his neck. It landed on Jingshui's armor and intensified his evil bloodthirst.

"I don't give a shit, I'll kill anyone who dares to fuck around today." Jingshui stood proudly as blood dripped down from his cloak, issuing splashing noises.

The entire scene was quiet; no one dared to take a step forward.

Jingshui was a death god from cultivating both the dao and the heretical arts at a young age. His past victims could pile up to the size of a mountain.

Even the talents from the Dragon King Palace and the Daoist Gate have been killed. No one else dared to provoke him at this moment. Plus, the Yin Gou Clan was at the apex, even the royal clan had some apprehension towards them.

At this moment, only Beiming Potian could take on Jingshui. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't overly antagonize Jingshui but this was different. That jade ship was too bizarre. Not to mention the young generation, even Giants from the previous generation would turn red from greed.

Feiyun naturally saw the delicate situation and took one step forward: "Count me in as well."

He stood shoulder to shoulder with Jingshui; they towered like two mountains before the crowd.

Everyone here had seen his strength already. Only Potian and Jingshui could take him down. Thus, no one could touch Dongfang Jingyue right now.

Potian had a cold expression before suddenly speaking: "Let's go."

The prodigies under the Grand Chancellor have already prepared for a big fight so they glanced at each other after hearing the command. In the end, they left with Potian.

The rest of the other talents quickly scattered and escaped, leaving behind only Feiyun, Jingyue, Jingshui, and Xiaoxiang.

"I didn't expect for you to behave like a man at a critical moment." Jingyue sarcastically said.

Feiyun chuckled in response: "Your clan is the richest in the world, surely it will give your life benefactor a little reward?"

Jingyue snorted in response: "So nice of you. Right, you probably knew that after Beiming Potian dealt with us, you would have been the next target anyway. That's why you pretended to be a good person."

She stopped antagonizing him and grew four wings on her back: "If Potian invites Long Shenya, we won't be a match anymore. Brother, we must get back to the dragon lake now."

Jingshui nodded. The two of them turned into two beams of light and flew for the horizon.

"Idiot Feiyun, the Divine King had returned to the capital. Just go there and no one will dare to do anything to you under his protection." Jingyue's voice came from the distance before disappearing completely in the wind.

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