Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 222

Spirit Vessel Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Evil Moon In The Sky

When darkness fell upon the sixth floor of the Immeasurable Tower, the outside turned dark as well.

It had been five days and five nights inside, thus the same amount of time had passed outside.

In the hundred feet high monument, two mirrors were still as bright as before like two lanterns hanging in the sky that had yet to run out, still flashing green lights like before.

"Five days already! To be able to stay in the sixth floor for five days, this is too unbelievable. Those two are still struggling inside." Many people were still waiting outside, and more and more coming by the day.

It was truly rare for someone to be able to stay in the sixth floor for five days in a row.

Even the God Base realm did not allow for the "accumulation state" where one didn't have to eat to replenish their strength. Of course, cultivators were far beyond ordinary people, so they wouldn't starve to death after not eating for ten days. However, as time passed, their energy would begin to decline.

Fighting at high tension for five days would consume an incredible amount of energy. This stress from battle would crush one's willpower until it collapsed.

"To be able to persevere in the sixth floor for six days without dying or giving up… Even if those two can't make it past the floor, they wouldn't be far off." Zhang Badao was still standing there. His feet hadn't left the spot for the past several days.

"The talent and willpower of these two are no jokes. Their accomplishments in the future will not be mediocre." A glimmer appeared in Long Chuanfeng's old eyes; he wanted to decide on a disciple — Feng Feiyun or Shi Yelai.

Although Ji Feng and the Little Demoness had apex talents and the demoness's talents were even greater than Feng Feiyun's and Shi Yelai's, he valued the willpower that these two had more. On the path of cultivation, sometimes willpower was even more important than talents.

Feng Feiyun's and Shi Yelai's talents were very close to the Grand Historical level. Moreover, their willpower was far greater than that of ordinary people, so they were the best candidates.

"There is still a gap between them and the Grand Historical level, so they surely won't be able to beat the sixth floor. For now, we have to wait and see which one of them can last longer." Many experts from the previous generation who had defeated the sixth floor knew how terrifying it was. It was already a miracle for someone to last one minute, so it was quite frightening for those two to last five days and five nights inside.

Many were full of expectations for the two inside.

Another two days had passed, and one mirror on top of the monument finally dimmed. Another had narrowly failed.

After seven days, Shi Yelai was no longer able to persevere and left with great injuries.

"I failed again!" His skin was covered with a thick layer of dried blood. His clothes were completely stained with blood and mud. Even his handsome face was completely covered. Only his blinking eyes indicated that he was alive.

He used his sword to prop himself forward, struggling to take each step as he braced himself, but he couldn't hide the boundless fatigue assailing him.

"Bam!" The moment he exited the tower and saw the first ray of sunshine, he immediately fell to the ground. He didn't pass out from dizziness, but he was in deep sleep.

After seven days without a break, his tense nerves were at their breaking point, so after reaching a safe location, he could no longer suppress the urge and instantly fell asleep.

Attendant Yu arranged for two armored soldiers to help carry him away. Afterward, he sighed: "It seems that this sixth floor of the tower isn't something God Base cultivators can defeat, not even Grand Historical Geniuses."

Shi Yelai was the number one genius in the Heavenly Cloud Prefecture and was at the top of the grand achievement God Base level, but he still couldn't defeat this sixth level after six attempts.

"Throughout the history of the Immeasurable Tower, there had been six heavenly geniuses who had been able to defeat the sixth floor at the God Base realm. However, they were all exceedingly rare Grand Historical Geniuses, not to mention that their providence was top notch as well. For instance, that genius of the Buddhist faith from the Buddhist Tower 1,800 years ago. He was the most recent out of the six, and no one else had been able to perform such a feat since then."

"Are you talking about Highmonk Mu Song who became the Abbot of the Mortal Life Temple? He was a sacred monk with the highest accomplishments in the Buddhist doctrine in the last 1,800 years, the proud prodigy of the Buddhist Tower… But what a shame, haizzz!" Attendant Yu lamented.

"A cultivator who has yet to become a Grand Historical Genius will not be able to surpass the sixth floor!" Princess Luofu lightly said.

However, a mirror remained shining on top of the monument. Feng Feiyun was still persevering and fighting. Although everyone thought that he would not be able to beat the sixth floor, they still wanted to see how many days he could last.


At this time, how could Feng Feiyun not want to sleep just like Shi Yelai? The night curtain came down once again, and the entire city became quiet without the slightest sound.

It was the most tiring part of the day!

Feng Feiyun dragged his stone saber as his entire body quivered with every step. He leaned against a wall and slowly sat down. An indescribable drowsiness assaulted his mind as his eyes almost closed and put him to sleep.

"Pluff!" He cut his arm, using the pain to clear his mind a bit.

He didn't dare to close his eyes to meditate because once they closed, he would immediately fall asleep.

Only by cultivating with his eyes wide open would he be able to replenish his energy and cure his body.

Despite the fatigue, he must keep his eyes wide open!

Despite the pain, he must continue to persevere!

Despite the fatigue, he mustn't fall down!

No matter what it was, success could only be found by perpetual persistence.

The sixth night was long as it slowly passed. On the next morning, Feng Feiyun stood proudly with his stone saber in a solemn posture just as sharp and tough as the blade in his hand.

The sixth day, seventh day, eighth day, ninth day, tenth day…

Everyone outside of the tower had been waiting for ten whole days, but they still hadn't seen Feng Feiyun leave the Immeasurable Tower.

"Damn! Is that Feng Feiyun still human? He actually spent thirteen days in the Immeasurable Tower. Even if his willpower is strong, this is thirteen days without eating, shouldn't he have lost all of his strength by now?"

"Of course he is not human, he is the son of the demon!"

"My ass! Can the son of the demon still have strength without eating?"

"Perhaps it is because his body is different from ordinary people, which is why he can persevere for so long. For others, even if their willpower could handle it, their physical body couldn't."

Everyone believed that this was made possible because Feng Feiyun had demonic blood running through his body, a body that surpassed that of an ordinary man, allowing him to fight for thirteen days at the sixth floor without suffering defeat.

It wasn't until the fifteenth day that someone finally disagreed with this idea. Even the son of the demon wouldn't be able to not lose any strength after half a month of not eating.

Ji Cangyue was standing in the bamboo forest while gazing at the moon's reflection on the lake surface. At this time, she spoke to the person behind her: "Feng Feiyun cultivates the 'Eight Arts Manual' from the 'Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record'. Moreover, he cultivated three different elements — Dark Water, Crimson Fire, and Verdant Wood — from the five elements to grand achievement. Nothing in this world can elude the five elements; the energy in this world are all of water and wood. He is able to control water vapor, wood energy, and fire energy, thus his physical strength would not decline even after a month of starvation."

Ji Feng came out from the forest and stood behind her to say: "So that is the case. However, to persevere for fifteen days in there… This willpower is truly frightening."

Ji Cangyue, with her pretty brows and black hair swaying in the night breeze, gave off a cold and tranquil atmosphere. Although her cultivation was not as strong as Ji Feng's, her temperament was much more intense.

She was a natural born spiritualist, so her future achievements would be no joke. They would be even greater than Ji Feng with his Full Moon Heavenly Gaze.

"Are you lurking around Feng Feiyun for the 'Eight Arts Manual'?" Ji Feng clearly knew that Murong Ta was Ji Cangyue.

"The 'Eight Arts Manual'?" Haha…!" Her dark eyes were as sharp as a sword and as cold as ice, causing a thin layer of ice to form on the lake's surface.

Ji Feng, who was standing behind her, also felt a chilling sensation. It seemed that Feng Feiyun had hurt her quite a bit. Ji Cangyue's cruel methods had been well known among the Death Spirit Children of the Ji Clan, so Feng Feiyun's funeral couldn't be far off.


When the twenty-seventh day came, Feng Feiyun finally felt a weakness deep inside his body that permeated all the way down to his bone and marrow. Even the energy of the five elements was not able to resist this feeble sensation.

It had almost been a month, but he hadn't seen a sliver of hope of passing the sixth floor. Moreover, the wounds accumulated all over his body had become more and more serious. He was having trouble breathing from the fatigue.

Perhaps tomorrow… would be when he falls!

The ancient city was swallowed by darkness once again as the world became bitingly cold.

Feng Feiyun had been searching around the city to find a portal to the seventh floor to no avail. He simply didn't know how to defeat this floor.

At midnight, a moon slowly rose in the endless night; the bright moonlight with some floating clouds was accompanied by a gray haze.

This was the first time Feng Feiyun had seen the moon after reaching the sixth floor. This was somewhat bizarre since he had never heard of a place where the moon rose every twenty-seven days.

The moment the moonlight fell on his body, the black doll that was initially inside his Boundary Spirit Stone emitted a faint black light as if it was absorbing the moonlight.

"Whoosh!" The black light flashed.

A girl dressed in black flew out from the Boundary Spirit Stone and stood there like a beautiful ghost bathing in the moonlight.

Feng Feiyun suddenly opened his eyes with his hands gripping the stone saber while glaring at the girl in black.

This girl dressed in black was the grand achievement God Base that he had met back at the fourth floor. However, at this moment, she was not at all like a grand achievement God Base. As she devoured the moonlight, he could tell that her cultivation was unfathomable.

'Finally reached the sixth floor! When the evil moon reaches the sky was the best time for this divine intent to seize the real body.' When the moonlight shone on her face, her appearance began to change. Feng Feiyun's pupil constantly enlarged as he couldn't believe the scene unraveling before him. She…

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