Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 314

Spirit Vessel Chapter 314

Bi Ningshuai took out a crumpled scroll made from cowhide with a piece of jade wrapped around it. Who knows where this letter came from?

He opened it and grew excited right away: "We have news about Bi Xianxian, one of the ten beauties. According to his messenger, in just two days, she will cross this old path to come to Radiance!"

Bi Ningshuai pointed at the scroll. This scroll was quite mysterious and had carvings of the geography around Radiance in great detail.

Feng Feiyun was suspicious and asked: "Who is revealing her whereabouts?"

"You don't need to worry about that, just know that it is definitely credible." Bi Ningshuai couldn't sit still; it was as if he had just taken the wrong drug: "We need to go now and intercept her along this path. We just need to catch her and that would be eight… cough cough, three millennium grasses!"

Feiyun, Wang Meng, and Ningshuai left in a line. Little Demoness blinked twice before jumping down from her stool and followed the three like a little tail.


3,000 miles from Radiance was a perilous region with withered vegetation. Mountains covered in snow blotted out the sky just like greatswords towering into space.

A crimson light was coming from the middle of two mountains. There was no snow within its shining radius while the cliffs nearby had a red shade. The leaves here were actually lush with many old trees with birds on their branches. This scene gave the feeling of a paradise.

A stream flowed down from the ridge with its gurgling flow. The blue stones inside the water looked just like jades while the riverside had wild orchids in full bloom.

This auspicious crimson light was coming from the bottom of the stream, causing the entire stream to be full of spirit energy and a rising red mist.

"Whoosh!" A blue ray crossed the sky but quickly turned around and landed by the lake's shore.

This was a petite woman adorned in a blue dress with sharp features, jade-like eyes, and white teeth. A blue cloth ribbon was draped over her shoulder as if she was a fairy from heaven.

"How strange. This stream is located on an ancient path, yet the bottom of the river can gestate a millennium crimsonrock seaweed. Is it just out of luck?" Bi Xianxian took out a blood needle flashing a blue light to carefully check all four directions.

From her years of experience and exceptional spiritual sense, she felt that someone had dug a trap for her. Her divine intent swept by, but there was no trace of anyone within several hundred miles.

"Am I being too paranoid?" She put away her blood needle and reached into the stream and the water immediately separated. She grabbed the crimson spirit grass and pulled on it. It looked just like seaweed gem.

A thick energy rushed to her face alongside a strange fragrance. A single whiff would give a comforting feeling to the soul.

"It really is a crimsonrock seaweed, probably 1,200 years old!" Xianxian was startled, this type of spirit grasses was exceedingly rare. Even Heaven's Mandate cultivators would break each other's heads for it.

What luck to be able to find it at the bottom of this small stream! However, when she was about to pull it out, her body trembled and turned feeble. A red energy sealed her dantian.

"Qilin's Incapacitating Mist…" She stared at the seaweed in her hand before fainting and falling to the shore. Her weak self was unable to move at all.

After a long while, two figures flew by and landed near the stream.

"Haha, this girl got tricked." One of them was a burly fellow around two meters tall with a sky piercer resting on his shoulder. He looked quite domineering while staring at the stunning beauty by the stream with his bulging eyes.

The wind pushed up her skirt, revealing her slender and snow-white feet. It blew higher to reveal her ankles, pretty calves, and delicate and smooth thighs. One could even faintly see her white silk trousers beneath the blue dress.

An enchanting scent came from her body, the smell of a virgin that could fascinate all men.

"Huff!" Both Wang Meng and Bi Ningshuai emotionlessly stared at her with glazed eyes while breathing in hard. God damn! This was indeed the number one beauty of the Third Hall. She was too pretty and had an ambrosial scent. Their noses started to bleed.

All of a sudden, they both felt dizzy and their vision blurred.

"Shit, it's a trap…" Bi Ningshuai thought to himself before falling with a bang to the ground. As for Wang Meng, he had already been unconscious for a while now.

Bi Xianxian fixed her skirt and got up with a sneer on her pretty face: "If I was so easily tricked, I wouldn't be alive right now. I can't believe I actually got a free crimsonrock seaweed, thank you."

She stood up with two needles between her fingers. Her cute eyes then turned cold: "However, you must pay a great price for peeping at my legs. I'll take out your eyes then pierce you to death."

Two glimmers flashed across her fingers as the needles shot out.

"Clank! Clank!" A war saber spun forward from the distance and blew the two needles away, creating two fiery sparks that chopped down two old trees right away.

"Who?!" A blue glimmer shone on her hand and a serpent soul rushed out to repel the blade.

"Swish!" The saber spun back into Feng Feiyun's hand.

He was wearing the completely black Thousand-man Commander. He was standing on the other side of the stream: "Perverted idiots..."

They used the Incapacitating Mist to trap Bi Xianxian but were fooled by her. If it wasn't for Feng Feiyun trailing them out of worry, they would have been turned into needle cushions.

She looked around sixteen or seventeen years old and had a tall and slender figure. Her skin was as fair as jade with her long, black hair draped behind her back like a waterfall. The juxtaposition of the black hair next to her white and shapely neck was quite beautiful.

She was indeed worthy of being the prettiest in the Third Hall. She was definitely on the same transcendent level as Bai Ruxue!

"A Thousand-man Commander from the army?" She frowned while looking at the soldier opposite of her. He gave her an uneasy feeling as his cold energy pricked her body.

Feng Feiyun crossed his arms in front of his chest and sneered: "That's right, your father is a Thousand-man Commander, so be smart and take off your skirt without struggling. Otherwise, hehe, I'll show you my abilities."

Xianxian had never heard such a funny joke before. A Thousand-man Commander actually threatened her? She didn't become angry and actually smiled instead while speaking with a soft and sweet voice: "Sir soldier, do you know who I am?"

"Who are you?" Feng Feiyun actually enjoyed her voice. It was incredibly soft, causing his body to melt away.

It would be a disaster if she were to whisper in bed because not many men would be able to get hard even if they wanted to. [1. This is a joke combining the idiom from the previous line with erectile dysfunction.]

"Sir, have you heard of the Senluo Temple?" She felt like scaring this Thousand-man Commander a bit.

"What? You… are you a demoness from the Senluo Temple?" The Thousand-man Commander was indeed scared and began to stutter. Both of his legs were trembling as he stepped continually staggered backward.

This was the result Xianxian wanted to see. She covered her mouth and gave a charming smile: "Yes, I'm a demoness who kills without batting an eye."

Three blood needles appeared between her fingers. All three were a foot long and emitted blue shimmers.

"Oh god, help!" Feng Feiyun turned around and ran towards the woods, falling three times in the process. It looked like he was truly frightened.

"You still want to run?!" Xianxian's pretty eyes were as cold as ice. She flew across the stream like a blue cloud and chased Feng Feiyun.

This forest was extremely quiet without any light. After the long months, the leaves have piled up more than a meter high and carried a soggy smell.

Xianxian entered the forest. Her heart jumped after not seeing the Thousand-man Commander anywhere and knew that something was amiss. She leaped backward but suddenly, the surrounding leaves engulfed her.

"Boom!" She swung both her hands and 168 fine blue glints shot out from her fingers. These were all blood needles. Even ten grand achievement God Base experts would be killed instantly.

A chill came from below her!

Suddenly, her long legs couldn't move at all. Someone rushed out of the leaves and dragged her down by the legs.

"You dare to scheme against me!? You court death!" Her expression sank as she unleashed a beast soul from her palm in order to kill the commander holding onto her legs. However, her beast soul was easily crushed by the opponent and turned into energy fragments.

She could no longer stay calm. A powerful force continued to pull her to the ground. She tried to resist, but this person grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back.

"I told you not to struggle!" A hand as cold as ice touched her head and a monstrous power caused her to faint on the spot.

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