Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 389

Spirit Vessel Chapter 389

Her slender hand waved a petal with a bloody shade to stop the large Ascension Platform.

Feiyun got back on the platform and unleashed everything. Roars emanated from his body with more than eight thousand beast souls flying out, including tigers, serpents, winged and scaled creatures…

The empowerment of these souls turned the platform into a sky-flipping seal with a destructive might.

"Feiyun is actually so strong, no wonder he's number one on the same level." Xiangcen was still too experienced. Other daughters accustomed to a life of silks and riches couldn't compare to her.

The fragrance on her body became even stronger and materialized into a pink color, discernible by the naked eyes.

She fused together with the lotus platform, causing her body to have a holy, green glow. She took out a crystal bow and pulled on the string.

An arrow made out of light spanning for more than ten meters slammed into the platform. Sixteen beast souls over five hundred years old instantly shattered into spirit debris.

She quickly pulled back and fired again straight at Feiyun's chest. This time, the arrow was more than twenty meters long and eight times stronger than the previous.

Feiyun hastily used the Infinite Spirit Ring. Six diagrams emerged and shielded his body.

The lotus platform and crystal bow were first-ranked spirit treasures with array runes carved on them. After several hundred years, they finally gained spirituality so their power was quite immense.

The lotus platform could increase her power and allow her to gather energy faster. This resulted in a level-jumping battle prowess.

The bow could break the earth and kill cultivators at higher levels.

Xiangcen's spirit treasures with their overwhelming power blew the platform flying. The third arrow was thirty meters long and looked just like a heavenly ray.

Feiyun's six diagrams were pushed in by the impact. The sharp arrow continued to reach for his chest.

"Bang!" The diagrams were finally shattered. The ray pierced through his body.

He screamed with blood spurting everywhere while falling into the surging river.

Xiangcen had a complacent smile on her face and put the bow back on her back then recalled the lotus platform. She flew towards the river and her phoenix eyes perused the area with two peering glimmers in order to find him.

Feiyun wanted to capture her but she had the same idea. Only his blood would be able to refine the Nine Doves Gown. This was the main goal behind this offensive.

This was a river flowing between two mountains. The riverside was full of red maple leaves so it looked very mysterious under the night light. Who knows how many unknown creatures were lurking nearby with their green eyes?

These beasts made way when Xiangcen's powerful aura descended. They knew that this pretty girl was not easy to play with.

Tiny swirls formed on this cold river. The many aquatic creatures below have learned how to cultivate. After several hundred years, they turned into demons and strange beasts.

"Strange, is the guy dead now?" Her fragrance was raining down into the river with an enchanting smell. The beasts undersea began to swim towards the drops.

A well-scented woman made men enamored with them even more.

Suddenly, a shadow swept under the river with unreal speed and instantly appeared below her.

This was naturally Feng Feiyun. He had been hiding his aura under the water and could faintly see her green dress through the clear water.

Beneath her dress were her long legs. Just a single glance could arouse someone's desire and make them want to cop a feel to feel its bare suppleness.

This demoness had the finest figure. Just her legs alone were seductive enough. They were normally hidden beneath her dress but Feiyun got a good look this time.

He might be the only one who would dare to look at her like this from below. Others didn't have this courage.

She frowned and could feel the tiniest ripples from below so she planned to take out the lotus platform again…

"Boom!" Feiyun rushed out of the water and directly grabbed her legs and pulled her into the river.

His speed was several times faster so she couldn't react before being dragged down to the muddy bottom.

Nevertheless, she was still a third-level Heaven's Mandate with superb talents. Her eyes turned cold and instantly took out her soulbound weapon from her dantian.

A green light shot out from her stomach and aimed straight for Feiyun's stomach.

This was an ancient watchtower. It looked quite small but contained immense power. It instantly vaporized the water below.

Feiyun smirked - he has been waiting for this chance!

The moment her artifact flew out, Feiyun was even faster and punched right below her dantian.

"Bang!" A mountain-destroying power emanated from his fist and caused her dantian to crack.

A severe pain pricked her and made her faint with her eyes turning white and body twitching for a bit. Blood dripped out of her mouth as she sank to the bottom.

The ancient watchtower was inches from him but it lost control and fell into Feiyun's hand.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Feiyun calculated each move since he knew that the only way to defeat her was to utilize his speed.

He needed to be faster than her soulbound artifact. The difference in cultivation was too great. If Feiyun was a split second slower earlier, her soulbound artifact could have rendered him to ashes.

A bit later, the four female guards and nine protectors finally made it here. They jumped into the river but simply couldn't find the two at all.

"Not good, our lord is captured." The four girls were aghast since they knew Xiangcen's background. This was a really big deal.


On this night, two Giants of the Feng have died miserably. Ying Su, the Seventh Vice Lord, personally killed them. Their bodies were hanging on one of the hills for all to see.

The Celestial Formation had been broken. The heretics rushed inside and more than one million members of the Feng Clan turned into prisoners. 

The ones who fought to the end were killed. Their bodies piled up into mountains while blood ran like the rivers.

However, the Nine Doves Gown was taken away by the last Feng ancestor. Two heretical Giants chased after him and still haven't come back.

Even though they didn't get the gown, they had access to the Feng's resources that have accumulated for more than a thousand years, consisting of spirit pills and stones; centurial and millennium grasses on top of two spirit treasures…

While they were celebrating, a bad news came about, "the future Hall Lord, Lord Xiangcen , has been captured by Feiyun!"

Everyone gasped in unison and smiles were wiped off their face. They naturally heard of Feiyun's name before. This was someone who had been torturing their ten halls.

Because of this, the cultivators here couldn't celebrate anymore. Who was Feng Feiyun? This was a guy even scummier than them. Bai Ruxue of the Fourth Hall and Lu Liwei of the Tenth Hall were raped by him.

Even till now, the cultivators from two halls couldn't lift their head from being ridiculed by others.

Feng Feiyun was probably the most dreadful name to the Senluo Temple right now, even more wretched and shameless than the heretics.

Anyone would have a headache after dealing with someone who had no integrity nor cared about his reputation.

After hearing about this matter, the two Vice Lords were furious. Nothing could happen to her because she had a terrible monster as her backing. Even they couldn't handle the trouble if this was the case.

"Looks like Feng Feiyun can still do something despite being poisoned. We can't touch these Feng descendants then."

A while later, the Seven Hall began to spread a message for the entire Longzhe County: "The Vice Lords wish to meet Feng Feiyun in three days at the Feng's Celestial Paradise."

Characters of the Vice Lord level were actually wanting to meet a junior. This was simply unprecedented. The unaware cultivators in this county were completely lost.

Feiyun sent a response: "In exchange for Wan Xiangcen requires the Seventh Hall to retreat from Longzhe without harming any member of the Feng Clan."

This message caused an even bigger stir. Feiyun had actually caught the young lord of the Seventh Hall. No wonder why these heretics sent out such a vague message. So they were afraid of this news leaking.

After all, there was only one way for a woman to keep her virginity after being held captive by Feng Feiyun - she would have to be extremely ugly!

Xiangcen was the prettiest in the Seventh Hall so this definitely didn't apply to her. No wonder why the two Vice Lords were so anxious as if sitting on fire.

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