Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 434

Spirit Vessel Chapter 434

This corpse had a rotten stench to it. Both the scalp and hair were almost peeling off, showing that it had been buried for decades underground. That's the only way the corpse of a Heaven's Mandate cultivator could deteriorate to this level.

This scene was too creepy with Feiyun digging this corpse out.

"You said, you said this is Gu Chuanfeng?" Someone couldn't believe it.

Donglai asserted: "No way, Chuanfeng had just disappeared earlier while this corpse was buried for several decades, how can it be him? Feng Feiyun, who are you trying to scare?" 

Chuanfeng was the young Throne Marquis, a relatively well-known fella at the capital. Many prodigies were his acquaintances.

One young overlord was a good friend of his. After seeing the corpse, he became startled and said: "That's definitely Gu Chuanfeng, there's no doubt about it."

"Zhao Li, what are you talking about?!" Donglai glared at the youth.

The youth named Zhao Li responded: "Ling Donglai, I'm telling the truth. Chuanfeng cultivated the Flowing Throne technique, both of his leg bones are refined to metal level, look at those bones on that corpse."

Sure enough, the corpse's leg bones were different from the other body parts, at least two times tougher.

"That's not enough because anyone who trains in movement techniques would have tougher leg bones." Donglai said.

Zhao Li continued: "Then tell me what's hanging on its waist?"

The frightened crowd all looked over at the corpse's waist at the same time. There was a silver order the size of a palm with the word, "Throne". It belonged to the young marquis of that faction.

Everyone felt their scalp tingling, including Ling Donglai.

That corpse was surely Gu Chuanfeng.

The atmosphere became even creepier. This corpse in Feiyun's hand looked even more nefarious under the moonlight and instilled a primal fear.

The young cultivators here were all dragons and phoenixes among men. They had an unyielding mentality and had seen many strange things but they have never felt afraid to this level.

Ye Xiaoxiang was standing behind Feiyun and also felt a biting chill. She couldn't help but grab his sleeve again.

Jingyue took a deep breath and asked: "Feng Feiyun, how did you know that Chuanfeng was borrowed beneath that tree? You know who killed him?" 

Feiyun shook his head then buried the guy again.

Because he found the buddhist mirror and vajra scepter underground during the day, he managed to guess that Chuanfeng would also be underground after disappearing.

The truth was that he himself was surprised to see this body.

Donglai sneered and said: "You really don't know? There are several people here with stronger cultivation than you yet they couldn't find any clues but you knew the exact spot. You must know something we don't."

Feiyun snorted back: "Even if I did, why should I tell you. Xiaoxiang, let's go."

He had used his Minor Change Art to calculate several things and knew that he couldn't wait here because a grotesque death would await him.

"Shit, Wang Sanwang is gone too, but he was just kneeling right there!" Someone else blurted out.

Sanwang's disappearance was even more sudden since there was no other sign. Even Dongfang Jingshui and Beiming Potian didn't notice anything.

Feng Feiyun was about to leave with Xiaoxiang but he stopped and pointed a finger at the entrance of the village. Another rotten corpse exploded out of the ground with only bones left.

Because Sanwang cultivated the Eagle King Physique, someone quickly recognized him.

At this moment, even the bravest prodigies panicked. They gathered together in groups, back to back, while maintaining the utmost vigilance.

Potian had a serious expression while the crimson deer behind him kept looking around while stomping on the ground with its hooves. It naturally felt that strange atmosphere in this place.

The prodigies under the Grand Chancellor all relied on him at this moment.

"No! Zhao Li is missing!" A voice broke the silence and made everyone's heart jump.

Zhao Li was grouping with three other prodigies earlier with a circular formation but he disappeared instantly before the eyes of his confused teammates.

At this time, no one needed to say anything. All eyes were already on Feiyun.

He still managed to find Zhao Li's body later with only a few bones left. He seemed to have died more than a century ago.

"Feng Feiyun, you better tell everyone what you know or all will die here." Someone finally lost control.

Ling Donglai had the best luck but this affinity seemed to be suppressed in this village. He said with a tinge of dread: "Feng Feiyun, we're all on the same boat now but if we all have to die, we'll definitely kill you first.

"That's right, Feiyun, don't even think about escaping alone." Someone else chimed in.

Feiyun sneered in response: "I'll have you know that I don't know what's going on either."

"Who would believe that?" Donglai uttered coldly.

Everyone felt that Feiyun purposely led them here in order to kill them.

Xiaoxiang jumped in with a soft tone: "I, I believe him. We only got to the small town yesterday. I was the one who told him to come or he wouldn't have done so. Thus, there's no way he knows what's going on in this ghost village."

Maestro Ye had never lied before. All the prodigies here knew this.

Jingyue scowled and said: "He really listens to you, doesn't he? If you wanted to come here, then maybe you know what's going on."

Xiaoxiang could see Jingyue's unfriendly gaze and wondered why this noble woman had to attack her.

Feiyun became unhappy: "Miss Dongfang, you need to think before speaking."

"You…" Jingyue felt an indescribable vexing sensation.

"I knew trouble would happen." Meanwhile, Jingshui was murmuring to himself but he noticed the fight between the two and jumped in right away: "What are the two of you doing? We need to think about how to get out of the ghost village first. Settle your grievances later when we're outside"

Jingyue calmed down but still glared at Feiyun with a complex look in her eyes.

Feiyun smirked and became quite pleased to see Jingyue's angry appearance.

"The only way out now is to run into these houses and wait till dawn. The village will disappear automatically, that's our chance to survive." Feiyun said.

Donglai smiled back: "Why do I feel that it's even more dangerous in the houses? Feiyun, why do you want to kill all of us?"

Feiyun replied: "Then you can keep waiting here or try to escape."

Donglai had no response.

"I will definitely not go in these damn houses. This village is so tiny, I can get out in a single breath." A tall and thin prodigy took out a soulbound artifact and jumped one hundred meter into the sky. He suddenly disappeared from this world completely.

Feiyun very quickly dug out his body from the mud.

The other cultivators who initially wanted to run let go of this thought.

This village was truly as scary as the legends.

"If you want to stay here and die, feel free to do so but I'm out." Feiyun pulled Xiaoxiang into one of the rooms lit up with a lamp.

It was a house with yellow bricks surrounded by a wooden fence with two rooms. 

There were more than twenty like it in this village. They were lit up but no one was inside. This was the reason why these prodigies didn't dare to come in.

"Feiyun is really going in? Are these houses really our only way to survive? Why do I think something even terrifying is in there?" A beautiful noble daughter from a marquis mansion said. She was also a young king at third-level Heaven's Mandate.

"It's sure safer in there than outside if he chose to go in. Instead of waiting here for death, we might as well just go in for a sliver of hope." Donglai directly entered one of the rooms in a different house. Several prodigies and beauties followed him. After all, he was the luckiest in the group. Perhaps one would be able to survive by following him.

Potian and his own group entered a different house. The rest made friends and also did the same.

The truth was that Feiyun wasn't certain at all. He was merely guessing.

"We can really survive if we go in there?" Xiaoxang hesitated before asking.

"I didn't guarantee that." Feiyun replied.

"Then why are we entering?" Xiaoxiang asked again.

To which Feiyun smiled and teased: "Look at this room, there are such a big bed and soft blankets. Since we're going to die anyway, why not do something fun first?"

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