Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 390

Spirit Vessel Chapter 390

Longzhe County was dated with many interesting ruins and footprints left behind by many sages.

Feiyun brought Xiangcen across these ruins. There were many runes carved here that could stop the top heretical seers from finding them.

This was the reason why Feiyun's location was especially elusive. The Giants from the Seventh Hall couldn't calculate him either.

One of the ruins here was half-buried under the sands. The other buildings were broken beyond repair. Not a single complete wall could be found.

In the middle of the ruins was a stone buddha towering at one hundred meters. It was heavily damaged with its hand missing. There were many cracks on the surface, showing a trace of vicissitudes.

Feiyun stood below and saw two famous people leaving behind their image on the statue. One person had an imperial robe while the other had a stately daoist robe.

This city used to be of the Buddhist doctrine. Many cultivators would come here for their pilgrimage but with the passage of time, this place has been abandoned for a long time and covered in thick sand.

"Cough, cough!" The Yama seal on his chest had spreaded even more. His lifespan became shorter, much less than two years.

Xiangcen was more than ten meters away from him. Her dantian had been sealed so she couldn't muster any spirit energy at all. She had tried to escape several times to no avail.

She gritted her teeth in anger, being stuck in this rut despite being a young heretical lord. She wasn't afraid of being anyone's prisoner because she was confident no one would dare to hurt her. However, Feiyun was an exception.

She didn't dare to come close at all, not because of his Yama's blood but rather a fear of being violated.

"Rustle!" Feiyun walked towards her.

Xiangcen's expression slightly changed and involuntarily moved backward: "Feng Feiyun, touch a finger of mine and your entire clan will die."

Feiyun stopped a bit with sweat dripping down his pale face and smiled: "I'm no longer part of the Feng and plus, even if they all die, you will help me give birth to a new one."

"Don't even think about it!" She performed a palm strike towards his chest.

He easily grabbed her wrist and threw her onto the sand. The fine grains poured into the gap of the neck collar into her plump chest and shirt sleeves. 

Feiyun stared insipidly at her. This woman was indeed beautiful, even a level higher compared to Bai Ruxue and Lu Liwei. This was even before mentioning her natural, seductive fragrance. It really incited men into committing crimes.

If it wasn't for the Yama's blood, Feiyun would have done her already but he was not in the mood right now. No time to waste on a woman.

"Whoosh!" A ray came from the sky. This was a messenger talisman. Feiyun grabbed it and poured his energy inside. Words came out and floated in the sky.

The Feng had many members. Though the majority was being captured by the Seventh Hall, some had still managed to escape. This talisman came from one of them containing the newest information.

These escapees viewed Feiyun as the Feng's last hope. All of them would listen to him.

"In three days, the ancestral hall of the Celestial Paradise." 

Feiyun put away the talisman and murmured: "They're using my family to force a trade."

Feng Feiyun's grandfather and several uncles were also at the Celestial Paradise. They have fallen into the hands of the heretics. This was their ultimatum to Feiyun. If he didn't give back Xiangcen, they would kill one family member each day until they run out.

Xiangcen angrily crawled closer on the sand. She also saw the content of the talisman and laughed: "Feiyun, we only want the Nine Doves Gown, not the Feng members. As long as you release me, I can guarantee you that no one else will die from the Feng."

Feiyun glanced dismissively at her and said: "Big-chested women love to swindle others. You think I'm so gullible?" 

He was aware of the heretics' schemes. Even if he were to give her back, the Feng would have to face genocide and he would die with them too.

Even if he wanted to negotiate with them, he needed the power to do so or he would just be fresh meat.

Feiyun alone didn't have this power. He needed some help but who? Who was strong enough to suppress an entire hall?

He immediately thought about the Divine King but he had already owed the guy too much and couldn't shamelessly ask him. Moreover, the Divine King already made countless enemies. Offending the Seventh Hall as well would make it even for the king as he grew older.

But who else besides the Divine King?

"Whoosh!" Another talisman flew into his hand.

"The Feng ancestor is running towards Trinity with the gown." Feiyun shattered the talisman and started to think.

This was the last Giant of the Feng who managed to escape. Two heretical Giants were after him.

"There is only one place for this ancestor to run to!" Feiyun immediately had a clue: "The second ancestral ground of the Feng, that burial ground right outside Trinity!"

He suddenly recalled the first clan master of the Feng too as well as the gigantic grave, the skeleton under the bloody river, and the Daomization Tree…

Not to mention the clan master that might have been woken up. This was a true monster, even Monk Jiu Rou couldn't suppress it.

"If the first clan master had truly awakened into an evil being, if I can lead him to Longzhe, that will surely scare the crap out of those heretics. Then I can get the gown…" Feiyun didn't hesitate anymore and grabbed Xiangcen before soaring to the sky.

Trinity and Longzhe weren't far from each other. With his speed of a half-step Giant, he made it to the outskirt of Trinity on the next day.

Next, he rushed for the Feng's burial ground. He had no other choice but to infiltrate this forbidden ground again. Time was of the essence.


Feng Dulong was the youngest among the three Giants of the Feng. He was also extremely talented and only needed fifty years to reach this level.

The other two dead Giants from the Feng couldn't compare to his youthfulness. This was the reason why he made it out of the blockade in Longzhe.

Nevertheless, he was still seriously injured with seven wounds, three of which struck his meridian points.

This burial ground was the far more dangerous than the Celestial Paradise. This was his only way out. Only by hiding in his ancestors' graves would he be able to escape the two Giants behind him.

However, the moment he made it outside the burial ground, he found the surrounding area to be engulfed in a gray miasma. This area of several hundred miles has turned into a zone of death. Anyone who came in would start to be affected by the miasma and their skin turn into pus.

"What the hell happened here?" Dulong was shocked. With the bloody river and large grave in the center, the vegetation around all withered. The earth has turned black. The once beautiful sceneries have become a dark, ghastly zone.

"Rawr!" Howls emanated from the depth. Who knows what was making these scary sounds?

Dulong had been here before but it was completely different now. This looked like hell itself so he didn't dare to enter right away.

At this time, an elegant zither came about with a beautiful female voice.

"For whom the beauty smiles as youth is passing by? In this mundane realm, the heart will not age, but without you, the world is a waste. Don't climb all alone till gray hair flutters on the steep pavilion. With no time remaining, who will draw her eyebrows in the end..."

The singing drew closer and became clearer. It was more beautiful by the moment like the song of a goddess in heaven.

Eventually, Dulong could hear it by his ears but there was no sight of anyone.

"Pluff!" A sound wave directly decapitated him. Blood gushed from his neck and bathed the grass below.

An absolutely wondrous figure holding a zither appeared in the air like a ripple in the water. She took the Nine Doves Gown from the corpse and rode the wind away.

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