Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 370

Spirit Vessel Chapter 370

The Beastmaster Tower was located in the western hinterland of the Tianqi Mountain Range. It occupied the most land in all of the towers at the pagoda.

The surrounding 1,300-mile radius all belonged to the Beastmaster Tower.

There were many strange beasts and birds living here. Some elephants had six legs while being more than twenty-meter tall. Another type of bird had four wings with three vulture heads…

Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng saw so many strange creatures along the way. Wang Meng has never seen or even heard about some of them but Feiyun wasn't too surprised.

"Uncle, look over there, that's a two hundred year gluttonous dragon."

"Wow! That's a five hundred year golden lion. It's as big as a hill."

"Uncle, why is there a white bell on all of them?" Wang Meng followed Feiyun with a huge sky pierce on his shoulder.

The Martial Tower Lord ordered him to come to the soul realm with Feiyun for cultivation.

"Not surprising. The amount of beasts here at the tower is only inferior to the Beastmaster Camp. The bells are meant to summon them. When someone rings the master bell, the ones nearby will be under their control." Feiyun rode a cloud with great agility. Wang Meng had to run for his life just to barely keep up.

A while later, they could see the Beastmaster Tower lurking inside the clouds with cranes flying everywhere. It was bathing in the mist and dew while resembling a land of immortals.

A girl in white flew out from the tower and landed on a crane. She asked: "Which tower are you two from? Don't you know only Beastmaster disciples are allowed here?"

Feiyun came to a halt and looked up at her.

"Feng Feiyun, it's you?!" This girl was Ji Xinnu!

After nearly a year, this originally medicine girl from a village has become transcending and mysterious with her white daoist robe. There was a holy aura just like the dao on her.

The popular adage was right, a maturing girl would change completely in time.

She was slender and had a white bell in her hand. She gracefully landed from the crane like a snowflake fluttering downward.

"Miss, Ji, long time no see." Feiyun had a good impression of the older sister. Though she wasn't a human, she was more humane and kind than other humans.

Ji Xinnu said with a tinge of concern: "How is your cultivation in the Eight Arts Manual now?"

"I've started one of them successfully." They had a promise in the past that he would help her after obtaining the Eight Arts Volume. But as for the matter itself, she would only tell him after he reached the level of "Omniscient".

Feiyun was clever enough to guess that this either had something to do with a great character from the Yang World or the Ji Clan even though she didn't tell him.

Despite being a scoundrel with questionable morals, Feiyun had enough principles to keep his words.

Xinnu nodded in response and was aware of how difficult it was to cultivate the volume. Just being able to start one of them was already incredible. She pondered for a moment before asking: "Feiyun, you came to talk to me today?"

Wang Meng wanted to speak but Feiyun kicked him back and laughed: "Miss Ji, you're right. I'm here to talk to you. After so many days of absence, I've missed you a lot. Oh right, where is your lil sis, Xiaonu?"

The elegant girl walked side by side with Feiyun with an orchid fragrance coming from her body: "The girl can never be idle. She and the Lil' Turtle went to compete for a higher ranking on the list. They're still not back for half a year now."

She slightly frowned with worries. After all, the competition was too dangerous. She was afraid that something would happen to her lil' sis.

Feiyun, on the other hand, wasn't worried at all. The old bastard turtle has lived for several thousand years. She'll be fine with him around. The unlucky ones were other people.

The two could be considered friends so they chatted quite a bit. Feiyun learned of her present situation. So it turned out that she joined the banner of a Senior Instructor in this tower. Due to being an Abnormality, her ability to communicate with beasts was excellent so she managed this area with 30,000 strange beasts.

Xinnu and Xiaonu were completely different. Xinnu enjoyed peace and quiet, being close to the grand dao and nature with a bright mind. Recently, she became even more ethereal and transcending.

"I have something to ask you, about the Yang Soul Holy Embryo…" Feiyun slightly looked at her and asked unsuspiciously.

His fox tail was finally showing since this was his real goal.

After hearing the words, her fair complexion became slightly red. Her eyes flashed with a tinge of panic as she said: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Feiyun was laughing in his mind. If it wasn't for the embryo, why would the Ji Clan and the Yang World send people to capture you two sisters? Want to hide it from me? One day, I'll grab the embryo from the two of you.

It was a supreme treasure and Feiyun would pay any price for it. It was unique and peerless, more valuable than anything else.

"Xinnu, who is that man? Why are you with him?" A handsome man came with an unhappy expression. He glared at Feiyun with a look of contempt and hostility.

Xinnu hurriedly walked forward to greet him with a bow: "Uncle Luyun, this is my good friend who is also a disciple of the pagoda. He's here to visit me."

"Good friend? How come I've never heard about you having friends at the pagoda?" Luyun walked with both hands postured behind his back and glared at Feng Feiyun: "Do you not know about saluting your seniors? Rude you are."

Luyun had a strange gaze for Xinnu. It was a blatant possessive desire. Any man would want to possess a woman like her but it depends on if they had the strength to do so or not.

Feiyun found this amusing. He touched his nose and smiled: "There really aren't that many people deserving of my salutation."

"You!" Luyun clenched his fists and said: "Xinnu, your friend is quite uncouth."

"Who the hell do you think you are to talk to my Uncle like this? I'm gonna smash your head in if you don't shut up." Wang Meng made a fist with his huge hand. It made some cracking sound.

This guy grew even larger at two and a half meter. When he stood in front of Luyun, it looked like an eagle staring at a tiny chick.

Xinnu knew of Luyun's cultivation. This was still a Senior Instructor of the pagoda so she was afraid that he would hurt the two boys. She hurriedly consoled: "Uncle Lu, my friends are only joking with you. They have only entered the pagoda for one year so how could they dare to talk back?"

The Beastmaster Tower was isolated from the outside world. Many news have not reached this place. If Xinnu knew of Feiyun's cultivation, she would be worrying for Luyun instead.

"Hmph! Out of consideration for Xinnu today, I'll spare you two brats." Luyun's expression softened: "Xinnu, come to the eleventh floor today. Uncle will teach you a Beastmaster art. Keke!" [1]

With an ominous smile, Luyun stared at Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng before flicking his sleeve and leaving.

"Motherfucker, Uncle, if you didn't stop me, I would have punched his face in." Wang Meng was livid after seeing the guy's expression.

Xinnu's eyes turned cold as well with her pupils turning blue: "The two of you shouldn't mess with him. His father is a Vice Tower Lord here. Moreover, his cultivation is relatively strong at Heaven's Mandate."

Feiyun could see that she was unhappy with Luyun. Despite her kind nature, she was still an Abnormality. If he forced her hands, she would still kill him.

"I'll go with you tonight." Feiyun mused before replying.

"He'll kill you…" Xinnu wanted to refuse his kind request but Feiyun was already entering the tower.


At nightfall, one could still hear the howls around the tower.

Feiyun and Xinnu appeared on the eleventh floor together to the chagrin of Luyun. He slammed the table: "Xinnu, I told you to come alone, why are you bringing this brat here?"

Feiyun stepped out in response: "She brought me here to kill you, of course. A frog wanting to eat swan meat? Go look at yourself in a puddle of piss first!"

"Brat, you court death!" Smoke rose from Luyun's head from anger as he directly attacked Feiyun.

Feiyun met him head-on with a shadowless speed. A saber slash came from his palm with a white dragon image. It decapitated Luyun and made his head roll on the ground.

Feiyun then kicked his body flying.

This all happened in the blink of an eye as Feiyun returned to his original position without a speck of dust on his robe.

"Boom!" A boundless aura descended from the sky with thunderous explosions and suffocated everyone. A stern old man appeared inside the eleventh floor and stared coldly at Luyun's headless corpse then at Feiyun.

"You dared to kill my son…" His fury completely engulfed Feiyun.

Feiyun stood fearlessly on the spot and took out the Divine King's Insignia. He reached out and nearly touch the old man's face with it.

1. Okay, Beastmaster = the characters for "ride" and "beast". So the guy is saying pausing at "ride"... before saying beast. It's a sexual joke because the word for ride also means sex. This joke isn't translatable in English since I chose Beastmaster to make it sound nice

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