Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 413

Spirit Vessel Chapter 413

All the young prodigies here stared at Feiyun in shock. This guy's tone was too grand. This was the capital where heroes gathered. Even if someone was a tyrant of their own home, they needed to rein it in after coming to the capital.

Plus, the Furious Marquis Faction wasn't easy to mess with. It wasn't hard to defeat Huanzhen. Forcing him to kneel and apologize towards a woman was a different and impossible story.

Monk Yi Fan's eyes were as clear as two blue ponds. He said: "Amitabha, Benefactors, you should not kill!"

At this time, two bright gales came from the bottom of the peak through the walls before descending on the platform at nearly the same time.

These were both handsome prodigies with beautiful armors. Their complexion was healthy; same with their vigorous vitality resembling two surging rivers.

"Li Fengxian, you have improved after cultivating at the Wanxiang Pagoda for so many years." One of them was quite tall and had a purple fur cloak.

Fengxin smiled back: "Tang Ao, I heard you have joined a seclusive master and improved a lot."

These were the two young lords from the Tiger and Furious Factions.

Li Fengxian was the oldest son of the Tiger Marquis and was Feiyun's acquaintance. He had surpassed the Earth Tribulation and became a first-level Heaven's Mandate.

Tang Ao stood on the platform and glared at the crowd: "Maestro Ye is about to come up here. Everyone, shut up for me now. If anyone dares to utter a single sound and disturb her ceremony, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Tang Ao and Li Fengxian were both fans of her. They came early to take over this place lest something unexpected were to happen.

These were the future successors of the marquises' title. They represented the will of their factions; Li Fengxin and Tang Huanzhen couldn't compare to their status at all. Thus, not many here dared to object.

That's why the entire platform was silent with cultivators stepping back.

Bu Jun coldly said: "I'm afraid that won't do. Even if the jade emperor's father was here, he would need to wait until the bastards kneel and apologize to Miss Yu Chan."

Since the scene was quiet, everyone could hear Bu Jun clearly.

Feng Feiyun naturally shared the same attitude.

At this moment, the two Young Marquises finally sensed something strange.

Huanzhen was ecstatic to see Tang Ao here. He climbed up and held his other arm that was on the verge of breaking. He ran behind Tang Ao and said: "Second Bro, that brat wants me to apologize to a prostitute and even calls her a maestro. This is an insult to Fairy Ye, only she is worthy of that title in the capital."

"I'll take care of you later for shaming our faction." Tang Tao coldly glared at Huanzhen. Huanzhen was very scared of his Second Bro so he quickly lowered his head with acknowledgment.

Tang Ao looked over at Feng Feiyun and slightly frowned. He certainly sensed the powerful aura coming from Feiyun and wondered about his background. This was definitely an expert.

On the other hand, Li Fengxian was both happy and scared to see Feiyun. He walked closer and said: "Brother Feng, you didn't come visit me at the Tiger Marquis Mansion after coming to Central Royal? Do you not consider me a friend?!"

Feiyun chatted back: "I only got to Central Royal and haven't entered the capital just yet."

Fengxian nodded and asked with concern: "About your Yama's Decay Blood…"

"We'll talk about this later." He didn't want others to know that he had cured it.

Zhu Ming and Li Fengxin saw Fengxian so they came over to ask what was going on?

They were quite scared. Was this youth their young lord's acquaintance? It looked like the young lord was very cordial towards him too.

Fengxin quietly asked after mustering some courage: "Oldest Bro, who is he?"

"You don't know him?" Fengxian was slightly surprised.

Fengxin smiled awkwardly after realizing that he hasn't asked for the guy's name.

"He's the third ranked on the Lower Historical List." Fengxian revealed.

"What? The demon's son?" Fengxin was horrified while staring at the famous young man ahead. Rumor has it that this was the number one genius in the Jin Dynasty. His current abilities landed him on third place of the lower list.

Fengxin and Zhu Ming felt their legs turning mushy and their head dizzy. They were actually calling the demon's son "Brother"? This was quite a story to tell their peers in the marquises' factions.

Meanwhile, Feiyun's eyes contained two crimson plumes of fire. They surrounded the shadows of two phoenixes that eventually flew out and aimed straight for Tang Ao then incinerated his armor.

Tang Ao was shocked and a violet light rushed out from his dantian. Forty-nine waves of cold energy traveled across his body and finally destroyed the flame. Nevertheless, his armor was completely ruined with smokes seeping out.

He took out a white, octagonal iron plate that was naturally formed and around one foot long. He used it as a shield and said sternly: "Who the hell are you? Don't you know that there will be no place for you at the capital after offending the Furious Marquis Faction?"

"You don't need to know." Feiyun instantly used his Nirvana Steps and appeared before Tang Ao mid-sentence.

Tang Ao was the young lord of the furious faction so he was naturally gifted. Despite being startled, he wasn't afraid at all. He channeled the violet energy around his body into the shield. A white flame started to burn before condensing into a red rune.

Tang Ao might have been a first-level Heaven's Mandate but he was much stronger than those on the same level. His body had refined more than 1,700 strands of violet energy.

"Boom!" Feiyun casually unleashed a palm strike and blew both the shield and Tang Ao away. His bones cracked loudly before falling to the ground.

Back at grand achievement God Base, he was already able to defeat first-level Heaven's Mandate. After reaching first-level himself and on the verge of reaching second-level, it wasn't hard for him to defeat someone like Tang Ao.

Just one palm strike was all it takes to defeat the Furious Young Lord. It was as if he was leisurely swatting down a fly. This scene made jaws drop to the ground.

Of course, there were top prodigies here. They were quietly guessing the identity of this youth. Someone this powerful couldn't be unknown.

Tang Ao kept on vomiting blood as the shock in his eyes grew. He couldn't believe that he had lost so quickly.

Tang Huanzhen and the other four got muscle cramps with sweats running down their back. They couldn't help but stagger backward while watching Feiyun approach closer. They finally stopped after being stuck because of the cliff at the end of the platform.

"Apologize or not?" Feiyun's momentum came crashing like a mountain. The five couldn't breathe at all.

Feiyun released his forty divine intents. An invisible force flew out and hovered above their head, intending on forcing them to submit.

"I…" Huanzhen was scared for real this time. Why did he have to mess with this monster? He was full of regrets but it was too difficult for proud nobles like them to kneel and apologize to a woman.

"Pluff!" Feiyun raised his finger and directly pierced one of the youth's forehead. Blood gushed out from the bloody hole.

His body fell straight backward and down the towering cliff. The remaining four instantly twitched and almost got dropped to their knees from fear.

"Amitabha, Benefactor, drop one's butcher blade to become a Buddha!" Monk Yi Fan landed right behind Feiyun.

He was quite young, only around seventeen or eighteen year old. His skin was as fair as jade without any blemishes just like an exquisite statue.

The eight marks on his forehead resembled eight shining stars. They emitted a faint, golden glow and gave a stately feel.

Feiyun didn't need to turn around and could still sense the powerful Buddhist affinity coming from the monk. He was much stronger than an ordinary prodigy and was as steady as an eternal tree.

Feiyun scowled: "Monk, get away or blood will stain your robe."

One of the youths tried to escape by directly jumping off the cliff. He rode a flying sword and turned into a ray before dashing for the horizon.

It didn't take long before there was only a bright dot left.

"Boom!" Feiyun aimed for the sky with his finger. White clouds gathered and turned into a huge palm that came crashing down and pulverized the youth into a bloody mist. Even the flying sword broke into pieces.

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