Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 260

Spirit Vessel Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Against The Three Kings

The Genius Mansion was covered by thick clouds, even the sky darkened.

The serpent was covered with scales and could swallow a person whole. Its scaly head had a blood-colored fleshy comb the size of a palm sticking out of it. 1

The Serpent King was sitting in the wooden carriage and went straight for Feng Feiyun. A gut-wrenching stench made his stomach churn and suffocated him.

Xue Wu backed off because she knew that this would be very easy for the Serpent King.

Meanwhile, Nangong Hongyan, wrapped in her clouds of fire, was floating in the air. If anyone could see through the flames, they would find that her pretty eyes were fixated on Feng Feiyun with a complicated look.

'Why is he here now of all places? He likes to interfere with other people's business too much, what should I do now…' Her thoughts were a mess. She had always been a decisive and ruthless person, but she was hesitating at this difficult junction and didn't know what to do.

'He must have been sent by the heavens to torment me. Nangong Hongyan, do not be fooled by his sweet words. He is a liar, a swindler that will steal everything from you…

'Hmph! Feng Feiyun, you think just one piece of a phoenix bone is enough to trick me? How unbelievably stupid! All men are liars. Die! I won't be sad at all, I'll actually slash your body too. Serves you right for always opposing me…' Nangong Hongyan was biting down on her teeth while repeating the same phrases over and over again. Her fists were clenched as well, as if she wanted to tear Feng Feiyun apart.

"Boom!" A loud explosion interrupted her thoughts. She looked up and saw an empty space where only smoke could be seen. A bit later, a snake's tail swept by, followed by its head lifting up high to show its bloody eyes.

Its tongue flicked in and out while the Serpent King, in his black robe, stood atop its head. In his hand was a wooden staff, making him look like an evil monk.

Feng Feiyun, who was fighting against the Ox King, had disappeared without a trace; it was as if the Serpent King had used an incomparable technique to dispose of him.

Nangong Hongyan coldly shouted: "Where is Feng Feiyun?!" A wave of fire swept by everything. The vibration of her power ruptured the Serpent King's eardrums, spilling blood.

"Whoosh!" She flew past the area and anxiously searched, but she couldn't find Feng Feiyun at all. It was as if he had been obliterated by the Serpent King.

'Is he… really dead?!' She didn't want to believe her own eyes and swung her sleeve to blow away a pile of rubble. Broken walls and shattered roof tiles went flying, but there was nothing underneath them.

Her crimson flame began to surge. Everyone could feel her terrifying aura that seemed like a raging lioness.

The Serpent King noticed her eyes and couldn't help but retreat. He felt that Nangong Hongyan wanted to kill him at this moment.

"Master… I…" He didn’t understand why she suddenly became murderous, but he knew of her cruelty more than anyone else. He dropped to his knees while his lips trembled.

"You court death!" The furious woman's fingers shaped into a claw as she stepped closer towards the Serpent King. Her bloodthirst increased with each step.

The Sheep King, Xue Wu, and Yu Chan didn't dare to plead for him. They were completely quiet and didn't even dare to breathe out loud. They were confused as to why Nangong Hongyan suddenly became angry.

"Boom!" Feng Feiyun rushed out of the rocky ground and landed.

'Who is this mysterious master? Why is he able to control abnormalities from the Yang World?' Feng Feiyun peered at the figure inside the flame while wielding his saber.

Earlier, he was struck into the ground by the Serpent King. Even though this force belonged to the Heaven's Mandate realm, he was still able to survive.

The Serpent, Ox and Sheep King were abnormalities from the Yang World. Feng Feiyun had noticed this after fighting them.

Meanwhile, Nangong Honyang turned away and felt quite relieved, but she immediately scolded herself: 'Nangong Hongyan! What is with your duplicity?! You clearly say that you want nothing more than for him to die, but why did you become so shocked earlier? You really are a stupid woman without a backbone at all.'

She hated herself and only wanted to hide in a hole.

In the distance, the Ox King managed to suppress the exalted pot and made Bi Ningshuai vomit blood constantly. Even with this ultimate killing weapon, Bi Ningshuai still couldn't stop the attacks from a Heaven's Mandate cultivator.

"Crash!" A sound of broken chains came from underground.

A seven-colored ray shot out in a blinding manner. This pillar of light soared to the nine layers of the heavens like an awakening giant and emanated a terrorizing pressure.

"Boom!" Young Noble Flawless stood up from the coffin. There was only one chain left on his chest. His power continuously rose as colorful light rushed out from his dantian.

"Bang!" He used this force to shatter the last chain, turning it into scraps.

Next, a palm strike came out and blew the muddy ground up high. He lifted the immensely heavy coffin with one hand and directly leaped into the air. He knocked the unstoppable Ox King flying several miles away.

The king was horrified and kicked backward in order to forcibly stabilize himself. With both palms placed in front of his chest, a group of black clouds condensed. A ten meter long draconic tiger image shot out in order to stop Young Noble Flawless.

This draconic tiger had the body of a tiger and the head and tail of a dragon while being covered in scales. It carried an unstoppable momentum.

A draconic tiger was the king of strange beasts with boundless power. Rumor has it that they could carry great mountains.

A single qilin image had the power of 10,000 pounds.

Two had 20,000 pounds of force.

Three of them were equal to 40,000 pound, and so on and so forth…

With the exponential scale, seven qilin images had the power of 640,000 pounds.

Eight had 1.28 million pounds of force while nine had 2.56 millions of force.

The power of a draconic tiger was even more than a qilin.

Ten qilins were the same as one draconic tiger at 5.12 million pounds of force!

Powerful cultivators were able to condense their energy into the form of a draconic tiger. It was several hundred times more powerful than a qilin. The force of two draconic tigers was even more impressive.

Of course, only Heaven's Mandate cultivators were able to unleash these tiger images.

Grand achievement God Base cultivators could only unleash seven qilins at best. Fewer than few were able to create eight images at the same time.

The Ox King's cultivation was indeed incredible for being able to unleash the image of one draconic tiger. Ordinary first-level Heaven's Mandate cultivators couldn't compare to him.


Flawless' body was still ladened with dried blood. He swung the coffin and shattered the tiger image then swung again to strike the Ox King's body. It shattered the king's right shoulder completely as blood splashed everywhere.

"Damn! This pretty boy is so strong!" Bi Ningshuai saw the unstoppable Flawless and was quite shaken. The person looked completely different from the guy trapped in the coffin earlier. This contrast was too great, just like his current battle prowess.

This was the power of a Grand Historical Genius. They were able to fight against someone three levels higher than themselves. They were simply kings within the same realm.

Both the Sheep and Serpent Kings took action!

The Sheep King summoned three ancient purple swords. Their rusty steel carried an eternal war aura along with frightening sharpness.

The Serpent King was holding a wooden Buddhist staff. He drew on the ground and the earth suddenly split to form a chasm. The wooden staff flew upward with the image of a snake coiling around it. It opened its mouth and was ready to bite.

The three kings joined forces, but they were continuously pushed back by Young Noble Flawless.

"Prismatic Cloud Primordial Chaos Vessel!" Flawless emitted his own qi image. A seven-colored brilliance rose behind his back and changed the shade of the sky completely. An eternal primordial chaos energy emerged with a gigantic faint shadow of a vessel rushing out.

This was his qi image, the Prismatic Cloud Primordial Chaos Vessel!

"Pluff!" The Serpent King's chest was penetrated by a finger strike from Flawless. Blood gushed out like a fountain, and some of his chest bones were pulled out.

A bright glint flashed within the Serpent King's eyes. He forcibly pulled back his shattered bones and hurriedly leaped back with a horror-stricken expression. He was actually wounded by a cultivator from the younger generation?!

"Boom!" The Sheep King was a hundred meters away from Flawless. They both unleashed a palm strike through the air. The arms that attacked were cracking as if they had just struck a mountain made out of steel. The king's right hand was actually fractured.

This guy was too frightening and completely unstoppable.

Flawless had just escaped his imprisonment, so he was quite weak. His power had yet to recover to its peak, yet he could already injure the three kings back to back. No one could stop his peerless momentum.

"He was imprisoned for too long so there is great damage to his blood vessels and meridians. He won't be able to condense energy for too long. Such high explosive power can't last forever."

"Right, he can't last another ten moves."

Even though the three kings were horrified by Flawless' scary battle prowess, they were all wily and saw that the young noble had yet to reach his peak condition.

"Is that so? But there's no need for ten moves, just three is enough to kill any one of you." Flawless' messy hair fluttered in the sky. In the blink of an eye, he crossed through the air and unleashed a sky-shaking blow that directly slammed the Serpent King into the ground. His scalp was split open; one could see bone fragments flying out.

A Grand Historical Genius does not joke around!

Dongfang Jingyue once said that Feng Feiyun could cultivate for another twenty years and still wouldn't be able to reach their level — these were not baseless words. Of course, if she saw the current Feng Feiyun, she would need to reevaluate him. Twenty years might be too long, but he still wouldn't be able to catch up in a short period of time.

Feng Feiyun stood in the ruins while holding his stone saber. He didn't watch the battle in the sky and instead was glaring at the mysterious master shrouded in the flame because he could sense that the master was watching him as well.

He felt the heat from the flame, making sweat drip down from his cheeks.

"Feng Feiyun, why do you have to oppose me time and time again? We could have been friends." Nangong Hongyan broke the silence and spoke with the hoarse voice of an old man.

The flame surrounding her slender body was burning even more fiercely, as if she was afraid of Feng Feiyun recognizing her.

He replied: "I don't want to befriend a vicious and cold-blooded man."

The old voice murmured: "Vicious… cold-blooded…" The flame became even more violent, indicating the fluctuation in her mood!

She could ignore these words from anyone else in the world, but why did she care so much when it came from Feng Feiyun?

  1. Comb is the red flesh on a chicken's head.

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