Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 397

Spirit Vessel Chapter 397

The Celestial Paradise was located at the end of a spirit vein with ninety-nine peaks. With clouds above, red maple leaves and green bamboo, these towering hills were washed by the mist. Four three-meter-long cranes flew out from the mist with four cultivators standing on top of them, dressed in a golden daoist robe.

The cranes uttered very pleasant and clear sound. They entered the mountain to reach the Celestial Paradise.

Looking from the distant, one could see three collapsed peaks on the ground like three lying giants. The palaces ahead crumbled into a sad atmosphere. This was the result of the battle three days ago.

The Feng experts were all virtually dead. The other disciples were imprisoned among the peaks. Many of the caves have turned into prisons.

The Celestial Paradise has been taken over by the Seventh Hall.

There were many cultivators here today. Heretical members, nobles from the government, and seniors from the cultivation sects were present.

The youngest Divine Commander, Ling Donglai, was also here. This was a talented genius with a million troops under his banner.

He wore an iron armor and rode a lizard beast towering at ten meters. He came representing the government with four more powerful Generals with him. These were his most capable subordinates that have survived many battles - all dragons among men.

Ji Cangyue wore a black robe like a messenger from hell. She used a Ghost Immortal Bridge to cross through the hills towards the paradise.

She had reached first-level Heaven's Mandate two years ago while cultivating the evil spirit art from the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record. She was now an evil Treasure Master, capable of stealing others' cultivation for her own. This type of cultivation made her improve by leaps and bounds. Her cultivation was unfathomable at this moment.

Today, everyone understood that if Feng Feiyun didn't take Wan Xiangcen back, all the Feng descendants were going to be killed.

"Wan Xiangcen has a hegemon for a father yet Feiyun still dared to touch her. No wonder why even the Seventh Hall Lord is anxious right now." A man with a face as pale as a ghost slowly stepped into the paradise.

This was the Fourth Lord of the Senluo Temple, Xue Changxiao. He had two old men following him and acting as his protectors.

One of the old men smiled with disdain: "Feng Feiyun is stricken by the Yama's Decay Blood. He's already a dead man, is there anything a dead man doesn't dare to do in the world?"

"Makes sense." A black cloud appeared beneath Changxiao's feet. He floated to the sky and headed for the central peak of the paradise.

This central peak had bells and palaces everywhere with a surging auspicious light.

This was indeed a big event with many cultivators. The big shots from the Grand Southern Prefecture personally came with their followers.

The Qin Ancestor controlled a bronze carriage through the sky. The driver was a young man in a yellow robe with a sword on his back, adorned by a silver pendant. This was the Qin's best genius, Qin Ming.

The ancestor called Daoist Mountain Piercing from the Grand Development Gate was also present. He was once heavily wounded by the Evil Woman and after several years of recovery and a great number of spirit pills and medicines, he had gotten better.

First Heaven Gate and Violet Cloud Grotto were both here. These two were the top cultivation sects with more than a million disciples and a thousand year of history, quite an impressive foundation.

They came to divide the Feng Clan's businesses in the mortal world. After all, these businesses were nothing to the Seventh Hall but not to these two sects.

"The Feng used to be so prestigious, but now, they're bullied in their own territory." Feng Mo on top of a collapsed peak inside the Celestial Paradise and stared at two hanging corpses while stroking his white beard.

These two corpses were the two Feng ancestors, killed by the Seventh Vice Lord. Their body was left to rot in the sun while hanging on top of a peak. A group of crows was attracted.

The body of Giants couldn't be eaten. After these crows took a bite of flesh, they instantly caught on fire and became ashes. Nevertheless, more crows still came over like moths drawn to the flames.

Half of their flesh had been eaten so their bones were exposed in the air.

Feiyun stood behind Feng Mo and also stared at the corpses. He had no love for the three ancestors of the Feng so he didn't feel anything.

Before reaching this place, he had received news that the third ancestor had also been killed. The Nine Doves Gown was also missing. The corpse of this ancestor was brought to an auction at the Yin Gou Ward and sold at a sky-high price.

The death of the three ancestors was a fatal blow to the clan. Feiyun could hear the wails of anguish nearby from the imprisoned descendants. They stared at their ancestors' corpses and cried in despair.

It was nearly over for the Feng Clan.

"It's over, we'll all die here in this ancestral ground."

"Even if we survive, we'll only be slaves. I heard the people from the Seventh Hall all want to buy us."

"I rather die to the sword than kneel as a slave!" 

The caves for cultivation have turned into prisons. Along the way, only cries of despair were heard.

After crossing through a valley full of strange stones, a shout came from one of the cave: "Feng Feiyun, you can't bring that goddamned woman back, that's suicidal!"

Feng Feiyun stopped and stared at the cave. There were more than one hundred Feng members inside. The screamer was a heaven-defying genius, Feng Lingji.

He was the top prodigy besides Feng Feiyun and Little Demoness. He used to be in the evil slaying alliance and tried to pursue Feiyun before. It ended in his defeat.

In the past, he wouldn't give up even after losing to Feiyun but it was different now. They didn't even have the power to resist against the Seventh Hall but the guy managed to capture the Seventh Lord. This was the disparity in ability.

Another person was full of tears: "The Feng Clan is on the verge of extinction, Feiyun, you're the last of us, you can't go to your death like this!"

"That's right! You don't have long to live, hurry up and leave our clan a seed! I can't watch our clan ends like this!"

"Don't think too much, sleep with that demoness already and have a child with her!"

"Sleep with her, leave an offspring for the Feng!"

These children all thought that they were doomed for certain so they were telling Feng Feiyun to sleep with Wan Xiangcen in order to have a kid. Otherwise, if Feng Feiyun were to die, it would really be over for their clan.

One could hear this sentiment echoing across the mountain. It caused Feiyun to be quite awkward while Xiangcen walking behind him couldn't lift her head. What was she going to do? Tell them that she was already raped by Feng Feiyun?

"Stop blabbering, everyone, come with me to the ceremony hall at the central peak! Find your own heretical girls and sleep with them if you can!" With a white flash, a stone saber appeared in his hand. He aimed and slashed at the formation on the cave.

A white dragon soared from the blade and issued a loud roar. It directly shattered the seven layers of formations. All the Feng members went flying from inside.

This was a formation prepared by a heretical expert at Heaven's Mandate so the prisoners couldn't do anything about it. However, Feiyun only needed one blade to the astonishment of the crowd. Many of them wore an expression of fandom.

After escaping, the stirred members all lunged for Wan Xiangcen to get revenge. Of course, some of them also wanted to impregnate her.

Feng Feiyun stood with his blade on his shoulder. A fierce roar emanated from his body as he protected Xiangcen. Are they joking? This demoness was his woman right now, how could he let them cripple her?

"If you want revenge against the Seventh Hall, come with me. Defeat them and their women shall be yours. But, this beauty is not for you to touch." He embraced her soft body and declared

Xiangcen was furious not only at these Feng members but also Feng Feiyun who was running his hand all over her body. If it wasn't for part of her cultivation being sealed, she would have killed everyone here.

"Very well! We'll listen to you, even if it is throwing an egg at a stone. We're Feng men and will die fighting them. We'll use our blood to prove our unyieldingness as members of the Feng!"

All the members followed Feiyun and rushed for the central peak. They broke many prisons along the way and their rank grew stronger. Once they made it to the place, there were several tens of thousand men behind him.

This was one person calling and getting a hundred responses. The right charm and charisma could eventually win the world. [1]

All the people here were ready to die. After all, the disparity in strength was too much. Moreover, they didn't notice the old man standing next to Feng Feiyun or they would have found him to be exactly the same as the portrait of the ancestor whom they worshiped every year.

1. Two separate sayings that are much better in the raw

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