Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 217

Spirit Vessel Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Son Of The Evil Demon

The relentless rain kept on dripping onto the mountain.

While standing in the rain, there was a strange silence where one could only hear the dripping raindrops. However, when Feng Feiyun turned around to look at this misty scene, he only saw the steep trail behind him. There was no woman there or anyone speaking at all.

"Am I hearing things?" Feng Feiyun closed his eyes and sent out his five divine intents to scan this endless space, but he couldn't find anything. Not to mention humans, even the birds were already long gone.

He opened his eyes again and didn't dare to linger here for too long. He continued on the muddy path towards the old trail near the edge of the cliff to the top of the mountain.

This was the Immeasurable Tower's fifth level. Most people failed during this trial, and the dangers here were certainly fatal. Even the smallest mistake would cause any tower climber to immediately fail.

This space seemed to be just like the real world. Perhaps there will even be some remnants of immemorial ruins or some ancient symbols from back then.

Just like the little trail ahead, it was made from the most solid Cloud-Polymerization Stones, but it had become broken with many cracks. Feng Feiyun could only leap on top of these stones to continue forward.

After crossing this path, he had reached the halfway point.

There was an eight-meter high stone statue standing on this path; it was carved from pure white stone. It was adorned with armor and held a huge saber, guarding this path for an eternity.

However, this stone statue also couldn't escape the withering of time. Its head and shoulders were covered by mud while weeds were growing on it. Down below, the mud had reached its knees and nearly covered half of his body.

Despite all of this, these defects couldn't conceal the eternal battle intent on its body. It felt just like a divine general who bravely took the vanguard on the battlefield. However, this general had been buried inside the earth and only this statue of him remained.

"Rumble!" A group of dark clouds hovered with rolling lightning within. It emitted deafening thunder and broke the silence of the mountain.

The booms of thunder roared across the high sky.

"Crash!" A streak of lightning as thick as an arm came out from the black cloud and struck the stone statue next to Feng Feiyun.

A chilling sensation rose from his feet that made Feng Feiyun think that something was wrong. The atmosphere also shook along with the stone statue.


Feng Feiyun stomped on the ground and propelled himself away right when the stone saber was lifted up and slashed down on the spot where he was just standing, causing the ground to split into two. An old maple tree with a trunk as thick as a water jar's rim was also split in half and shattered.

The stone statue was clearly moving, and the force of the slash from earlier could hack a ten-meter thick stone wall into pieces.

"Boom!" This statue lifted its feet from the mud as it flew up, leaving behind two big holes. It once again slammed down at Feng Feiyun.

The saber was around six meters long and one meter wide. The saber was as thick as a human hand and must have substantial weight. With one slash, the shock wave emitted spanned more than ten meters and caused the earth to quake.

Feng Feiyun quickly maneuvered behind the stone statue as his finger gathered all the mist and water vapor from the rain; the wet atmosphere suddenly became dry.

"Dark Water Art!" A pitch-black beam flew out from his finger and struck the statue, causing it to fly into the mountain, creating a big hole.

Feng Feiyun didn't relax at all. This statue had the same battle power as the girl in black in the previous level; both were at grand achievement God Base, but its defensive power was particularly devilish. Although the Dark Water Art struck it, it caused virtually zero damage.

"Boom!" Sure enough, the statue flew out from inside the mountain and raised its saber again to furiously strike downward.

Feng Feiyun dodged one more time, but he was still forced more than one hundred feet back by the saber's shock wave.

This statue's defense was extraordinary. If Feng Feiyun had successfully trained the fifth art, the "Yellow Earth Art", then he would have been able to stop it. However, he only reached up to the third art, the Verdant Wood Art, and still had a ways to go.

Inside the tower, the power of Spirit Treasures had been reduced to their lowest level, so the Infinite Spirit Ring couldn't unleash its true potential. As it could not break through this statue's defense, it was bounced back as well.

"Boom, boom, boom!" Although it had a gigantic body, this statue's actions were rather swift. It hacked, slashed, and swept horizontally, forcing Feng Feiyun back step by step.

Who knew what this statue was made from? However, it was definitely harder than steel. Feng Feiyun tried to attack it directly each time, but not only was he unable to shatter the statue, he only ended up with pain in his arms.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun's palm strike carried the force of 640,000 pounds, but it couldn't hurt this statue at all.

"Is there no way of assailing its body?" Feng Feiyun thought.

The statue rushed forward to kill one more time. Its stone saber split the earth below Feng Feiyun's feet as the blade's body was stuck into the ground.

Even though Feng Feiyun evaded quite quickly, a corner of his shirt was still cut by the blade. If he was the slightest bit slower, then it wouldn't have just been his shirt, his entire body would be cut in half!

"I got it!" Feng Feiyun's eyes lit up as he stared at the stone saber in the statue's hands.

The material of this saber was even harder than the statue. Moreover, it was extremely sharp and indestructible. Only this saber would be able to destroy the statue.

Having thought to this point, Feng Feiyun no longer dodged and recklessly rushed towards the statue. His palm condensed the force of seven qilins. He waited until the statue raised his saber again before attacking with all of his might towards the statue's wrists.

One was a downward force while the other was an upward force. The statue's gigantic hands were fiercely shaken, causing the seven-meter long saber to go flying away.

"Swoosh!" Feng Feiyun rushed through the sky. Both of his hands caught and gripped the saber tightly, then he slashed downward. The blade was three times as big as Feng Feiyun, creating quite a disproportionate scene.

As he slashed downward, he created a saber energy in the shape of a crescent moon.

"Boom!" This attacked swept by the statue's shoulder and cleanly cut its right hand off that then fell to the ground.

Indeed, only the stone saber was able to destroy the stone statue.

Without the saber and its right hand, the statue turned around to flee. One step was more than ten meters as it quickly ran towards the peak.

"Where are you running to?!" With the gigantic saber on his shoulder, Feng Feiyun gave chase and unleashed another slash onto the statue's head, causing it to break into seven or eight pieces that rolled down the mountain.

The stone saber in his hand was undamaged. It had an ancient feel and was very thick, weighing around 35,000 pounds of unknown material. Its hardness alone was comparable to a Spirit Treasure.

It was stained with the golden blood on Feng Feiyun's hands and shook violently as an energy rushed into Feng Feiyun's body.

At this time, the blood in his body was boiling with a demonic and evil power being born in his bloodstream. Although it was only a sliver, it was enough to cause Feng Feiyun's eyes to turn a bit redder.

"Rumble!" With the saber on his shoulder, Feng Feiyun quickly rushed up the mountain path towards the peak. The aura on his body became stronger and stronger, just like the saber on his shoulder — sharp and powerful.

There was an even more terrifying aura at the peak compared to the statue. This aura became clearer and clearer, allowing Feng Feiyun to feel it back at the halfway point.

The blood in his body boiled uncontrollably, filling him with battle intent.

The process of reaching the top was also a process of condensing his energy and momentum; it allowed his presence to become grand like a mountain.

He was already tense and ready to fight even before seeing the opponent.

The rain continued to drip down on his head and face. He could feel a bit of pain as each step towards the peak made his aura even more formidable.

Meanwhile, the force at the peak was also pressing down. It was doing the same thing as him — focusing its momentum. The black clouds in the air surrounded two statues. These statues were ten meters high, two meters taller than the one down at the halfway point on the mountain, and they were also one level stronger.

Two statues, one to the left and one to the right. These statues were like two gigantic wheels rolling down from the peak.

"One move to defeat them!" Feng Feiyun cried out as all of his stored momentum exploded. He exerted all of his body's energy, causing his bones and muscles to creak as he swung the gigantic saber with his hands.

"Bang! Bang!" With just one slash, the two statues were cut into four pieces at the same time.

Feng Feiyun fell down from the sky with the saber still in his hands. His feet slammed on the ground, creating a big pit. He continuously gasped for breath while looking at the two broken statues as his eyes became even redder. An evil energy along with a demonic energy were moving all around his body. Although it was only a tiny bit, it caused his golden blood to turn black. There was a stone energy from the statues mixed in there as well and went directly into his bloodstream, causing the evil and demonic energies in his body to soar even higher.


Outside of the Immeasurable Tower at the stone tablet more than one hundred feet tall, the Immeasurable Mirror flashed out a ray of light. This startled the guardian a bit. There was a third to reach the sixth level of the Immeasurable Tower?

Just who could this be?

An even more frightening image came after as it stunningly appeared on the mirror. It was Feng Feiyun with crimson eyes and arms covered in black dragon scales. Above his head was an ominous fog as he raised a stone saber more than seven meters high then slammed it towards the sky, causing the clouds to dissipate. Right afterward, he and his fiendish energy entered the sixth floor of the tower.

This scene on the mirror's surface was like the birth of an Evil God, causing everyone waiting outside the tower to feel a tingle in their scalps as their hearts trembled. It was as if a huge bell was ringing in their minds. They could no longer remain calm.

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