Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 354

Spirit Vessel Chapter 354

After the icy palace at the Heaven's Emergence Tomb sank back to the ground, Trinity's weather began to warm up. The snow melted and the sky cleared. The bright sun emerged from the clouds again.

This was late spring and early summer so it should be sunny like this with the sun up high.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Alas, black clouds were billowing up there with a large python moving back and forth. There was an old man in black armor standing on its head.

There was also a winged golden lion spanning for several dozen meters flapping its wings and flying swiftly.


Murderous intents were everywhere since so many experts were chasing Feng Feiyun.

"Three divine intents have just swept by me, quite strong. At the very least, they're half-step Giants." Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng were hastily escaping towards Radiance. Even the naked eyes could see the murderous intent surging in the horizon. Several monstrous auras made the legs to weak.

The cultivators inside Radiance were frightened. This scene was too stirring. Two disciples in white daoist robe were running towards Radiance while being pursued by several dozen masters.

"That's the demon's son. What did he do this time to have so many experts chasing him?" A young cultivator watched while being on top of the wall.

"You still don't know? I heard he defeated a legendary character, Nalan Hongtao, proving his supreme talents so people want to kill him right now before he could spread his wings."

"What? Even Nalan Hongtao at the same level isn't his match? This demon's son is something else then."

There were many cultivators gathering at Radiance. Some were from here while others were refugees. A group came from the great powers in order to excavate the icy palace at the tomb.

Everyone was scared by the scene ahead. One black shadow several hundred meters tall emerged like a god and blotted out half of the sky. It chased after the two and randomly shot out a black ray, leaving huge pits on the ground.

"I know, that's a half-step Giant from the Senluo Temple who has cultivated the "Evil Emperor Phantom", one of the twelve evil techniques, a monster of the heretical dao."

"Damn, the demon's son is actually causing half-step Giants to take action. Even the eight older historical geniuses haven't done this before."

"What can you do? Who told him to sleep with the prettiest girl, Lu Liwei, of the Tenth Hall? I heard she is related to Mount Potala. If the tenth hall can't take his head, how are they going to answer to that character up there?"

An old man with four wings was flying the sky with his pitch-black eyes. His glare was as sharp as a hawk. Just one stare alone directly made Feiyun vomit blood.

Wang Meng was even sadder since his body broke in seven or eight different places. If it wasn't for his powerful constitution, he would have fainted already.

"Motherfucker!" Feiyun picked Wang Meng up and increased the pace of his Swift Samsara. He turned into a gale and rushed towards Radiance.

"That's the Evil Wings of the Nether Realm technique, also one of the twelve heretical arts. Someone has actually managed to cultivate four of them, it must be that half-step Giant from the Fourth Hall."

"Indeed. Since Feiyun did that to Bai Ruxue, the upper echelon of the heretical schools must be pissed so they will try to eliminate him."

"He just made it to Radiance!"

"There's no escaping. He is king of the young generation but there is too big of a gap compared to half-step Giants. It doesn't matter where he runs off to unless he can escape this situation."

The cultivators in Radiance all felt the bloodthirst so they tried to run out of Radiance. However, they only made it to the gate before being stopped by Feiyun's pursuers and could only go back and hide.

Dark clouds enveloped Radiance with strange beasts howling and flying rays.

The ten halls weren't the only thing chasing him. There was also the Violetsea Corpse Cave, experts from the Beiming Clan, and a few other great powers. 

Some have begun to create formations to seal off Radiance completely, turning it into a prison to catch their prey.

"This demon's son is a fool. Why is he running here? It's the same as going headfirst into a prison. He won't be able to escape even with wings." A disciple from the Violetsea Cave sneered.

"Even if we have to refine all of Radiance, we must eliminate the demon's son. Such a character can't be allowed to mature, he's too big of a threat." A lord from the Senluo Temple claimed.

So many masters were here just to kill a grand achievement God Base. This might be unprecedented in history. Even if Feiyun were to die to them today, he would still become famous.

They weren't in a rush to enter Radiance and planned to carve down the formations first. After sealing all the possible escape paths, they would take their time finding Feiyun.

He was dead for sure so no need to hurry.

"These bastards are so ruthless. If they fall into my hands later, I'll blow their head open with my fist." Wang Meng's face was stained with blood while angrily staring at the sky above. He could hear the sneering coming from the clouds.

The initially lively city was empty right now with a terrible silence. One could still see the lamps hanging on the eaves while noisily fluttering to the wind. There were footsteps as well!

Feiyun suddenly stopped right outside of the Yin Gou Ward.

The building was still majestic and grand as before. However, it was completely different now. The golden gates have been taken down. The jade tiles on both the ground and roof were taken away as well. Not even one piece was left.

"Haha, this Dongfang Yiye is something else. He predicted that this would happen to Radiance so he has moved the ward away. Anything worth something has been taken out now." Feiyun squatted down and saw that even the door nails were dug out. Only the shabby stone walls were left.

"That's a businessman for you, completely thorough. It makes sense why the Yin Gou Clan is so rich now." He sighed emotionally.

"Uncle, why do you care about the clan right now!" Wang Meng was very worried: "We need to live through tonight first before thinking about anything else."

Feng Feiyun wasn't in a rush. He stood up and smiled: "Wang Meng, do you fear death?'

"No. Dying together with you is not regretful at all!" He said.

Fengyun smiled back: "You might not be afraid but I am! Come! I'll take you to this place."

A grand formation has been erected around Radiance with several top experts presiding over it. It looked like a black dome that wrapped up all of Radiance.

Several rays of light entered the formation into Radiance.

These were the top young geniuses. They have come to kill Feng Feiyun in order to have an excuse to tell the Divine King.

Of course, if they fail to do so, the older generation would then ignore this rule.

The black clouds in the sky descended even more. Radiance has fallen into darkness and only empty streets were left. Some lamps scattered around making the city look like a ghost town.

"Clatter." Two footsteps moved on top of an old street.

Feiyun with his white daoist robe walked gallantly ahead before stopping at a dark station.

This station seemed particularly old with its gate left open. There was a plaque on top of the entrance, covered in webs with a talisman written on it, "The Dead is Grand".

"Uncle, where the hell is this place. Why do I feel that I have fallen into an ice cave, this is a chill like the netherworld." Before entering the station, Wang Meng felt his scalp tingling.

Strange noises came from the station with fiery wisps shining up and down. It was quite a creepy sight.

Feng Feiyun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He didn't want to come to this place but the enemy was too powerful. This was the only way to live.

Feiyun didn't have this feeling the last time he was here with the Evil Woman but he felt the same sensation as Wang Meng this time around.

"Come, we'll lure the tiger out to deal with the wolves." Feiyun wasn't certain at all.  Finding the Evil Woman was the very last resort but if he wanted to live through tonight, he could only rely on her power at Trinity.

There were coffins scattered everywhere inside this station. There must have been several dozens, resulting in an eerie atmosphere.

A cold energy surrounded each coffin while some nether flames shot out from inside.

"Uncle, why do I feel that the dead people inside could crawl out at any moment?" Wang Meng felt his legs giving up and almost couldn't walk.

"You're not afraid of death so why are you afraid of the dead?" Feiyun mocked him.

"Oh god, this place is even scarier than death… Oh mother, there's someone there!" He shivered and pointed at the corner of the courtyard inside before squatting on the ground.

It was a third transformation evil corpse who has been watching the station. He was decrepit and withered like a dried branch. His hair was completely white as he was sweeping with a broom.

His old eyes deep inside the sockets with a thick evil aura glanced over.

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