Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 421

Spirit Vessel Chapter 421

The Jin Dynasty had three directors, nine ministers, and eighteen marquises. These were the upper echelon that had existed since the formation of the dynasty six thousand years ago. They were pillars of the government.

There was a shrine name Three Directors in the capital. It worshiped the three pioneering directors. These three contributed greatly to the dynasty so their descendants were able to enjoy the hereditary title.

Inside the palace was also the Cloud Tower to worship eighteen more contributing founders. All of them were bestowed the title of Heavenly Marquis and granted eighteen different legions of the martial army. The stronger ones even had several hundred million troops.

The royal family, three directors, and eighteen marquises made up the nobility in the dynasty. The governors of the eight prefectures all came from this particular line. Of course, some were recruited under these clans' banner and became eligible to join the upper echelon of the court.

The three directors and eighteen marquises all had their own personal territories. They were able to cultivate their own forces in these lands. This group was quite influential and had real power.

On the other hand, the nine ministers were no match for them because they belonged to the civil branch. Moreover, they were subordinates of the Grand Chancellor so they had no influence to speak of.

The three directors consisted of the following titles: Grand Chancellor, Grand Tutor, and Grand Preceptor. [1]

The Grand Chancellor was the most powerful of the three. This position currently belonged to the clan master of the Beiming, Beiming Moshou.

Due to these two positions, he was the most powerful in the dynasty outside of the emperor. One-third of the eighteen marquises all listened to him since they were under his banner.


The Grand Chancellor's residence in the Beiming Clan.

"Absolutely disgraceful! Going this far just for a prostitute, if this were to get out, our reputation would be destroyed overnight!" Beiming Moshou slammed loudly on the table and scared the middle-aged man standing in front of him into taking a step back.

This slightly portly middle-aged man was around fifty years old. He was Beiming Moshou's little brother, Beiming Cang.

Moshou had a nickname at the capital, Sly Fox. He wasn't one to reveal his emotion outwardly and even if the sky were to fall down, he wouldn't be afraid at all. This was his first time erupting with such anger.

His little brother was scared out of his mind: "Brother, it has already happened and I didn't expect this demon's son to come out of nowhere. If it wasn't for him, it would have been perfect. Ye Xiaoxiang would be here right now."

Beiming Cang was the one who ordered the kidnapping. 

"Are you listening to yourself?" Moshou gradually calmed down. The matter had already occurred so it was time to figure out how to deal with it in order to avoid future problems.

A murderous glint flashed in Cang's eyes: "Brother, don't worry. I ordered people to guard the nine gates and seventy-two towns already. Plus, I sent heretical experts from the Dark Realm to pursue the demon's son too. If we also send out half-steps and Giants from the clan, I'm sure we can eliminate him right away."

"You incompetent bungler." Beiming Moshou gave him the eye before becoming gentler. He touched the ring on his finger and said: "Long Chuanfeng has returned to the capital."

"What?! That old man is back?" Beiming Cang's expression carried a touch of fear.

The Divine King was the only person bestowed this title in the Jin Dynasty and enjoyed a position even greater than the three directors. Even though he had left the dynasty for almost two hundred years, he still had enough power, especially in the court. Moshou worried about him the most.

With an astute gleam in his eyes, Moshou said: "Chuanfeng wants the demon's son to become his successor. Haha, it's a shame that the guy is infected by Yama's blood and won't live for much longer so Chuanfeng had to give up. However, those two are still master and disciple. If we send out Giant-level cultivators to kill him, he'll find out and will take action. We send out ten, he'll kill ten."

"Plus, I have received another message. The demon's son has become the successor of the Feng Clan. That clan is protected by an Enlightened Being right now. I don't know how strong that person actually is, but an Enlightened Being can definitely kill a Giant through space, all the way from the Grand Southern Prefecture."

Cang replied: "Brother, you mean that we can't do anything and can only watch that demon's son prance around in front of us?"

Beiming Moshou shook his head and said: "Older experts participating will only incite the wrath of that Enlightened Being and Long Chuanfeng, but younger ones are fine. They won't be able to say anything. People of their status won't interfere with the competition among the youths."

Cang laughed and said: "You're right, brother. No need to use a butcher's blade to kill a chicken. That demon's son used to be the number one genius of our dynasty, but because of that decaying blood, how strong can he be right now? We have countless prodigies, I'm sure many can kill him."

He wouldn't be so optimistic if he were to know that Beiming Huaji, one of "Beiming Four Prodigies", had been easily defeated by Feiyun.

Moshou nodded and said: "Tell Potian, I'm sure he'll be very willing to kill the number one genius."

Potian was naturally their best prodigy, ranked fourth on the upper list.

Cang was ecstatic to hear this: "The demon's son is dead for sure if Potian joins in."

He was leaving in excitement but Moshou called him back: "You need to do one thing."

"What is it, brother?"

"People with bad reputation always cast a shadow of doubts. Tell everyone in the capital that the demon's son has boundless lust and had captured Fairy Ye. Meanwhile, we are helping the Divine King get rid of this shameless pervert." Moshou calmly said.

In his eyes, this was killing two birds with one stone. First, it could put all the blame on Feng Feiyun. Second, everyone knew that the demon's son was the Divine King's successor. Shouldn't the master take some blame for not being able to restrain his own disciple?

Moshou's move would also be a punch aiming straight for the Divine King.

Cang hesitated for a moment: "But if we do that, we can't take Fairy Ye into the Beiming's…"

"Hmph! This woman must die along with the demon's son in order to get rid of all the evidence. This will enrage all those music lovers and they'll aim their spear at Long Chuanfeng." Moshou's voice became colder.

Cang was very unwilling but he didn't dare to go against Moshou's order.

In just one night, one news spread across the entire capital - the successor of the Divine King, the demon's son had been inflicted with Yama's blood but he is still alive and had kidnapped Fairy Ye Xiaoxiang.

It shocked the entire capital since she had too many fans. All of them became enraged and wanted to find the demon's son. Some even vowed to kill him at all cost.

Of course, the rumors came from the street but many believed it. After all, the demon's son had a record of doing such a thing! It wasn't surprising at all.


The dragon lake at the Jin Gou Clan.

"Why is the demon's son still alive even with the poisonous blood?" Dongfang Jingyue's face was covered with a white veil. She sat on a chair made from a tree stump below an osmanthus tree while holding a red pipa. The ground was covered in leaves as the breeze made her black and long hair flutter. White petals dropped from the branches and created a snow-like scene.

A powerful man wearing a rhino-skin armor and a red cloak walked forward. His first words were: "Ye Xiaoxiang wasn't kidnapped by Feng Feiyun. It must be that Beiming fox's scheme."

Of course, he was Dongfang Jingshui. 

Jingyue sat there quietly. Her expression remained a mystery due to the white veil; only her pretty yet cold eyes were visible. She nonchalantly said: "What does that have to do with me?"

"Potian had just left the city, under orders to kill him!" Jingshui spoke again.

"How uninteresting." Jingyue stood up and walked by Jingshui. Her figure was peerlessly beautiful.

Jingshui smiled in response: "Don't tell me you're about to leave the city too?"

Jingyue slightly paused but didn't stop completely: "If you want to leave the city, you can be my company."

"I don't care about the demon's son so why would I leave?" Jingshui was holding his laughter.

"Come with me to laugh at that braggart. I've never liked him since several years ago." Jingyue said.

"There's no animosity between us so why should I go to laugh at him?" Jingshui asked.

"He said he could defeat you within five years. It's been four years and five months now but there is still a big gap between your cultivation and his. Don't you think we should laugh at a braggart like him?" Jingyue answered without showing any emotion.

"Looks like you have been keeping track of the time. If it is as you said, then I guess I'll come together with you to mock him." Jingshui finally burst out in laughter. Who knows if he was laughing at Feng Feiyun or at a certain girl?

1. Chinese ranking system and titles are very complicated and have no direct equivalence in English

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