Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 255-256

Spirit Vessel Chapter 255-256

Chapter 255: The Mysterious Master Was Actually Her!

The 81st floor was in shambles. Bi Ningshuai was extremely fast with his hands. Every single page from two bookshelves had been turned by him once.

Meanwhile, only Feng Feiyun's Heavenly Phoenix Gaze could detect the Cloak of Invisibility. He darted through the level, nothing could escape his eyes.

"This calligraphy scroll…" Feng Feiyun stood before a one-thousand-year-old scroll that was hung on a wall, consisting of many long bamboo strips. It was carved with an aggressive bronze pen yet still maintained an elegant style.

The text written so long ago still had a strange light flowing through them. It created twisting runes that came together to form a wondrous formation.

Feng Feiyun said: "There is something strange about this scroll. There are no strings connecting these bamboo slips, but they are still connected and arranged in such an orderly fashion. Something is up here!"

Bi Ningshuai's bandit eyes also recognized the peculiar characteristic of this scroll and reached out in order to take it.

"Boom!" The moment his hand approached, the runes on the scroll began to rapidly float up and down to form an ancient formation that shot out a white light to repel his hand.

The skin on his fingers was charred. His bones almost cracked as blood spilled out, letting him experience agonizing pain.

"Motherfucker!" Bi Ningshuai didn't give up. He took out a treasure that resembled an ancient gem in order to break this formation. However, the moment it made contact, the gem was turned into dust that drifted onto the ground.

"My turn!" Four layers of light coiled around Feng Feiyun's arm completely. Black, red, green, and white — these layers forcefully approached the bamboo scroll. His fingers managed to slowly penetrate the barrier of the scroll.

He used his fingers as a pen to reverse the pattern engraved on the scroll so that he could change the system.

"Boom!" Three lines of blood erupted from his arm due to the power of the bamboo scroll. However, the ancient runes were successfully changed. The formation began to reverse while the scroll issued crackling sounds.

The power of the formation suddenly impacted the bamboo scroll instead!

"Bang!" One of the bamboo slips was shattered and turned into a green smoke.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The rest of them shattered as well after being struck by its own formation.

Bi Ningshuai was astonished. He thought that he had a profound understanding regarding formations, but Feng Feiyun was even better than him. Feng Feiyun unexpectedly reversed the formation and used it against itself, so Bi Ningshuai had no choice but to admire the guy.

The formation fell and turned into a green smoke as well.

Feng Feiyun's eyes lit up as he wore an ecstatic expression. He reached out into the green smoke as if he was holding something.

"It's the Cloak of Invisibility. It was actually hiding in a bamboo scroll. No, I get it now, it wasn't that there were no strings keeping the scroll together, the cloak itself was doing the job. It was just that we couldn't see it. Feng Feiyun, goddamn, you must be a genius. How did you figure it out?" Bi Ningshuai became very excited. Even though he couldn't see what Feng Feiyun was holding, he was sure that it was the cloak.

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn't tell him that only the phoenix gaze could see the invisible silk from these worms and that he just so happened to cultivate it. This would be a secret that he wouldn't tell anyone since he wanted to use it to deal with the mysterious master!

"Hand the cloak over to me!" The master turned into a cloud of fire. A hand reached out from it and tried to take it from Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun tried to resist once or twice for show before stopping. He secretly laughed it up in his mind: 'The cloak is nothing to me. As long as you dare to wear it in front of me, I will know you who are right away!'

This master could even kill a Giant with the cloak, but they wouldn't be able to fool Feng Feiyun's eyes. By handing this cloak over, it would make the master more prone to mistakes from carelessness.

The master was ecstatic after taking the cloak and didn't want to stay at the tower any longer. The cloud turned into a divine wisp of fire that directly broke through the door of the 81st floor before flying off towards the edge of the sky.

"How bold, you dare to try and escape after stealing the Cloak of Invisibility?!"

"After them!"


The five great experts from the tower gave chase right away. They turned into five rays of light and soared through the sky like shooting stars.

In just a split second, the treasure tower turned very quiet. Many people chased after the mysterious master to reclaim their defining treasure.

"We have to run too!" Feng Feiyun carved out a lotus formation. While standing on top of it, the runes in the tower couldn't do anything to him. It was as if he was riding a little boat on a fast-flowing river.

"Fuck, wait for me!" Bi Ningshuai took out an iron disk the size of a sesame cake and stood on it with one foot. His body began to stagger as the disk started moving just like the lotus formation. They hovered above the runes.

Even though the top experts all chased after the mysterious master, some of the young disciples noticed Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai. Several of them worked together to unleash a five qilins attack.

"Boom!" Feng Feiyun had to be cruel. He unleashed a palm attack that crushed the five qilins and blew the disciples away. They slammed into the wall and lost their lives instantly.

His identity couldn't be exposed, so he had no choice but to kill and silence them.

As they made their escape, they went all out and left no room for mercy. There were even occasions when they used their spirit treasures and turned the enemies to smithereens.

More than ten young disciples from the treasure tower died to them. As for Ji Cangyue, she never appeared again and had clearly made her escape long ago. Feng Feiyun didn't bother trying to find her as he only wanted to leave the treasure tower as fast as possible.

With the cloak missing, this place would become very chaotic and troublesome. He needed to run as far away as possible.


In the bamboo forest, foggy white mists billowed like beautiful bridges. Xue Wu soared through the forest like a little butterfly. Each of her steps took her more than ten meters further. Suddenly, she stopped and stood under a jade-like bamboo tree then lifted her head towards the sky.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!" Several terrifying auras swept by in the sky as if they were chasing someone.

"The five guardians of the treasures tower… Looks like they got the cloak!" She twirled her hair around with her finger as a happy glimmer appeared in her pretty eyes.

"Swoosh!" Another graceful figure soared forward from the forest and drifted next to her.

This girl had a scholarly and elegant presence. She seemed younger than Xue Wu, only around the age of fourteen or fifteen with a charming figure. Even though she was not as seductive as Xue Wu, she still carried quite an amorous feeling.

Yu Chan said with worry: "Big Sis still isn't here yet, I hope that nothing went wrong."

So this girl turned out to be Yu Chan, the rank nine beauty of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion!

"Those geezers won't be able to do anything to Big Sister!" Xue Wu looked quite happy as she looked towards the north and saw a crimson cloud coming towards them. Within this fiery cloud was a figure. In a flash, they were right in front of them.

It was the mysterious master.

"Big Sis!" Yu Chan and Xue Wu quickly came over. The crimson flame slowly converged and disappeared completely. A supreme beauty appeared. She wore a red dress with a white veil covering her face. Despite not being able to see her features, just her aura alone was enough to charm all men in this world.

If Feng Feiyun was here, he would be rendered speechless from shock. He wouldn't believe his eyes because the mysterious master that he had been trying to reveal the whole time was actually the delicate Nangong Hongyan!

She was not delicate at all at this moment. Her flame-like dress had flashing lights flowing across the surface. This was a divine dress no lesser than the Cloak of Invisibility with the name "Crimson Phoenix Garment." 1

Nangong Hongyan really didn't have a strand of cultivation. Moreover, she didn't have the aptitude and couldn't embark on the path of cultivation. Because of this, she was able to fool Feng Feiyun.

The reason why she has such mighty power is due to the ancient era's Crimson Phoenix Garment. With this dress, she gained a power comparable to a half-step Giant!

"The second divine garment is ours. Among the five, we are missing the demon's battle armor, 'Nine Doves Sacred Gown' from the Feng Clan, the Nalan Buddhist Robe from the Mortal Life Temple, and the royal family's Regal Dragon Robe."

Her voice was as wondrous as a heavenly breeze. While holding the Cloak of Invisibility, she glanced towards the southern sky with the prettiest pair of eyes in the world: "Our next target is the Feng's Nine Doves Sacred Gown!"

She came to the Wanxiang Pagoda specifically for the cloak.

She was the most beautiful in the world, but the high heavens was jealous of her. She had no spirituality in her body and couldn't channel any spirit energy, so cultivation was out of the question. Even if she could sway everyone right now, ten years or twenty years later, she would certainly start aging. Her beauty was not eternal and her youth was not everlasting.

Only by obtaining all five divine garments would she be able to maintain her youth for a hundred years with their great powers. Even if she had to die from old age after one hundred years, she would still die as the most beautiful woman in the world and not as a withered granny.

All women were afraid of growing old. The more beautiful one was, the more afraid they would be. Nangong Hongyan was scared to death because of it since she was the world's most beautiful after all.

No one could defy the heavens, not even her. She only wished to live a carefree and graceful life, immortality was not something she was searching for.

One hundred years was the limit even after obtaining the five divine garments. This was the sad fate of those who couldn't cultivate. This type of pain was not so easily accepted contrary to what she told Feng Feiyun.

In fact, half of her pain that echoed in her zither was due to this.

"Kill everyone involved in this heist, don't leave a single one alive!" She was not willing to accept how the heavens treated so easily, thus she wished to defy it!

Xue Wu clarified: "Even Feng Feiyun?"

"He knows too much. I feel that he has become suspicious of me, so we have to eliminate him. Leave him to me. I'll use his demon blood to refine the Nine Doves Sacred Gown." Nangong Hongyan stared at the horizon. Her mind was no longer at the Wanxiang Pagoda.

Their next stop was the Feng Clan in the Grand Southern Prefecture for the third divine garment. Xue Wu and Yu Chan acknowledged the order and set off to kill everyone involved in this mission.

Meanwhile, Nangong Hongyan's slender fingers were holding a crimson knife. She went back to the Martial Tower alone and quietly waited for Feng Feiyun's return.

  1. The bird here is actually a luan, a mythical bird closely related to the phoenix. It is usually blue in color, but it is red in this case, so it is close enough to be a phoenix. No one really knows what a luan is though, so phoenix is an okay substitute here.

Chapter 256: Till Old And Gray

"For whom the beauty smiles as youth is passing by? In this mundane realm, the heart will not age, but without you, the world is a waste. Don't climb all alone till gray hair flutters on the steep pavilion. With no time remaining, who will draw her eyebrows in the end?"

The soft tune of the zither lingered in the Martial Tower. There was an unspeakable sadness like someone lamenting the abrupt and bitterness of life, the inevitable graying of a beauty.

Feng Feiyun also felt sad while listening to her singing from the distance. He couldn't help but become intoxicated. The same unrestrainable sadness emerged in his heart.

Only Hongyan would be able to sing this song. Her wonderful melodies continued to echo in the air.

"Squeak." Feng Feiyun pushed the door open and saw Nangong Hongyan still sitting on the stone bed with a purple wooden zither in her hands.

His footsteps were very light since he didn't want to disturb her.

Meanwhile, her back was turned to him as if she didn't know that he had returned. A red glint flashed across her pupils as she took out a crimson knife from her sleeve and gently peeled a pear with it.

"Swish! Swish!" Her hands were soft and slender while her fingers seemed to be carved from white jade — completely flawless. The knife in her hand seemed to be quite gentle without the slightest murderous intent.

Feng Feiyun quietly came behind her and could sense a sweet fragrance emanating from her hair and white dress. It was the scent of a pure white flower that others couldn't help but want to embrace.

She had a white veil over her face so her current expression was a mystery. However, her eyes were especially bright just like the stars in the sky.

Feng Feiyun said: "I'm back."

The skin was peeled and the knife was pointed down. A completely peeled pear appeared.

"For you." She blinked and handed the pear over to him.

He accepted it and sat down next to her like a wanderer that had just returned home from a long journey speaking to his gentle wife. He wanted to tell her his struggles after arriving home, but he kept it inside lest she became too worried. He alone would bear these struggles.

"I heard your song earlier." He held the pear in his hand but couldn't bear to eat; it was as if this pear was a piece of jade.

She gently affirmed: "Yes."

He continued: "You said that you would only sing when you feel the most vulnerable, but singing can only increase your fear. What are you afraid of?"

She said: "You remember really well!"

"I remember every word you have said." He replied.

The dark crimson knife in her hand seemed to be full of blood drops. She played with it and said: "I'm afraid of growing old one day, becoming a white-haired grandma. Gray brows and a wrinkly face, needing a walking stick to support my bent back before dying all alone, completely deserted. Eventually, I would turn into bones in a desolate place where the stray dogs shall have their meals…"

She gently sighed with an emotional expression. Anyone would feel sorry for her.

"If there is such a day, then you would still have a white-haired husband with a tobacco pipe, eating the peeled pear that you, the old granny, have just peeled. Even though he wouldn't have too many teeth left, he would still crouch down next to the door and take bites while yelling at the old granny for not doing a good job at peeling the pear, and that there were still seeds left inside!" Feng Feiyun carefully held her waist before taking her into his embrace.

She gently buried her face in his chest and closed her eyes as if imagining the scene he had just painted. However, she quickly opened her eyes as the knife in her hand became a bit colder. She replied: "The pleasant words of men are only spoken to beautiful women. Thirty years from now, I will have grown old while you would still be young and handsome. At that time…"

"At that time, you will still be the prettiest in the world, just like before." He caressed her face and murmured: "Everyone will grow old eventually, even after cultivating into a saint. One still wouldn't be able to escape from old age and death. Hongyan, do not be afraid. In my mind, you will always be at your prettiest, a little beauty tricked by my sweet talk."

Nangong Hongyan's knife hand quivered a bit.

"You don't understand at all." She bit her teeth and felt that Feng Feiyun was a fool, but the words of this fool made her a bit hesitant.

She was afraid that the moment she lowered the knife, she would never be able to meet a fool like him again.

"Haha!" Feng Feiyun suddenly burst out in laughter and took the knife from her while smiling: "You should put down the knife after you are done peeling or you might hurt others or even yourself."

She was slightly startled. She wanted to take the knife back, but her slender hand was tightly gripped by him. Her brows slightly lifted while thinking that Feng Feiyun had figured out her identity. She coldly said: "What are you doing?"

A murderous intent brewed in her mind. She moved one hand behind her back with the intention of adorning her divine garment to kill him.

"I want to give you something." Feng Feiyun pressed his hands on her soft shoulders and made her sit down on the bed before smiling: "Sit, don't move around."

She was very confused and forcibly suppressed her murderous wish in order to see what Feng Feiyun was up to. His mysterious expression left her quite curious.

Feng Feiyun turned around and began to carve a formation on the walls and then the base of the stone beds. These runes were very profound, even Nangong Hongyan had never seen them before.

'What is he doing? Does he want to seal me in a formation?' She clenched her teeth and was full of regret: 'A man's words really can't be trusted after all. This Feng Feiyun is a liar, he deliberately used sweet words to make me drop my guard before pushing me off the edge. Yes, this son of the demon is indeed shrew and vicious.'

'It won't be this easy to kill me. Since you want me dead, don't blame me for no longer being reserved!' She became angrier after each thought. Her slightly favorable impression of him had all but disappeared. A plume of flame was condensing in her palm as her eyes turned cold.

"Okay, it's ready to go! We just need to take the phoenix bone from my body and have you consume it. Your body will be able to nurture spirit energy and embark on the road of cultivation. Moreover, your constitution will definitely be comparable to a Grand Historical Genius…"

"You…" Feng Feiyun turned around and stared at her in slight confusion. He angrily came forward and took the crimson knife in her hand while scolding: "Why are you still holding the knife? What if you accidentally hurt yourself?"

She felt the knife slipping from her grasp into Feng Feiyun's hand!

"I…I…" Her mind turned blank as she started stammering: "What did you just say? Phoenix bone?"

He nodded in response: "The phoenix bone belongs to one of the four creatures with the strongest spirituality. If you could absorb one, you will definitely be able to cultivate and no longer need to worry about turning into an old granny, hehe."

"It is a mythical item only found in tales, how can it exist in reality?" She was quite shocked; her heart was pounding and her mind was in disorder.

"Like I said, you are a little beauty tricked by my sweet words, so you must be mine. Of course, one must pay a big price to trick a little girl." With the sound of flesh being pierced, Feng Feiyun inserted the knife into his chest. He twisted it a bit and stretched his chest cavity as if he wanted to remove the entire section.

Nangong Honyan stood there in astonishment. Her eyes were fixated on Feng Feiyun's hand and the knife as well as the blood. He was holding a white piece of jade that drove her mind crazy. Her heart started beating even faster.

She initially came to kill him, but now she was worried that he might be killing himself with the knife.

"Whoosh!" A crimson glow shot out like a star on fire. It contained an exceedingly high amount of heat. If it wasn't for the formation sealing it, it would have turned night into day.

He held the jade-like piece stained by his own flesh and golden blood while it emitted a bright, crimson brilliance.

"This is the phoenix bone!" He handed it over to her.

"I… I don't want it." She bit her lips while trembling. She suddenly tried to run out the room to escape; she no longer wanted to see him. Or rather, she didn't dare to look at him.

This bastard is not only an idiot but also a madman!

'If he knew that I was the mysterious master, he would be stricken with sadness and think that he was blind for mistaking a ruthless murderer for a friend!' She thought to herself.

"Come back!" He grabbed her arm and directly pulled her back before forcing her on the stone bed in order to feed her the phoenix bone.

This phoenix bone had been refined by Feng Feiyun's body for the most part. Its temperature has now cooled, so even a mortal could withstand it.

"Feng Feiyun, you can't be so kind to me!" Her tightly clenched fists were punching him while she was lost in complex thoughts.

Two teardrops ran down the corners of her eyes. This time, there was no trace of pretension.

Crying fake tears was very tiring; releasing real tears, on the other hand, was very painful.

"I can still cultivate without the phoenix bone, but how can you live until our hair turns gray?" Feng Feiyun's wound on his chest was slowly closing. He had a happy expression as he gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, as if he was teasing a little girl.

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