Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 285

Spirit Vessel Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Fourth Hall Of The Senluo Temple

A tense atmosphere pervaded the area outside of Mount Banda. A looming bloodthirst was ever-present. One could see qi images from the ground covering an entire area.

"Not good, there are many experts here!" Feng Feiyun was standing on a small mount to take a good look. He could see banners hiding in the clouds with a few majestic qi images entrenched in the sky.

This was already thirty miles away from Mount Banda, but it was still difficult to leave. The experts had formed a blockade, anyone who wished to leave would be stopped by them.

This winter was unreasonably cold. Feng Feiyun looked at the fish swimming below a layer of ice in a river.

He thought of Murong Ta, or rather, Ji Cangyue. Her grilled fish was the best food he had ever tasted. He put down the woman on his back and let her lean on a parasol tree as thick as a millstone.

Next, he walked towards the small river and pointed his finger forward to break through the ice. He reached down and caught three red fish then copied Ji Cangyue's method of cooking. He cut out the gills and the stomach as well as the jaws before skewering them with branches.

Feng Feiyun thought: 'The most pleasurable thing in this world is not the taste of wine and a woman's embrace in one's own home, it is finding joy in peril and satisfying one's stomach during the most dangerous moment.'

The parasol tree was covered in snow like a big umbrella. Under the fire, the three skewered fish finished cooking. Feng Feiyun frowned and sighed: "Why can't I get that same flavor?"

Suddenly, a quiet cough came from behind him. The woman leaning on the tree had slightly opened her eyes. Even though she looked very weak and was sitting there motionlessly in the same spot, her eyes were profound and deep without any impurities.

Feng Feiyun saw her eyes and started to palpitate. Even though she was completely harmless right now, she could still scare a lot of people from the dangerous aura coming from her body.

It was the same as when people saw a large boa constrictor. They were aware that it wouldn't attack and wasn't poisonous, but it was still scary enough due to its scales, fangs, and tongue; they would subconsciously step back in fear.

Feng Feiyun felt that this woman had the same feeling. However, it was only for a brief glance; he quickly lost his fear. After all, his mind was stronger than that of ordinary people.

So what if she was the Evil Woman? Just how much power could she exert right now? There was no need to be afraid of her!

"You're up?" Feng Feiyun calmly walked forward and squatted down before looking straight into her eyes.

The woman ignored him and closed her eyes.

Feng Feiyun asked again: "Are you Xiao Nuolan's true body?"

Her breath was weak, coming from her exquisite nose. Her plump breasts also gently undulated. One could faintly see her snow-white cleavage beneath the robes.

"Look again and I'll gouge out your eyes!" Her voice was still cold, making Feng Feiyun think that he was trapped in an icy cave.

"Boom!" Feng Feiyun took one step back right away and took out his stone saber. He readied it as if a great enemy was before him: "You are the Evil Woman!"

She leaned on the tree and didn't answer. Perhaps she didn't even have the strength to speak.

"Swoosh." Feng Feiyun put away his saber and sighed: "Scared me for a bit there. If you are the Evil Woman, I won't accompany you any longer. Stay here and wait for death."

He carried the saber on his shoulder and wanted to walk away in a cool manner. However, he only managed to take seven steps before he had to stop since he felt several powerful murderous auras.

Even though they were well-hidden, they couldn't escape from Feng Feiyun's spiritual sense.

The Evil Woman opened her eyes again only to rest once more; it appears that she felt them as well.

Feng Feiyun coldly uttered: "How sneaky, show yourselves already."

"Swish!" A green iron chain slowly came out from the snow like a vine growing out of the ground. Its total length was unknown after more than ten meters worth came out.

"So mysterious!" Feng Feiyun sarcastically mumbled before unleashing a wave that traveled for dozens of meters.

A black ray broke out from the snow at this time. It was someone wearing a black armor and holding an iron chain. He swept the chain and shattered the saber wave.

The black armor covered his entire body without exception. It was quite heavy and more than half a foot thick. It made him look exceptionally fat and twice the size of a regular person.

Black mist was condensing on the armor with a beast soul floating inside.

"Boom!" Feng Feiyun slashed the iron again. Sparks went flying after a section of the chain was severed.

"Keke!" The armored combatant laughed: "It looks like there is someone capable among the trash of the Wanxiang Pagoda. How surprising."

His voice was very grating, like metal scraping against itself.

"Boom!" He slightly sank into the snow because his armor was truly too heavy. His knees were submerged in the snow, causing flakes to fly everywhere.

"Clank!" After losing one chain, dozens more came out from inside his armor. Each chain was more than twenty meters long. They swung in the air, creating whistling winds.

It was just like a squid with dozens of tentacles.

"People from the heretical school, I see. Roll out here!" Feng Feiyun stood there and unleashed three more dragon slashes. Another three shadows from the snow were forced to fly out.

They were far away so one could only vaguely see three figures. All of them could withstand Feng Feiyun's attack, so their cultivations were among the top of the younger generation.

The heavy-armored man stood there and spoke: "To be able to cut down the Nine-chill Chain with one slash… There aren't many disciples of your level at the Wanxiang Pagoda." His armor was made from Nine-chill metal and made him look like a steel mountain.

A faint voice came from afar: "Hei Fengyan, it's more like your cultivation has regressed! Blacksmithing is only a minor dao, you are wasting your time cultivating it. This is why you lost to this blonde boy from the pagoda, tarnishing our Fourth Hall's reputation."

The black-armored combatant gloomily retorted: "Hmph, who says I lost? I only used ten percent of my power earlier while he went all out. That's why my chain got cut by him." It was a very grating voice.

"Our lord says that your battle power is ranked fifth in the Fourth Hall. I, Bai Ruxue, don't buy it at all, haha…"

A female voice came from the distance with a chilling yet seductive aura. She was only around seventeen or eighteen years of age.

Feng Feiyun stared at these figures. He could see her silver hair drifting in the snow while she approached.

Hei Fengyan, Huang Daonan, Bai Ruxue, and Hong Mofang were all extraordinary experts among the younger generation of the heretical school.

They belonged to the Fourth Hall and used to be candidates to be the next Fourth Lord. However, they lost in the fierce competition to the current lord, the white-faced man dressed in black, Xue Changxiao.

Nevertheless, they were still among the top ten of the Fourth Hall. The Senluo Temple was currently the strongest heretical school. Even though it had split into ten halls and wasn't as strong as before when it could shake the Jin Dynasty, each hall was still very formidable at the moment.

Each hall was more than ten times more powerful than a great clan like the Feng. They had plenty of experts and could dominate an entire region.

The higher the ranking of the hall, the stronger they would be.

As for the Fourth Hall, if they wanted to annihilate the Feng Clan, they could massacre the entire clan in just one night.

These four were sent as scouts by the Fourth Lord to verify the situation of Mount Banda. However, they met Feng Feiyun halfway and noticed that he was wearing a Wanxiang uniform.

At this moment, the entire dynasty knew about the contest between the strongest heretical school and the strongest sacred ground. Their top youths were already contesting and the pagoda had lost ten fights in a row, losing all of its prestige. Even their pride, Grand Historical Genius Shi Yelai, had lost to the Fourth Lord, Xue Changxiao.

It was a resounding slap to their faces. The disciples from the Wanxiang Pagoda couldn't raise their heads afterward.

As heretical prodigies, they naturally wouldn't turn a blind eye after seeing a Wanxiang disciple. Moreover, this youth was very close to Mount Banda. Even if they didn't humiliate him right now, they would still need to take him back to their lord.

Huang Daonan declared: "Wow! Look at the beautiful girl. Is the prettiest in the pagoda not Princess Luofu? This girl is kingdom-toppling and saliva-inducing, she can't be any less than the princess. Keke, it looks like today is my lucky day, to find such a pretty girl. More importantly, she is from the pagoda. Tonight will be one of ecstasy!"

"Such a girl must be well-known in the pagoda. If we do her and send a message to the rest of the world about how heretical disciples have fucked a supreme beauty from the pagoda, it's gonna cause a fucking stir. Haha, it will add to their humiliation, causing them to lose even more face." Huang Daonan wore an apricot-colored daoist robe and rushed over. He lustfully stared at the Evil Woman before rubbing his palms while slowly walking closer.

He completely ignored Feng Feiyun and urgently wanted to do his business. The only thing in his eyes was the stunning beauty dressed in white beneath the tree.

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