Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 230

Spirit Vessel Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Dragon King's First Slash

"True ability?" A traceless flame appeared between Feng Feiyun's fingers and traveled into the wine cup. The ice quickly melted and he drank the contents all in one gulp.

Beiming Tang suddenly stood up with a northern profound cold energy rotating around his body before gallantly declaring: "Without a spirit treasure, your true ability is not necessarily stronger than my own."

Beiming Tang had lost before to Feng Feiyun, but he believed that it was due to the power of the spirit treasure. His cultivation was not necessarily weaker than Feng Feiyun's.

He had been to the fifth floor of the Immeasurable Tower before and obtained great benefits from it. At this moment, he was at peak God Base with seven divine intents. He was truly not weaker than Feng Feiyun.

"If you want to fight, then I'll fight you with one hand, there is no need for spirit treasures." Feng Feiyun leisurely drank his wine while sitting down to make this nonchalant statement.

Everyone was shocked to hear these words from Feng Feiyun. To fight Beiming Tang with one hand? Their cultivation was similar so it was difficult to predict the victor. Wasn't this too rude from Feng Feiyun?

Someone else wanted to fight in Feng Feiyun's stead but was politely denied by him.

This was truly too arrogant!

Beiming Tang snorted: "Feng Feiyun, since you're courting death, I'll gladly assist you."

"I will sit right here and defeat you with just one hand." Feng Feiyun responded without batting an eye.

"Damn you!" These words enraged Beiming Tang. Without any hesitation, nine waves of cold energy rushed out from his body in the shape of a dragon with the power of a divine river. All of them went for Feng Feiyun.

The geniuses in the mansion all retreated. Every single one of them channeled an aura to protect their bodies. They also worked together to perform a formation in order to contain the shockwaves in the central area.

This was a party from the mysterious master, so no one wanted for the mansion to become damaged. It wouldn't be good to provoke that mysterious person.

Feng Feiyun continued to stay seated as he unleashed a wave of energy from his hand. It was a black wisp of light from his finger that destroyed all the cold energy from the northern profound technique.

At peak God Base, the Dark Water Art became even more powerful and could easily manipulate the moisture in the air at the user's whim.

"Swoosh!" A sword ray shot out from Beiming Tang's waist. A white jade sword flew into his hand. This was a pseudo-spirit treasure. Its endurance was comparable to a spirit treasure and was only lacking its own spirituality. Its power was much weaker than a spirit treasure but much stronger than an ordinary one.

Beiming Tang had trained several sword arts from the Sword Scripture back at the Dao Gate. Each art was a great technique, and at this moment, he was using one of them.

The moment this sword came out, the world shattered!

Seventy-six sword rays materialized and rotated around his body like dragons. They were sharp and holy, making it seem as if he had turned into a supreme sword immortal drifting with the wind.

"This is an art from the Sword Scripture. Beiming Tang has understood twenty percent of it, but it is more than enough to defeat anything." Someone commented.

Feng Feiyun remained seated. His finger touched his waist, causing his spatial pouch to light up. A gigantic saber suddenly appeared in his hand. He unleashed a simple slash without any pleasing aesthetic appeal; its power was as vast as a surging river and immediately shattered all the swords in the air.

This was a giant stone saber around seven feet long and as wide as a door. It weighed at 35,000 pounds and was double the size of Feng Feiyun's body. A domineering atmosphere emerged as he wielded the weapon with one hand.

It was also not a spirit treasure and seemed to be made from just plain white rocks — simple and straightforward.

The sword energy around Beiming Tang's body did not falter. His white sword directly flew outside. It was a flying sword mastery art, another from the Sword Scripture.

A three-foot long white ray followed the sword and emitted a screeching howl as it danced through the sky.

"Boom!" Feng Feiyun spun his blade around twice like a windmill then slashed downward to directly knock the flying sword away, lodging it in a wall.

On the ground was a long mark from the saber's energy as the pavement split apart.

"Bam!" The saber's energy continued to slash Beiming Tang's chest. Luckily, he had already channeled his northern profound art and created an ice armor to protect his entire body. Otherwise, this saber attack would have gravely injured him.

What was this saber and why was it so terrifying that it could easily destroy a sword art from the Sword Scripture?

Everyone could see that Feng Feiyun's saber was naturally formed and had never been refined before. It was not a spirit treasure, but it seemed to be even stronger than one.

Feng Feiyun then propped his saber on his shoulder while still seated and smiled: "Even if I'm sitting down and using just one hand, you still aren't my match?"

Beiming Tang was not convinced. While adorned with his ice armor, his defense was the best among those within the same cultivation level, so he was virtually unbeatable. What else was there to be afraid of?

More northern profound energy gathered on his hand. The atmosphere suddenly grew colder. Icy petals danced around his body as he unleashed nine fists in a row. The cold energy became more and more frightening as if there were countless knives flying in the air.

A thick layer of ice also covered Feng Feiyun's gigantic saber and slowly moved onto his sleeve then arm. Little icy flakes assaulted his face with a chill that penetrated all the way to his heart.

This was the real northern profound divine art, the legacy of the Beiming Clan. It was rumored that there was an expert from the clan who was able to use this art and cause snow to fall in a radius of one thousand miles. This cold energy caused the ground to freeze. The nine cold fists were even more terrifying; they were chilling to the bones and caused nine consecutive detonations.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Feng Feiyun slowly lifted his saber. A dragon roar quietly came from the blade. Anyone with a keen eye would be able to see that there were faint draconic runes moving on top of the white saber that was emitting a radiance.

Only a few young prodigies with great cultivations were slightly shocked after hearing the quiet dragon roar.

"Dragon King's First Slash!" Feng Feiyun cried out.

One slash descended. A white dragon image flew out from the saber and soared in the sky like a dragon-blade.

The nine fist energies were like thin paper and were easily chopped into pieces. The saber energy fell on top of Beiming Tang's head. This threatening force directly made his legs quiver; he almost kneeled on the ground.

Even before the energy touched his body, a primal fear came from the depths of his heart and ran all the way from his soles up the spine to the neck.

This was the oppressive energy of a king!

"Crackk!" The extremely fortified icy armor was split by the dragon energy. The cracking sound made Beiming Tang tremble with fear.

'Impossible, impossible, Feng Feiyun couldn't break the icy armor with a spirit treasure, so how could this saber energy be so powerful?' Beiming Tang felt his death approaching!

"You dare?!" Several old protectors behind Beiming Tang took action to stop Feng Feiyun.

Two of them were peak God Base experts with nine divine intents. One had even reached grand achievement God Base. They were all elder level characters.

"The Beiming Clan is indeed one of the four great clans, to think they have so many experts like this! Well, I'll try killing two of them today. Dragon King's First Slash!" Feng Feiyun flipped his hand to unleash another white dragon-wave energy just like a star crossing the sky. It immediately split one of the old men into two pieces by the waist.

"Pluff!" Blood stained the saber with even more dripping to the ground.

This old man had nine divine intents and could be considered untouchable below grand achievement God Base. However, he still couldn't stop Feng Feiyun's single slash. All seven divine intents he shot out were easily shattered by the dragon wave.

This one saber art seemed to be able to break all the arts in this world, shocking the entire place.

The elder son of the Heavenly Tiger Marquis and the third prince of Dashi looked at each other and uttered at the same time: "Dragon King's Saber Art!"

Feng Feiyun was actually practicing the supreme manual that only the imperial family had access to, the Dragon King's Saber Art! This was news that would shock the entire world. The Jin Dynasty would become riled up after hearing this.

It was clear that this art was passed down to him by the Divine King. The king's goal became clear as day. This was to groom Feng Feiyun to be the next Divine King. Otherwise, he wouldn't have passed on this art that was only available to imperial disciples.

No one was mediocre at the mansion. After finding out about Feng Feiyun's art, they were all shaken. Some quietly left the mansion in order to spread this earth-shattering news.

Has the Divine King made his selection?

The gazes on Feng Feiyun were different from before. The moment he used the dragon king's art meant that he was about to become the future Divine King, a tyrannical figure in the Jin Dynasty.

Feng Feiyun didn't know how big of a commotion he had created. For the past month, he followed the Divine King to study this saber art and had finished learning the first slash to about thirty percent of its maximum potential. He had yet to master it, but this was the right time to test it on these Beiming experts.

"Pluff!" The second peak God Base cultivator was chopped by the saber. The wound slowly split into two from the right shoulder all the way to the left armpit. Blood spurted from his body all over Beiming Tang not far away.

In just two seconds, two experts had lost their lives. Both were peak God Base experts with nine divine intents while Feng Feiyun still sat there nonchalantly in his chair with one hand on the saber. Such battle prowess was quite astonishing.

"How bold! To kill people from my Beiming Clan, you shall pay with your life!" The grand achievement God Base was flustered. There was actually someone killing Beiming members in public! This was truly not putting the four great clans in their eyes.

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