Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 342

Spirit Vessel Chapter 342

The moon was up high. There was a biting chill in the air while the world was silent. Everyone tightly shut their mouths, they couldn't say a word.

Was this the power of an older grand historical genius?

From start to finish, Jibei couldn't even withstand ten moves before losing and dropping to the ground. This scene was very funny, yet no one could laugh.

The Violetsea disciples dug him up and carried him away with frightened looks. They fled immediately afterward.

After a while, someone finally uttered: "The lunar eclipse!"

Everyone woke up from their shock. Midnight came before anyone realized. Above the stars, the full moon was covered by mist. A monstrous power began to move above the nine firmaments.

At this moment, all could feel its majestic force.

A huge star was blocking out the moon. Even though one could only see a black shadow, it was still frightening enough.

The moon gradually began to disappear!

"Boom!" Down below at the lake, a divine boat towering at a hundred meters broke through the waves. It was made from crimson jade and had a palace on top of it. The hull was covered with thick runes.

There were three big sails made from black strings and cloth that fluttered in the cold breeze.

At the bow was a rudder made from crimson steel.

An armored youth with a saber on his waist was standing on the bow as the boat headed for the holy tablet at the center of the lake.

"That's the youngest Divine Commander in the Martial Army. He is under the Furious Marquis and the Beiming Clan and has incredible talents. He's only fifteen years old, yet he is already a first-level Heaven's Mandate. Outside of the eight older grand historical geniuses, he and Feng Feiyun will be the ones raising the banner of the new age." Attendant Yu had detailed knowledge of the government's members.

He had seen countless people and among the current geniuses, only Feng Feiyun and Ling Donglai gave him the feeling of being indiscernible.

"Only fifteen yet already a Divine Commander? It looks like he should be smart as well. What is his name?"

The attendant answered: "Ling Donglai."

"Ling Donglai." The princess memorized this name.

Feiyun and Su Yun were standing on Night-Day Peak, overlooking the sparkling surface of the lake below. The wind was blowing on their white robes, making the scene quite magnificent.

"You have an opponent now." Su Yun laughed.

Feiyun smiled and replied with both arms crossed in front of his chest: "I never lack opponents!"

Su Yun warned: "It's different this time, you should be careful."

The boat sailed across the sacred lake. Even though Donglai was still young, he was unusually heroic. He stared at the tablet with a gaze full of determination.

"Boom!" A wave rose in the night. Two heaven-defying geniuses from the Earthchild Prefecture ambushed the boat at the same time.

They were wearing sun armor and wielded battle spears, so they must be some top talents from a sect in Earthchild. Both were at first-level Heaven's Mandate.

The Lan Brothers aggressively roared: "Ling Donglai, you must get through us if you want to leave your name on the tablet." Two yellow lions jumped out from their mouths. Their golden brilliance illuminated the entire lake as they rushed forward with their claws ready.

"No one can stop me from leaving my name there!" Donglai raised his saber to the sky. A slash swept by, blowing away both brothers. They fell onto the shore and continued to vomit blood.

"A soldier from the Martial Army will never kill the innocent. I shall spare your lives today." Donglai sheathed his saber. It was clear that he didn't use his full strength.

The boat continued forward, causing more waves to rise.

"Doesn't look bad at all." Feiyun smiled.

Su Yun said: "That slash earlier was only twenty percent of his strength."

"Splash!" A maelstrom formed on the lake as the water surged and boiled and erupted for dozens of meters.

The waves and the maelstrom turned into a taiji symbol to stop the boat.

Ji Feng, in his white daoist robe, was standing at the center of the maelstrom. With a dao crest and a whisk in his hand, he looked like a young immortal.

The whisk was spinning in his hand as if it was controlling the world.

"Pure Eight Arrays Formation." Donglai stared at the youth at the center of the maelstrom and asked: "You are Ji Feng, Senior Transcendent Daoist's disciple?"

Ji Feng acknowledged: "You got it."

Donglai revealed: "This formation is one of the three mantras of the Dao Ancestor. The first one is the Pure Radiant Mirror. Unfortunately, your formation looks like it still has some flaws."

Ji Feng became serious. This Donglai was quite insightful. His formation indeed had some defects.

Ji Feng inquired: "Have you seen the true formation before?"

"Of course not, I was only fortunate enough to see the three mantras from the Dao Ancestor at an ancient palace." Donglai smiled.

The three mantras from the Dao Ancestor were archaic. The third one was missing while the other two were incomplete. Nevertheless, they were still the greatest secret arts of the Dao Gate.

It was truly shocking for Donglai to have seen them in full before.

"That's Ling Donglai for you, already sowing seeds in Ji Feng's mind before the battle." Su Yun sighed.

"Ji Feng has surpassed the Earth Tribulation to reach the first level. With his talents, very few can match him at the same cultivation level." Feiyun had fought Ji Feng before, so he naturally knew how strong he was.

After several months, Ji Feng used spirit grasses to open 360 meridians to reach Heaven's Mandate.

The Ji Clan was not as simple as it seemed. This was a family of treasure hunters that poured a steady stream of resources into him without difficulty. Of course he would cultivate faster than Feng Feiyun who didn't have backings.

Su Yun mused: "Both are top first-level Heaven's Mandates. It's hard to say who will win."

Feiyun replied: "Ji Feng's heavenly gaze is even more frightening than that formation. If he opens that eye, I might not be able to handle it at the same level. He's not a grand historical genius, but his battle prowess is definitely not below them."

"But… today is the lunar eclipse."

Feng Feiyun looked up and saw that only half of the moon was visible like a jade boat hanging in the sky.

Ling Donglai was indeed frightening. He used the same saber to unleash another three slashes to destroy the formation, forcing Ji Feng back to the shore.

The maelstrom disappeared and serenity returned to the lake.

Donglai asserted: "You better close your heavenly gaze. Tonight is the lunar eclipse so your gaze won't be able to exert its real power. You can't stop a single one of my slashes."

Ji Feng's hands were placed on his temples in order to open his eye. However, he did see that the moon was disappearing, so he put them down.

"Fine. I won't fight you today."

Donglai smiled and said: "I came to Trinity this time to catch the demon's son, Feng Feiyun. Leaving my name on the tablet is only something to do on the way. As someone who has fought him before, who do you think is stronger, me or him?"

Ji Feng asked: "You want to capture him?"

"He is pretending to be a Thousand-man Commander from our army and committed heinous deeds. He is tarnishing our reputation, so I am under the orders of the marquis himself to come and capture him." Donglai declared this with an air of righteousness.

Ji Feng burst out in laughter: "That's good then. The villain is right there, you can go capture him right now."

Donglai hurriedly asked: "Where?"

Ji Feng pointed over to Night-Day Peak and smiled: "Up that peak!"

A will to battle surged from Donglai's body. He looked up with a pair of hawk-like eyes to stare at the cloudy peak. He could only see Su Yun in white, there were no signs of Feiyun.

Feiyun had flown towards the horizon, leaving behind a white ray.

Donglai shouted: "Feiyun, where do you think you're going?!"

Others didn't notice, but Donglai saw him. He slightly shifted his body and sprung from the ground to turn into a green arc to give chase.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared as well.

At this moment, the moon in the sky had become even more curved. It now looked like a white hook.

"Boom!" Three more boats heading for the tablet arrived with supreme experts residing within. The competition has become fiercer.

Normal weapons were destroyed and fell into the lake. Spirit treasures were even taken out and illuminated the entire area. The water was being turned over like torrential waves found in the ocean.

The eclipse was nearly here. All of the experts have shown themselves and flew towards the tablet while fighting each other.

A six-legged tripod was activated. This was a spirit treasure in the hand of a young master from an immortal sect. It suppressed the lake and knocked away three powerful cultivators.

A 700-year-old silver wolf rushed out from the snowy shore. This wolf was several times larger than an elephant, and its silver fur was reflected on the surface of the water. It howled and shook the entire world. A woman dressed in a buddhist gown was riding it with a group of strange beasts in tow that began to assault the other cultivators. This was the successor of the Beastmaster Camp, a Buddhist sect.

A white ray landed on Night-Day Peak next to Su Yun. It was Feng Feiyun.

Su Yun asked: "You shook him off?"

"Not too many people in the younger generation can keep up with me." Feiyun smiled.

From the horizon, a ray full of battle intent swept over like thunder. Ling Donglai shouted: "Feng Feiyun, you won't get away!"

Feiyun exasperatedly rubbed his forehead. This guy was as stubborn as a leech, he couldn't even shake him off with that.

Su Yun smiled and said: "Let us go. It's time for us to meet the wise sages on the tablet."

Feiyun chuckled in response: "Exactly what I had in mind."

Two white rays flew down from the peak and rode the waves towards the center of the lake.

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