Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 385

Spirit Vessel Chapter 385

Sen Lin had met Feiyun back at the sacred lake and the guy left a deep impression on him. In fact, all of the heretical disciples remembered him well. This was a guy who gave them a bad headache.

He took a deep breath and stabilized his pace. 'Why am I so scared? This is only a poisoned demon's son, no need to be afraid.'

Xue Yi and the other disciples became vigilant as well. This was once the number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. He shouldn't be underestimated even with the Yama's Decay Blood.

The girls from the Feng got up from the ground with messy hair. Their silk dresses have been torn in many places so they had to cover their breasts. All were staring at youth whom the heretical disciples were treating as a dangerous enemy.

Curiosity flashed in their eyes since they have heard about this legendary prodigy from their clan. Despite being expelled, many of them were still big fans of him and viewed him as a source of pride.

Feng Qingyu was borderline obsessed with Feng Feiyun, her older cousin who had forced many geniuses into submission. She has long wanted to meet him and today, her dream finally came true.

She was trembling from excitement as if looking at an idol. Though he was in a sorry state due to the poison, she still found that there was a heroic and peerless temperament to him.

"There's no way these evil men can deal with our older cousin." She had blind faith in him.

Feiyun slightly glanced at her, causing her to blush red with her heart beating faster. She lowered her head to avoid his gaze.

"Cousin, these heretical disciples bullied me and sis, you must avenge us and knock their teeth off." Feng Qinglan was still very young but the men still stripped her down to her pink underwear. She sat on the ground with tears running down.

Feiyun came over and took off his outer layer then covered her: "I'm not part of the Feng Clan but since you have called me cousin, I will not allow anyone to bully you."

Feiyun wasn't a cold-hearted person. In the past, he was a phoenix hatching from an egg and didn't have parents or siblings, not knowing where he came from. Because of that, he viewed familial ties more importantly in this life. Despite being expelled, he only hated the ancestors and the Feng Clan Master, not the rest of the children.

Feng Qinglan tightly grabbed the robe on her body with her heart jumping like being embraced by her crush.

"Swoosh!" Xue Yi landed on the ship with a black spear and two beast souls floating around him. He sneered: "Feng Feiyun, you still think you're the demon's son who can beat Nalan Hongtao? No, you're only a piece of trash that doesn't have long to live."

Feiyun turned around with his glare becoming sharp. Two fiery rays shot out and an invisible divine intent created an immense pressure. Xue Yi's legs trembled and couldn't stand straight. He had to stagger three steps backward. 

"He's only a dying fiend, I'll take his blood and offer it to the Supreme Elders." A skinny disciple jumped out and took off his cloak. He turned into a black gale that enveloped the entire area.

"We'll be famous if we kill him!" 

"Feng Feiyun dares to interfere with our business? That's touching a tiger's butt. If we don't teach him a lesson, he'll keep thinking that he's so great."

Two more disciples took out their weapons and unleashed their evil arts. Rippling waves emanated in the air with terrible power.

The girls came together in horror. These disciples were too strong. Any one of them was stronger than the Feng seniors like devils from hell. They wondered: 'Can this legendary cousin really chase them away?'

Only Feng Qingyu and Qinglan had absolute faith in Feiyun. They simply wanted to watch him defeat everyone. This was their idol and prince.

Feiyun reached forward with an average speed but a dragon-tiger image still formed in his palm.

One dragon-tiger force was equivalent to ten qilins so it had the power 10.24 million pounds and could move mountains.

Even a few Heaven's Mandate cultivators couldn't necessary unleash one dragon-tiger.

It towered at several dozen feet with the head of a dragon and body of a tiger with scales everywhere. This amazing sight of an ancient beast instilled fear in all spectators.

"Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!" The three disciples were blown away by this power. Their body exploded into mists of blood that eventually dripped down into the surging river.

Feiyun was decisive with a speed countless times faster than the wind. He circled and seven screams emanated. Seven more disciples had their internal organs destroyed and fell down to the ground like puddles of mud.

This scene frightened everyone. The rest of the heretical disciples got cramps; two even ran away by turning into black rays. Within a single second, they made it to the other side of the river and continued to run towards the county.

"Pluff! Pluff!" Feng Feiyun stood outside and pointed twice. Two black rays directly pierced through the two runners. They dropped straight to the ground with blood flowing out.

"Guys, to hell with it. We have so many people, there's no way we'll lose to this dying man!" Xue Yi rushed out with his black spear and beast souls. Thirteen elites followed right after him.

He was definitely a top expert in the Seventh Hall at the heaven-defying level.

"Dragon King's First Slash!" With a bright light, Feiyun had a stone saber in his hand. He stood upright and slashed downward. A loud roar resounded with a white dragon energy flying outward.

The thirteen elites were cut horizontally into two pieces instantly. Their innards turned to pulp and fell outside.

"Boom!" Xue Yi's black spear and beast souls shattered. A deep cut was left on his body as the tyrannical energy seeped inside and crushed his mind. He fell straight down like the rest.

Just one slash had ended fourteen elites including a prodigy like Xue Yi.

Feiyun propped his saber on the ground to help him stand and began to cough.

The girls' jaw almost dropped to the ground. This was indeed the legendary genius of the dynasty. He was too handsome and strong, killing these heretics like chopping cabbages.

Only Sen Lin was alive at this moment. He couldn't stand still any longer with sweat pouring down his forehead.

"Whoosh!" A transmitting jade flew out towards the horizon. He wanted to let the experts from the Seventh Hall know.

Feiyun swung another slash and destroyed the jade.

Sen Lin used this opportunity to run away. His blood began to boil as he used a forbidden art to boost his speed. A bloody cloud emerged beneath his feet as he soared to the horizon.

"Get back here!" Feiyun's voice came from above his head.

A gigantic palm seal descended from the sky with a fiery glow and many runes. It directly vaporized Sen Lin.

Everything happened so quickly within just one minute. All the disciples from the Seven Hall were slain.

Nevertheless, Feiyun didn't feel good at all. The heretical cultivators were far stronger than the Feng Clan. They had entered Longzhe for four days now, could they have destroy the ancestral ground already?

It would mean the end of the Feng and the Nine Doves Gown would be taken as well. Feiyun didn't wish to see that at all.

"The gown is the only thing my mother left me. I'll end anyone who dares to think about it." Feiyun thought to himself and rushed towards Longzhe.

"Cousin, wait a minute." Feng Qingyu mustered her courage to catch up.

Feiyun stopped without turning around: "What is it?"

With tears in her eyes, she said: "These people have slaughtered my family. My father, uncles, and grandpa are dead now. Sister and I no longer have a home, can we come with you?"

Feng Qinglan also bit her lips and stared pitifully at Feiyun.

"No." Feiyun answered and used his Swift Samsara to turn into the wind. He crossed the river and the mountain range towards the Feng's ancestral ground.

If it wasn't for the decay blood and the precarious situation the Feng was facing, he wouldn't mind bringing these two lovely cousins with him. He wouldn't have any qualm sleeping with them either.

There had been too many examples of little girls worshipping an older figure and eventually slept with them.

Despite being from the same clan, they virtually had no blood relation so it wouldn't be inbreeding. Feiyun naturally wouldn't say no to such beauties.

However, time was of the essence so how could he take care of these little girls? Plus, the eighth elder here was enough to protect them. He simply wanted to take back his mother's gown before death.

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